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The 10 Longest Rivers in England in Detail

Longest River in England Introduction

Longest River in England- Rivers are vital life-giving sources which have sustained human civilisations throughout the globe for hundreds of years. They’re also a remarkably beautiful part of nature, tranquilly gliding through the countryside, and providing an eco-system for numerous species of animals and plants. In this Pierdom Article we going to give detail of Longest River in England.

The most extensive river that flows through England is the one that forms the boundary that separates Wales and England in a part of its flow. Longest UK rivers do not rank in the same class with the most renowned rivers in the world, however, what British rivers aren’t as long is compensated for by their the fame they enjoy. For instance, the rivers Thames and the Mersey river Mersey are featured in the world of literature, folklore, and music, so they punch over their weight.

Longest River in England Summary

There are a variety of Longest River in England. The majority of these rivers drain watersheds from these regions and connect to estuaries that discharge out into the North Sea, Irish Sea, Bristol Channel, and the English Channel.

Rank by LengthLongest River in EnglandRiver SourceLength
1SevernPlynlimon220 miles
2ThamesThames Head215 miles
3TrentBiddulph Moor185 miles
4 River Great OuseSyresham143miles
6Ure-OuseHigh Abbotside129 miles
7TayAllt Coire Laoigh117 miles
8ClydeLowther Hills109 miles
9SpeyLoch Spey107 miles
10Nenelimestone uplands100 miles
11Bann (Lough Neagh)Mourne Mountains99 miles
12TweedTweed’s Well96 miles

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1. River Severn The 1st Longest River in England

Estimated length

220 miles / 354 kilometres

River Severn rises and flows

It is believed that the River Severn 1st Longest River in England is situated from the Plynlimon mountain range, which is situated inside Ceredigion County (Wales) located at around 600 meters above sea level.

The Severn flows through the south-west of England and then into the Bristol Channel, which in the process discharges its waters to the Celtic Sea and finally into the Atlantic Ocean. The Severn forms an estuary, with among the most powerful tides of the world, and forms a boundary with Wales in the UK and Wales. England.

Severn River Main tributaries

The total region of this basin covers 11,420 square kilometers 2.. The major tributaries of Severn River on both banks are:

  • The right bank on the Severn River Teme (130 kilometers) and Wye (215 km), Wye (215 kilometers) and the river Usk (112 kilometers).
  • The left bank Severn The river Vyrnwy (64 km), River Tern (48 km) and River Avon (135 km).

Severn River Fun fact

At certain times of the year, when the flows are strong and tides are high, you can surf on smaller portions that run along the longest river in England.

River Severn The 1st Longest River in England

2. River Themes The 2nd Longest River in England

Estimated length

215 miles / 346 kilometres

Themes of the River rise and flow

It is the River Thames 2nd Longest River in England is 215 miles long. The source of the river is widely believed to be located at Trewsbury Mead in Gloucestershire located in the Cotswolds located to the west of London. 2. At Teddington Lock in west London In Teddington Lock, west London Thames becomes an tidal stream, with two tides a day, and levels of water increasing and decreasing by up to 7 meters.

Themes River Main Its tributaries

The Thames is a tidal Thames can be joined with Brent at Brentford as well as it is joined by the Wandle at Wandsworth and the Ravensbourne at Deptford and the Lea at Blackwall and the Darent to the east of Erith and its most important tributary that is the Medway at Rochester.

Themes River Fun fact

The Thames River is home to more than 100 species fish and greater than 80 island. It is the Thames River is England’s second longest river, and also the second longest in the United Kingdom too.

River Themes

3. River Trent The 3rd Longest River in England

Estimated length

185 miles / 297 kilometres

River Trent rise and flow

The River Trent 3rd Longest River in England . Its source is within the Staffordshire Moorlands on the western border of the Peak District. It runs throughout Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire to the Humber Estuary, where it joins at the North Sea.

Trent River Main tributaries

River Trent River Trent is left joined by the Blithe, Swarbourn, Dove, Derwent, Erewash, Leen, Greet, Idle, Torne and right joined by the Sow, Tame, Mease, Soar, Devon, Eau.

