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Weymouth Pier

At Weymouth Pier, Catch Squid from the shore

You can catch squid right from shore in this one of the few locations in the UK. Weymouth Pleasure Pier is the best spot to catch squid, as they are usually inshore around the beginning of November. The Stone Pier is a breakwater that protects Weymouth harbour's entrance. It is a popular spot for sea angling all year, but summer mackerel or garfish are most commonly caught.

Weymouth pleasure Pier

Evolving of Weymouth Pleasure Pier in 1800s

Weymouth Pleasure Pier was built in 1933. It has been evolving since the mid-1800s. Long a ferry departure point, the town is still used by Condor Ferry Catamaran sailings from the Channel Islands. The south side of the Pier is also used for ferry services. Weymouth became a popular holiday destination for families that wanted entertainment in 1900.

Weymouth Pier

Outbreak War and Effect to Weymouth Pier

The Weymouth Pleasure Pier was greatly affected by the 1914 outbreak of war. Perhaps because of competition from The Alexandra Gardens Theatre (now amusements), the Pavilion saw significant changes in the 1930's. The auditorium opened in 1925 and was modified to show films. The Pavilion was a very popular cinema in the city.


Weymouth Pier is a promontory of land between Weymouth Harbor and Weymouth Beach, in Dorset, England. It was planned to broaden Weymouth’s Esplanade, and comprises of a theatre, Weymouth pleasure pier, vehicle leaving and a cross-channel ship terminal. The whole Weymouth Pier site is going through redevelopment to remember new offices for time for the Olympic Games.

There is minimal recorded history to the beginnings of Weymouth Pier, however it is accepted that a design existed as soon as 1812.


The origin of Weymouth Pier reportedly dates back to 1812 although, in 1840, a piled structure had been built on the harbor’s north side as an extension of Weymouth Esplanade. It was rebuilt/extended during 1859/60, with a cargo stage added in 1877 to facilitate the landing of Channel Island potatoes. A new passenger landing stage/baggage hall was built in Weymouth Pleasure Pier for the Great Western Railway in 1888/9. A Pavilion Theatre was constructed in 1908.

Harbor work in the early 1930s resulted in a new 1300-foot concrete pier replacing the earlier 600-foot structure. Weymouth Pier was opened on July 13th, 1933, by the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII.

January 2016 – Repair works to start at Weymouth Pier

In January 2016, work commenced on concrete repairs to the sub structure of the pier. The work was expected to last for six weeks, during which time the Weymouth Pier and pedestrian approach would need to be closed for engineer access only. The work was not anticipated to affect the car park, or visitors to the Jurassic Skyline.

November 2016 – Weymouth Pier Jurassic Skyline Tower closes for winter

In November 2016, the operators of the viewing tower, situated on the Weymouth Pleasure Pier, announced that due to a ‘changing tourism landscape’ the Weymouth Pier would be closing for the winter period.

January 2019 – Weymouth Pleasure Pier cafe to be demolished next month

It was hoped to start demolition work at the beginning of February and a new kiosk be built on the Weymouth Pier. Demolition and other costs had been put at £35,000, money which would be taken from the Weymouth Pier’s reserves account.

March 2019 – Demolition underway at Weymouth Pier

Demolition work began with buildings being pulled down above deck level to make it safer and to carry out work to strengthen the weather-beaten Weymouth Pleasure Pier.

July 2019 – At Weymouth Pier Plans for new catering facility

A catering kiosk and decked seating area with a sail cover could be built on the Weymouth Pleasure Pier. The site was cleared in previous months with the demolition of a former café building with repairs also made to the Weymouth Pier structure.


  • 1840: Considerable change was made to the port region when a heap wharf, loaded up with a combination of Portland stone and shingle concrete, was based on the northern edge of the harbor.
  • 1860: Weymouth Pier was generally modified in wood and simultaneously, reached out to a length of 273 meters (900 ft);
  • 1877: A freight stage was added.
  • 1889: An arrival stage and things taking care of lobby were constructed.
  • 1908: The Weymouth Pavilion opened.
  • 1930s: The dock was remade.
  • 13 July 1933: The new Weymouth Pier authoritatively opened; the function was completed by the Prince of Wales, soon to become King Edward VIII;
  • 1954: The Ritz Theater Renamed after the conflict) was obliterated in a fire.
  • 1961: A New Pavilion opened.
  • 1971-1972: The wharf was extended to make another terminal and a huge vehicle park to serve the ship port and Weymouth Pavilion
  • 1993: The Alexandra Gardens Theater harmed by fire.
  • 2007-2011: Redevelopment of the whole landmass was made arrangements for the 2012 Olympic Games yet aside from a perception tower (known as Jurassic Skyline) this didn’t occur.


