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Burnham on sea pier

Burnham on Sea Pier Background

Burnham on Sea Pier located in Burnham on Sea Somerset, England. Built in 1911-1914, the concrete pier is said to be Britain's shortest. It measures 37 meters (121 ft). Daily Express ranked it among the top five British piers in 2008 It is a popular tourist attraction. It is located in the center of town so that you don't have to spend a lot for food.

Burnham Pier

Take Your Kids to Burnham on Sea Pier

This is a great place to take your kids to get some fresh air. This popular spot has many shops along the shore and a pier you can walk under. Beautiful sandy beach. The staff are friendly and helpful at the amusement arcade. The esplanade is so peaceful and offers many places to eat or drink. The toilets and showers of the pier are clean and spacious.

Burnham on sea pier

The opening of Burnham on Sea Pier after fire

The Burnham on Sea Pier was reopen in Aug 2021 to the public with the exception of a section that was closed due to fire damage to the roof. A spokesperson for the fire service said that the incident was under control and that the fire started at the arcade's back. The fire caused 50% damage to the building. A big thank you goes to the local community on their well wishes since the fire.

Burnham On Sea Pier

Burnham on sea Pier, the shortest pier in England was constructed between 1911-1914. Burnham Pier is an award-winning pier that received an award of “Britain in bloom”. A grand pavilion is constructed in the middle on concrete piles and a courtyard at the entrance.

Even though this pier is small, it still attracts visitors. This pier has amusements, bingo, a pizza counter, and a courtyard. In 2018, Burnham Pier was rated among the top 5 best piers in Britain. Burnham on sea Pier is worth visiting as it is very beautiful, best for picnics and enjoyment.

If you are looking for an excellent place to dine out at sunsets, then you must visit Burnham on sea Pier. Come to this pier, chill with your family and enjoy the sea breeze. British heritage trust says that the architecture of this pier is similar to the railway stations at Bristol temple meads.

What is Burnham on sea Pier?

Burnham on sea Pier is a private sector beach resort that is possessed by J Holland Sons. This pier is presently in a good condition. There is a large pavilion found at the centre of Burnham Pier. This pavilion is a major attraction and is the central spot for activities.

The staffs serving this pier are very friendly and helpful. On the other hand, facilities are impressive; hygienic toilets, proper ticket counters, facilities for senior citizens, and cleanliness are outstanding. Since this pier is small so it has narrow decks.

Although Burnham Pier is very small even it’s the smallest pier in England, still it is the best in its design, activities, and foodstuffs. You can always plan a picnic at the Burnham on sea Pier, I guarantee you your entire family is going to have endless fun at this pier.

This pier is made from strong material and granite chippings are used in its structure. These granite chips are shipped from Penryn, Cornwall. Burnham on sea Pier opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. This pier is known as the first pier to be constructed on the concrete piles.

History of Burnham on sea Pier

Burnham Pier was opened in 1914 just before World War I. It’s the shortest pier having a length of 121 ft (37m). This pier is small but its maintenance is high and its lighting is beautiful. Burham on sea Pier has also appeared in a magazine for advertisement purposes.

This pier was owned by Harry Parkin in 1968. Then the Burnham Pier was renovated to maintain its quality and structure. In 1996, a letter was generated for a lottery grant to precede renovation of the roof and substructure. Burnham on sea Pier won the “Britain in bloom” award.

There was a courtyard at the entrance and a big pavilion at the centre. The owner of Burnham on sea Pier celebrated its 100th anniversary and announced the construction of a retractable roof of about 35 ft. At 60,000 euros, this roof was built. The old lighting was replaced by the new lighting.

This pier participated in an event named “party on the pier” in march of 2011. Some new stalls were opened at this pier in December 2011. These shops include seasonal sweet shops, candy stalls and a restaurant.

Central pavilion of the Burnham Pier

The central pavilion of the Burnham on the sea Pier was home to many activities. Harry Parkin used to run this pavilion for 49 years till 2017. He made numerous changes to the pier and spent a lot of money on the renovation process. The owner invested at least 100,000 euros in the renovation.

Then the pier was purchased by J Holland Sons, a gaming company. The look of the pier then completely changed. Now there are many small shops constructed at the entrance. These shops serve food and drinks. Whereas the amusements are built in the grand pavilion hall.

Later the new gaming machines were installed inside the arcade and new rides were added at the children’s funfair.

The Burnham Pier caught fire on 5 august 2021 due to which a small portion of the pier was destroyed. Immediate actions were taken to stop the fire which saved from big damage. Eight fire crews extinguished the fire and rescued the spot. The pier then opened one week after the fire.

Food choices at Burnham on sea Pier

There are plenty of meals at the Burnham on sea Pier. You will get fresh food in low price at this pier. Some of the meal options are mentioned below;

1- Waffles.

2- Pancakes.

3- Ice creams.

4- Fish and chips.

5- Candy stall.

6- Hot dog.

7- Brownies.

8- Burgers.

9- Drinks.


Things to explore at the Burnham on sea Pier

1- Burnham Pier Pavilion Amusement arcades:

The arcade has many games and coin-operated rides. It’s a small arcade but it’s elegant and aesthetic. The multi-colored walls and the range of rides always attract the little ones. There are also shooting games, prize shops, power drops, 2p machine and coin-operated rides for the little ones, and much more.