River Trent Fun fact

It is said that the Trent River is one of the most well-known big-river fishing locations in England. If you’re looking to catch carp, bream pike, and a lot more, pull your rods out and head towards the Trent.

River Trent 3rd Longest River in England

4. Wye River 4th Longest River in England

Estimated length

155 miles / 250 kilometres

Wye River Wye rises and flows

It is among the four most natural and longest streams in England . The Wye is located in the mid-Wales mountains and flows to the south for around 150 miles before becoming part of the boundary that separates Wales as well as England before it joins the Severn.

Wye River Main tributaries

The Wye’s principal tributaries are (in an order downstream) The Elan, Ithon, Irfon, Lugg and Monnow.

River Wye Fun fact

Despite its immense size, there’s just one city on the shores of Wye River. It’s Hereford If you’re curious.

Wye River

5. Great Ouse River Fifth Longest River in England

Estimated length

143 miles / 230 kilometres

River Great Ouse rises and flows

River Ouse, also called Great Ouse, river in England that drains into the East Midlands at the Fens. It flows 5 miles (8 kilometers) to the west from Brackley, Northamptonshire, and runs through Buckingham, Bedford, Huntington as well as St. Ives to Earith and from there through The Fens towards The Wash, a shallow inlet to The Wash, a shallow inlet of the North Sea.

Great Ouse River Main tributaries

The Ouse flows predominantly south-east over sixty miles (99 km) through the city of York and the parish (town) in Selby before joining to form the River Aire (at the Humberside county line) just north of Goole.

Great Ouse Fun fact

If you’re looking to walk across the entire river, then you could take on this route. Ouse Valley Route, a route that stretches from source to sea, which is the distance of 142 miles (229km).

Great Ouse River Fifth Longest River in England

6. Tay River Sixth Longest River in England

Estimated length

117 miles / 188 kilometres

Tay rise and flow

It originates in the western part of Scotland in the northern slopes of Ben Lui (Scottish Gaelic: Beinn Laoigh), then flows eastward across the Highlands traversing Loch Dochart, Loch Iubhair and Loch Tay, then continues eastwards to Strathtay (see Strath), in central Scotland Then it flows south-east through Perth.

Tay Main tributaries of the River

The Tay is unique among Scottish rivers as it has a number of important tributaries, including The Earn and the Isla as well as the River Tummel, the Almond and the Lyon.

Tay River Fun fact

At its widest , it is Tay River is around 2-miles wide (3.2km)–and can carry more water than Thames or the Severn together.

Tay River

7. Ure-Ouse Seventh Longest River in England

Estimated length

129 miles / 208 kilometres

The Ure-Ouse River rises and flows

The river’s source lies at Ure Head on Abbotside Common from where it flows into Wensleydale through Hawes before reaching stunning falls at Aysgarth Falls. Further down , it flows through The village of Wensley before heading towards Middleham, Jervaulx Abbey and Masham.

Ure-Ouse River Main Aquifers

The major tributaries to the Ure are Bishopdale Beck and the Rivers Bain, Cover, Burn, Skell and Laver.

Ouse River Fun fact

It is believed that the Ouse River flows through York. If you’re planning on exploring the Ouse it is a must to make a stop in York. It’s one of the most beautiful cities located in the northern part of England.

Ure-Ouse Seventh Longest River in England

8. Spey River Eight Longest River of UK

Estimated length

107 miles / 172 kilometres

Spey River Spey rises and flows

The River Spey is a tributary of Loch Spey in the Monadhliath Mountains and flows north-east to discharge into Moray Firth in Spey Bay. Because of the arrangement of the catchment that is common to the catchment, the majority of major tributaries meet on the eastern bank and drain into the Cairngorm Mountains.

Spey Main tributaries of the Spey River

The major tributaries of Spey Spey that flow through its lower portions are the Truim and the Calder, which are both which originates from Loch Ericht, and the Calder. After a widening process in Loch Insh, the Spey is joined by the Feshie and the Nethy that flow from the Cairngorms as well as the Dulnain that flows through to the Monadhliath Mountains west of Carrbridge.