At Weymouth Pier, Catch Squid from the shore

You can get squid right from shore in this one of a handful of the areas in the UK. Weymouth Pier is the best spot to get squid, as they are generally inshore around the start of November. The Stone Pier is a jetty that safeguards Weymouth harbor’s entry. It is a well-known spot for ocean calculating the entire year. 

Evolving of Weymouth Pleasure Pier in 1800s

The construction of Weymouth Pier began in 1933. The structure has changed since the mid 1800s. Once a ferry departing point It is utilized for Condor Ferry Catamaran sailings out of across the Channel Islands. The southern end of Weymouth Pleasure Pier is also used to provide ferry services. Weymouth Pier was an increasingly popular holiday destination for families who needed entertainment in the year 1900.

Weymouth Pier Outbreak War  Effect

The Weymouth Pier was heavily damaged by 1914’s start of the war. Perhaps due to the competition from the Alexandra Gardens Theatre (now amusements) The Pavilion underwent significant changes in the 1930’s. The auditorium was opened in 1925, and later was modified to screen films. The Weymouth Pier Pavilion became a popular cinema in the town.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) at Weymouth Pier

A permit is required for operating an Personal Watercraft (PWC) or any other type of powered watercraft capable of towing donuts, wakeboarders, skiers and so on. within the boundaries of Weymouth Harbor. This permit grants an Harbor master’s approval (under byelaw 34.1) to run these water sports within the Harbor boundaries.

In addition to your PWC permit, you must also have a Data tag number. Data tag number must also be associated with Data tag in order to identify you as the person who owns the boat. Note that refunds are not granted to those who purchase the PWC permit but are not associated with the Data tag.

Weymouth Pier Permit Fees April 2022

(All prices are per day or part thereof unless stated and include VAT where chargeable)



The Weymouth Pier is a really good place to fish for beginners and experienced anglers looking to catch plenty of fish. Species you can catch here include Mackerel, Gar, Wrasse, Pollock, and many more mini species perfect for LRF. During summer months you can target Mackerel, Gar, and Pollock using spinners or fishing a float at about 6ft deep with a strip of Mackerel as bait. To target the other species that lurk around the Weymouth pier simply use a bottom rig and small hooks baited with Ragworm, Mackerel, or Squid, the bites will be endless!

During winter months Squid can be easily caught using a Squid jig simply cast out and retrieved or under a float and left to drift with the tide. Please note there is no Feathering on Weymouth Pleasure Pier. Please take all rubbish and plastic packaging on with you as plastic pollution is a real problem with our seas, and it is affecting the marine life that inhabits it.


Prices are per day or part thereof unless stated and include VAT where chargeable.

Available to purchase online:

Slipway launch and recover£12.50 £162.50
Car and trailer parking with slipway launch/recover£20.50£267.50
Motorized water sports permit£10.50£136.50*
*Discounted motorized water sports permit with RYA PWC certificate or equivalent£120.00

Weymouth Pier Annual Berthing 2022 

(all prices include VAT where chargeable and are per metre for LOA* )

Annual Rate (min 6 month based on 6 monthly rate, plus notice period and administration fee)£377.80
6 monthly rate 1 Apr – 30 Sept £245.00
Monthly per month 1 Apr – 30 Sept£50.00
Monthly per month 1 Oct- 31 March £25.00
Tenders up to 3m£20.75
Vessels 3m and over (max 6.5m)£83.45
Annual rate (min 6 months)£1495.00
6 monthly rate 1 April – 30 Sept£970.00
Monthly rate 1 April – 30 Sept£202.00

Visiting Leisure Craft 2022

Per 24hrs, arrival and departure 12:00 noon, per meter; a part of a meter is rounded up to the nearest meter. Charity rate is available on request.£3.40£2.60

The use of showers and water is included in the above berthing fees.

Up to 2 hours only, price per short stay visit and only available until 19:00£5.50

Plug-in charge for electricity for up to 24 hours unless on a metered supply (subject to change if supply price changes), allocated on a first come, first served basis and extension leads are available for the duration of your stay. 