2- Burnham on Sea Pier Bingo hall

There is a great bingo hall which is the major attraction at the Burnham on sea Pier. This bingo hall is a modern style hall that is specially created for bingo games. The bingo hall is the reason for the increasing number of visitors. If you are bingo lover, then you must visit this place with your bingo partners.

3- Seaside shops at Burnham Pier

There are many shops at the Burnham Pier. That means you can enjoy family picnic and do shopping at the same place. The shops include clothing shops, jewellery shops, houseware shops, etc. There are also shops at the entrance courtyard of the pier. Visit and shop at the famous seaside shops of the Burnham on sea Pier.

4- Outdoor dining

The outdoor dining setup of the Burnham on sea Pier hosts many visitors. You can visit this pier, and eat ice creams, pancakes, donuts, burgers and pizzas. Dine these foods at the dine-out setup and enjoy the beautiful sunset view.

5- Burnham Pier Indoor facilities

The indoor facilities at the Burnham on sea Pier feature indoor dining hall, a waiting area, clean toilets, an indoor play area, and a bingo hall. If you are looking for a place to spend a perfect family holiday, Burnham Pier is the place to be. 

6- Burnham on Sea Pier Café

There are beautiful cafes and restaurants at the Burnham on sea Pier. These cafes serve mouth-watering delicious food. There are plenty of yummy treats which can be found in the cafes at the pier.

Burnham Pier Timings and details

This pier operates all the year from 10 am to 9 pm. The visitors have rated these place 5 stars and have shared good reviews.

Address: Burnham on sea Pier, the esplanade, Burnham on the sea, Somerset, TA8 1BG.

Contact number: +44 1278 785151

Burnham on Sea Pier Conclusion:

Burnham on sea Pier opened before World War I, is Britain’s shortest pier. Parkin’s family owned this pier for 49 years. In 2017, a company of entertainment and gaming named J Holland sons bought the pier. Burnham Pier operates all year. This pier has a wide range of entertainment and activities. Its newly constructed entrance has many shops and cafes. The pier is well known for its outstanding customer service. There are clean toilets at the pier and good facilities for disabled people. Litter bins are everywhere around the pier to maintain cleanliness. A first aid facility is also provided at the pier which is the best of all facilities.

Moreover, there is a tourist guide centre at the Burnham on Sea Pier that guides foreigners and tourists to ensure they can have the best time at this pier. Dogs are also allowed at the pier even inside the cafes and arcades. Granite chippings are a strong material from Penryn Cornwall; these are used in the manufacture of the Burnham on Sea Pier.

Visit along with your family and experience the adventure of a lifetime. It is the right place where you and your family can enjoy the proper picnic at Burnham on the sea. Enjoy the variety of desserts, pancakes, and waffles at the pier. The pier is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm; you can visit anytime in between this slot. The night view at the Burnham on Sea Pier is also amazing due to the beautiful colourful lighting all over this place. 


  • Burnham Pier
  • Burnham Pier
  • Burnham Pier

Spans: Bristol Channel
Design: Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Construction: Reinforced concrete and steel
Year opened: (i) 1910; (ii) 1914
Original length: 37m
Present length: 37m
Storm damage: 1882, 1953, 1978
Restoration: 1990s

The great Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the inspiration for Burnham Pier, the first to be constructed in reinforced concrete. Granite chippings from Penryn Colliery in Cornwall, which were used in the pier’s original construction, are still used today for routine maintenance. Plans to lengthen the pier did not materialize and, consequently, it has remained one of the shortest in Britain, consisting of little more than a pavilion on piles.

The Esplanade


How long is the Burnham on sea Pier?

Who is the owner of the Burnham Pier?

J Holland Sons is the owner of the Burnham Pier. J Holland Sons is a well-known entertainment and gaming company.

When Burnham on sea Pier was built?

Burnham on sea pier was built before World War I between 1911- 1914.

Are dogs allowed at the Burnham on Pier?

Yes, dogs are welcome at this place. You can take any pet on Burnham Pier and also dogs are allowed inside the café.

When does the Burnham on the sea Pier pavilion burn in a fire?

The Burnham on sea Pier pavilion burned in a fire on 5 august 2021. Luckily, the fire did not cause huge damage to the pier. About 8 fire crews extinguished the fire and saved it from further damage.

Who was the previous owner of the Burnham on sea Pier?

Harry Parkin family owned this pier for about 49 years. Harry parkin operated this pier very well and spent a lot on its renovation. Sadly, they had to sell this pier due to illness in the family.

How much amount was spent on renovating Burnham Pier?

About 100,000 euros were spent on the renovation of Burnham on the sea pier. 35 ft. retractable roof was installed and new lighting was added.

What are the facilities at the Burnham on sea Pier?

A range of facilities is offered at the pier. The facilities at the Burnham Pier include indoor dining, outdoor dining, arcades, food stalls, shops, toilets, and facilities for the disabled.

What are the timings of the Burnham on sea Pier?

The pier opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm.

Which award was won by Burnham on the sea Pier?

Burnham on sea Pier won the "Britain in bloom” award.

Burnham Pier