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Northern Ireland National Animal Guide

Northern Ireland national animal- A nation’s qualities and essential beliefs can be seen in its national animal. This means that a country’s national animal says a lot about it. And same goes for a country like Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland national animal isn’t entirely clear, bird, fish and even a dog breed as its national symbol. 

In this article, I will let you know about Northern Ireland national animal. 

Northern Ireland National Animal 

The Irish Hare has been treated as the official animal of Ireland. but Northern Ireland doesn’t have any National animal.

It should be noted that the hare wasn’t the initial idea for an animal that was considered to be the national. In the beginning, the Irish elk was considered to be the nation’s animal, a mammal with a famous image that was found throughout all part of Northern Europe. 

As this animal no longer is in existence, the next candidate for the spot would be the red deer. The deer was not very popular since its source was unclear. Many people still view the red deer to be the national animal. It is in danger of extinction due to its population declined to the point where the creation of a conservation program was in order to safeguard the species.

Irish elk

Is the Irish Hare the National animal of Ireland?

After much thought and deliberation, the Irish decided to make the Irish hare their national animal.  One of the earliest native animal species to the Republic of Ireland is the Irish hare, sometimes known as the mountain hare.

The mountain hare of Scandinavia is closely related to this species of mammal. These animals can be found in a wide range of habitats, including lowland pastures, upland moors, coastal grasslands, and salt marshes. The Irish Hare is not the northern Ireland National animal.

Mountain hares can be found in higher latitudes and altitudes all around the world. According to the environment throughout the year and the amount of food present in their habitat range, mountain hare populations in Ireland change.

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Irish Hare

Is the Red Deer the National Animal of Ireland?

Ireland’s national animal has a very fascinating history. In contrast to other nations, Ireland’s national animal is not known with certainty. This is due to the absence of a formal declaration. 

The Red Deer has-been described as the National Animal of Ireland and appeared on the pre-euro Irish Punt (pound) coin. Ireland has a strong cultural bond with red deer. The largest deer in the UK is a male red deer, but it is currently in risk of extinction and has to be protected.

Red Deer Northern Ireland National Animal

Animals Featured on Coins

Various animals featured and on the IR Pound and coins. It was a Stag on 1 IRP while on the 50p, it was an Snipe (yes that the Snipe is an actual animal) 20p was the horse, 10p was a fish and the 5p represented a bullock, 3p is a fowl of a chicken, the 2p was possibly a greyhound and 1p was Ornamental bird. 

Animals Featured on Coins

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Brief History of Northern Ireland

In the region of North Atlantic Europe, there is an island called Ireland. The Republic of Ireland (commonly known as Ireland) and Northern Ireland make up the two halves of this island. Ireland is renowned for its exquisite views and cuisine. Irish castles serve as proof of the country’s historical preservation. 

Ulster is a term that occasionally refers to Northern Ireland, even though it only contains six of the nine counties that made up that historical Irish province. 

Since Northern Ireland’s official separation from Ireland in the 1920s, it has been plagued by sectarian bloodshed. 

About one-sixth of the Irish island is occupied by Northern Ireland, which is isolated from Scotland on the east. The Atlantic Ocean is to the north, and the Irish Sea separates Northern Ireland from England and Wales on the east and southeast, respectively. Ireland’s republic shares the borders to the west and south. 

Key Information About Northern Ireland National Animal Irish Hare

  • English name: Irish hare 
  • Latin name: Lepus timidus hibernicus 
  • Irish name: Giorria (giorria sléibhe Éireannach) 
  • Large, rabbit-like creature with a white tail and short ears that can be recognized. 
  • 1-3 young, mostly born in spring and summer but present all year. 
  • Wide variety of plants in diet. 
  • Habitat: Found in a variety of environments, from the coast to the top of mountains, including farms, highland bogs, and lowland bogs. 

Key Information About Northern Ireland National Animal Red Deer

  • English name: Red Deer
  • Class: Mammalia 
  • Irish name: Fia Rua
  • Species: Cervus elaphus
  • The red deer is the fourth-largest extant deer species, behind the elk and moose.
  • Red deer are Ireland’s biggest land mammal. They sport a reddish-brown coat and change to a brownish-grey color in winter. They have a creamy patch on their rump and an elongated beige tail. 
  • Stags (males) can reach 120cm (48 inches) at the shoulder, weigh up to 225 Kg (495 lb) and sport large branched antlers.
  • The female (hind) is 160 to 210 cm (63 to 83 in) long and often weighs 120 to 170 kg (260 to 370 lb).
  • The red deer’s primary predator in Ireland used to be the wolf.

Northern Ireland National Animal Conclusion 

As the chosen national animal, the mountain hare. This animal can only be found in Ireland and nowhere else. Sadly, despite its prominence, this subspecies is slowly disappearing. Many Irish people who like the animal are concerned about the progressive decline in mountain hare populations. A survey that was conducted at farms near mountainous areas revealed that the animal may need to be shielded from consumption. 

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Northern Ireland National Animal (FAQs) 

What is the national animal of Northern Ireland? 

Northern Ireland doesn’t have its own national animal, but Ireland does. Irish Hare is the national animal of Ireland. 

Does northern Ireland have a national flower? 

Shamrock is the national flower of Northern Ireland. A shamrock is a 3-leaf plant just like a clover. 

Why doesn’t Northern Ireland have a national animal? 

There was an Irish Elk on the right side of the former heraldic Coat of Arms of Northern Ireland, but it was retired in 1972. 

What’s famous about Northern Ireland? 

Giant’s causeway, Fermanagh Lakelands, Titanic Belfast, Derry City Walls and many other makes Northern Ireland famous. 

What is the national bird of Ireland? 

Northern lapwing bird is considered as the national bird of Ireland.