16-amp supply£2.75
32-amp supply£5.50
63-amp supply£11.00



This is one of a few venues Weymouth Pleasure Pier in the UK where you can catch squid from the shore, not the little calamari squid, but half meter long squid that make good eating. Someone with a great sense of humor named this The Weymouth Pier.

The fishing can be quite good, and it is a place Weymouth Pier you can fish when the weather is too bad to fish the nearby Chesil Beach.

In winter you can fish the Harbor side of the Weymouth Pier, wrasse, pout, dogfish and pollack are fairly abundant after dark along with whiting in winter and the occasional bass. Float fishing is popular during the summer for mackerel and garfish. Do look out for boat traffic and reel your lines in out of their way, long casting is not really required as the fish may be directly under you. This Weymouth Pier is a popular venue for species hunters and lrf anglers.


  • Weymouth Pier
  • Weymouth Pier
  • Weymouth Pleasure Pier

Spans: Weymouth Bay/ English Channel
Design: Unlisted
Construction: (i) concrete and stone; (ii) reinforced concrete & steel piles
Year opened: (i) 1840, (ii) 1933
Original length: (i) 275m; (ii) 397m
Present length: 397m
Fire: 1954, 1993

There are two parts to Weymouth Pier. The south-side harbour pier – a solid groin – is reserved for commercial use, with ferries to the Channel Islands and France. On the north side is a piled pier built as a promenade pier, which was opened on July 13th 1933 by the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII. The imposing Alexandra Garden Theatre, rebuilt after being damaged by fire in 1993, provides an amusement outlet on the pier forecourt and the pier itself is a popular haunt for anglers.



Can you fish from Weymouth Pier?

What fish can you catch in Weymouth Harbor?

Weymouth Harbor is a fantastic place to go crabbing and catch many mini species. If you’re a LRF angler Weymouth Harbor is the place to fish, with lots of Scorpion fish, Blennies, Gobies, Wrasse, Pollock, Flounder just to name a few.

Where can I fish in Weymouth?

Sea Fishing Marks

  • Abbotsbury. Postcode: DT3 4LA. Parking: Pay and display.
  • Burton Bradstock. Postcode: DT6 4RG.
  • Charmouth. Postcode: DT6 6LL.
  • Cogden. Postcode: DT6 4RL.
  • Ferrybridge. Postcode: DT4 9XE.
  • Newton's Cove. Postcode: DT4 8UB.
  • Pleasure Pier. Postcode: DT4 8ED.
  • Preston Beach. Postcode: DT3 6PN.

When can you catch squid in Weymouth Pier?

A full moon and the associated spring tides during October, November and December appear to be most productive time with the high tide falling two or three hours after sunset producing the largest numbers of squid.

Did Weymouth ever have a Pier?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Weymouth Pier is a peninsula between Weymouth Harbor and Weymouth Beach, in Dorset, England. It was intended to extend Weymouth's esplanade, and consists of a theatre, Weymouth Pavilion; pleasure pier; car parking and a cross-channel ferry terminal.

What fish can you catch from Weymouth Pleasure Pier?

Casting off Weymouth Beach you can often land sea bass, pollock, whiting, pout, and on a luckier dip – grey mullet. With a set of feathers and a strong cast off of Chesil Beach, you can quickly catch the first course of your family barbeque with a large haul of mackerel.

When was Weymouth Pier demolished?

May 4, 1986

The Weymouth pier was blown up during a stunt on May 4, 1986, organized by Weymouth's leisure director Harvey Bailey. He turned the demolition into a Bank Holiday weekend attraction that brought in crowds of sightseers and photographers.

Does Weymouth have arcades?

A bustling arcade full to the brim of what you expect from a seaside town's arcade. Traditional slot machines, penny arcade, video games, and more. There is plenty in the way of refreshments at the NEW Sunset Coffee Bar which boasts the most stunning views of Weymouth bay.

Does Weymouth have a funfair?

There are 8 Weymouth theme parks and funfairs to pick from.

What shops are in Weymouth town Centre?

In the center of town around the Esplanade, St. Mary Street, St. Thomas Street and Bond Street you will find splendid shopping for everything you desire. Chain favorites includes Marks and Spencer, TK Max, Peacocks, Debenhams, Pound land and Animal await you, as do unique boutiques, supermarkets and unusual surprises..