Spey River Fun fact

The Spey River is the fastest-flowing river in Scotland. Due to this, huge stretches of it are ideal for canoeing. People are drawn from all across Scotland to take on the problems.

Spey River

9. Clyde River 9th Longest River of UK

Estimated length

109 miles / 176 kilometers

River Clyde rising and flowing

The River Clyde is formed by the joining between two rivers, Daer Water and the Potrail Water, in the Lowther Hills in South Lanarkshire. From there it flows to the northwards before turning to the west. As it moves into the southwest of Glasgow the Clyde starts to expand and then becomes Tidal.

Clyde River Main tributaries

The River Clyde, with its five tributaries (Rivers Kelvin, White Cart, Black Cart, Gryfe and Leven) are the major freshwater sources for the estuary.

Clyde River Fun fact

In the past, areas of Clyde River were important shipbuilding locations. If you’re looking to find out more about the history of the river, go into the Fairfield Heritage Centre, a excellent museum located in Glasgow.

Clyde River 9th Longest River in England

10. Nene River 10th Longest River in England

Estimated length

100 miles / 161 kilometers

Nene River Nene rises and flows

The River Nen is also spelled Nene is a river that flows through the East Midlands, England that flows for around 90 miles (145 km) from the limestone uplands on an generally northeasterly direction to The Wash, a shallow North Sea inlet. It flows through Northampton and Oundle up to Peterborough in a wide valley.

Nene River Main tributaries

The eastern slopes of Arbury Hill and in pools between Arbury Hill and Sharmans Hill there are three tributaries which join at Dodford mill, forming the upper reaches of Daventry Nene.

Nene River Fun fact

Along the eastern side of Nene River, close to The Wash, you have the Nene Washes. The Nene Washes are a special protected habitat for wildlife, with a variety of uncommon and migrating birds and birds of prey.

Nene River 10th Longest River in England

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Conservation Measures Of Longest River in UK

The Longest River in England have been enduring pressures from climate change, pollution water extraction, climate change, as well as other harmful human activities. Because of these factors various conservation measures have been put into to help protect the rivers. This includes The UK Rivers Network which aims to help communities connect with the rivers and participate in conservation efforts. The companies have also been asked to properly dispose of wastewater from the water bodies.

Longest River in England Conclusion

It is the United Kingdom has several major rivers that flow through the towns, cities in addition to rural terrains. Many of them drain watersheds from these regions and connect to estuaries that drain to the North Sea, Irish Sea, Bristol Channel, and the English Channel.

The importance of rivers in the UK as they transport people and goods between towns and cities, major sources of water supply for homes and industries and a source for electricity from hydroelectric sources, as well as a crucial habitat for a portion of the native wildlife in the UK. It is the largest River in England is also known for their sporting activities such as the canoeing sport, racing boats and sailing.

England rivers map

Longest River in England FAQs

Q1. What is the Longest River in England?

The River Severn is the Longest River in UK 220 miles / 354 km long and located in Ceredigion county (Wales), at about 610 meters above sea level.

Q2. What are the Top 10 longest river in England?

1. Severn River 2.Thames River 3.Trent River 4.Wye River 5.Great Ouse River 6.Ure River/Ouse River 7.TayRiver 8.Clyde River 9.Spey River 10.Nene River

Q3. Which Longest River in England is one of the most popular fishing spot?

The Trent 3rd Longest River in UK is one of the most popular fishing spot and people favourite river too.

Q4 Why the Longest River in England Nene River is important?

The Nene forms an important link between the main waterways network of the Midlands and the South via the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal through to the Fens waterways.

Q5. Why River Trent 3rd Longest River in England is famous?

The 3rd Longest River Trent was incredibly important because of trade route during the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s and that’s why the Midlands became a key industrial area during the Industrial Revolution.

Q6. Is River Trent the 3rd Longest River in England is best for swimming?

Yes River Trent is perfect for swimming but on a hot summer’s day only.