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England’s History on Screen: 6 Must-See Movies

Television shows and movies often draw inspiration from historical events, as real life can sometimes be more captivating than fiction. England, for instance, offers a rich tapestry of remarkable kings and queens from past and present that have fascinated audiences worldwide. Who hasn’t been intrigued by the indomitable Queen Elizabeth I or King Henry VIII […]

Piers of Great Britain

The UK is a country that can transport us back in time, immerse us in historical events and dazzle us with its beauty and diversity. However, among all the symbols and landmarks that have shaped the look of this majestic country. Piers undoubtedly stand out as one of the most recognised and important attributes of […]

10 Famous Castles in the UK to visit with Family

Famous Castles in the UK Introduction Famous castles in the UK- England has many of the best and most stunning castles. When you consider that England has an extensive royal history which continues to this day, it’s no surprise to discover stunning manors and castles all over the country. In UK numerous castles are accessible for exploring […]

Tintagel Castle History & Things to do in Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle has an aura of mystery. The remains of this tiny fortress , which lies in the turbulent Cornish shoreline – draw millions of visitors every year. Are you thinking of visiting Tintagel Castle, but unsure whether it’s worth it? Are you curious about the story of how Tintagel Castle connection to the mythology about the King […]

Newt in Somerset | A Lavish Resort with a Spa

What you think about planning a visit to a place having scenery, ambiance gardens and hotel rooms just like that shown in movies? Newt in Somerset is just like a dream.   This article will let you know all the details and things necessary for you to know about the Newt in Somerset.  NEWT IN SOMERSET DETAIL […]

10 Longest Piers in Europe

Longest Pier in Europe- Piers are relatively lengthy structures that have a horizontal deck supported by a network of piles. Which extend into the water perpendicular to the coastline. When it comes to the longest Pier in Europe, what do you think? How long would it be? Piers and trestles are built to be used […]

10 Most common UK trees Guide

Most common UK trees- Trees are precious gift from the God to the whole humankind and nature. Trees are home for various variety of living beings such as birds, insects and many more.  When we talk about the most common UK trees, they are beautiful as well as they are easily identified due to their […]

Tallest building in UK Guide

Tallest building in UK Introduction When we think of countries with the highest buildings in the world the United States, UAE and the names of the Southeast Asian nations come to mind. Today we will be looking at the tallest building in UK. The tallest building in UK are those that have continuously occupiable floors. This is not […]

Northern Ireland National Animal Guide

Northern Ireland national animal- A nation’s qualities and essential beliefs can be seen in its national animal. This means that a country’s national animal says a lot about it. And same goes for a country like Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland national animal isn’t entirely clear, bird, fish and even a dog breed as its national […]

Areas of Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland Counties

Areas of Northern Ireland- Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. And also Northern Ireland is sometimes known as Ulster, although it consists of best six of the nine counties which made up that historic Irish province. The people of Northern Ireland are some of the most friendly and welcoming people on the planet. In […]