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Torquay Pier

Torquay Pier is certainly worth a visit

Torquay is a gorgeous city located on the English Riviera, with its beach walks and summer events which draw tourists towards the Torquay Pier and beaches. There are pubs, cafes, bars, boutique shops on the esplanade. Boat trips and water sports are popular summer activities along Torquay Harbour and a spectacular sea view from to the Millennium Bridge.

Pier Point Torquay

Pier Point Torquay a Must visit

With 13 successful summers in its history, Pier Point Torquay is a ideal spot to eat with a views. The location is along the lively promenade of Torquay the multi-award-winning restaurant provides a respite from the crowds however the breathtaking panoramas of Torquay's bay and adjacent cliffs will keep you at the centre of it all.

Sunken yacht Torquay

Successful salvage operation at Torquay harbour

The Torquay Pier has reopened following the successful salvage operation to remove the sunken Yacht from Torquay harbour. The repairs to allow an accessible and safe area to the steps that descend from the boardwalk made of timber to the concrete edge of Torquay Pier.


What better method for partaking in a waterfront walk around along Torquay’s palm-lined promenade and Pier Point Torquay? The Torquay pier is the ideal spot to pause and look out to the ocean, or to appreciate watching the steady comings and goings in the nearby marina. Furthermore, there’s the opportunity to find touring and fishing boat trips between Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Greenway from the finish of the Torquay pier, as well as banana boat rides!

Torquay pier is likewise #1 among fishermen, and at its far end Torquay pier is an incredible spot to get the night sun as it sets underneath the slopes. Another entrance slope has been introduced at the diminished length of the promenade., this currently permits the full length of Princess Pier to be completely open to all individuals from the general population. Presently everybody will actually want to get to and partake in the full length of the pier.

Torquay Pier History

The Torquay pier is a firm element of the Agatha Christie Mile, for the Queen of Crime – who experienced childhood in Torquay – routinely went roller-skating with companions here during her childhood. Torquay Museum’s Agatha Christie Gallery highlights photos of this period in her life.

Work on the Torquay pier started in 1890 as a straightforward mass substantial crotch. A steel grid brace and wood structure were included 1894, trailed by an arrival quay on the toward the ocean side of the pier-head in 1906. A safe house, worked to a cutting-edge plan, dates from 1965.

In April 1974, fire destroyed a Torquay Pier-head diversion fabricating, ‘The Islander’, which, in light of harm to the hidden wood, was obliterated to deck level. It was found right now that the steel superstructure was gravely consumed and that, albeit a big part of the pier-head had been supplanted somewhere in the range of 1957 and 1964, different half and the principal length of the pier required earnest consideration.

February 2014 – Torquay Pier shut by persistent wave harm

In February 2014, the Pier Point Torquay experienced serious harm in the wake of being battered by immense waves, that lifted cement, uncovering power links. Hindrances were raised across the substantial segment of the Torquay Pier, and it was shut endlessly until fixes could be impacted.

December 2014 – Repair work starts on harmed Pier Point Torquay

The principal phase of fix work on the tempest harmed western side of the Pier Point Torquay started in December 2014 when expert Millennium Marine Contractors started stacking concrete on to barges at Haldon Pier bound for Torquay Pier.

April 2015 – Repair work starts on Torquay Pier

In April 2015, work began on fixes to the Torquay Pier. Jumpers started cleaning beneath the waterline and topping off breaks to reinforce the Torquay pier with concrete under the water. This was essential for an arranged program of attempts to fix Torquay Pier and Haldon Pier and included substantial fixes to voids and disintegration at seabed level.

Walk 2016 – Repairs to Torquay Pier finished.

Walk 2016 saw the fruition of the maintenance work to Torquay Pier, which comprised of supplanting all the hardwood decking on the toward the ocean south-eastern part of the pier.

March 2018 – £1.7 million renovation work starts at Torquay Pier

In March 2018, the £1.7m project started to eliminate decaying lumbers and supports from the more extensive ‘banjo’ area of Torquay Pier and open up the area up to the public once more. Torbay Council said the effect on guests to Princess Gardens, and clients of Torbay Road would be insignificant.

June 2022 – Torquay Pier stays shut as work eliminates indented super yacht

Work has begun to eliminate a depressed superyacht which was obliterated in a shoot while secured in Torquay Harbor. When the rescue activity has been securely finished, fixes to Torquay Pier will start. When protected to do as such, Pier Point Torquay will resume to people in general.

July 2022 – Pier Point Torquay to some extent resumes

Part of the Torquay pier is resuming, two months after harm brought about by a superyacht that burst into flames and sank. Torquay Princess Pier has been shut since the episode in May. Interval fix works are intended to start one week from now with the fire-harmed piece of the Torquay pier liable to stay shut until the harvest time.

Torquay Pier Facilities

TorquayPier is perhaps of the most pleasant pier in the southwest of England. This incredible spot is a well-known place throughout the late spring months and is the ideal spot to take your youngsters fishing. You are simply permitted to fish the offshore side of the Torquay pier. Fishing inside the marina is dependent upon a fine. The Torquay pier becomes calmer during the night and early morning and can be a huge fishing spot the majority of all year. It is worth focusing on that fisherman, everything being equal, do fish the pier and hence assuming you are searching for a peaceful spot to miss the groups the Torquay Princess Pier presumably isn’t really for you.

Throughout the late spring months, the favored strategy during sunshine hours is to drift fish a strip or mackerel or a ragworm between profundities of 5 and 15ft. these strategies will get wrasse, mackerel, garfish and pollack. During the night on the dock fish with bigger snares either extremely close to the design or at range for the opportunity of bass, smooth dog, and bream. Throughout the colder time of year, the fishing dials back however there is still great game to be had on its day with whiting, fumbles and codling making up most of species got.

Services by Torquay Pier

  • 440 berths
  • Max LOA: 30m
  • Storage ashore available at nearby Dartside Quay
  • Diesel available from nearby Brixham Marina
  • Petrol and diesel available on nearby South Pier
  • Chandlery at nearby Beacon Quay
  • Laundry facilities
  • Boat brokerage
  • New boat sales
  • Secure car park
  • Basic provisions available
  • Paddle and water sports center
  • Jet ski pods
  • MDL Wi-Fi

Torquay Pier Conclusion

Although it’s not your typical amusement Pier however, the Torquay Pier provides a gorgeous waterfront promenade, surrounded by Torquay’s famous palm trees, and lined with classic Victorian benches. Pier Point Torquay a great spot to take a break and look at the sea, and is the perfect lunch spot.

If you’re looking for a tremendous place to go for fishing, then Torquay pier is the place you’re looking for. Its best! It is absolutely suitable for family fishing. Your kids will love it and so do you. It gives mind-blowing facilities to its customers in such a low price. So, what are you guys waiting for? Planning a picnic to fishing? Torquay pier is the answer.


  • Torquay Pier
  • Torquay Pier
  • Torquay Pier

Spans: English Channel
Design: Alfred Thorne
Construction: Steel lattice and timber on mass concrete groin
Year opened: 1894
Original length: 238m
Present length: 238m
Fire: 1974
Restoration: 1906, 1957-64, 1978/9

The Princess Pier in Torquay, the self-proclaimed English Riviera, is perched atop the harbour wall with one set of legs in the sea. The harbour groin was built in 1890 and the steel lattice and timber structure on top was added in 1894, followed by a landing quay on the seaward side of the pier-head in 1906. One of the few buildings constructed on the pier was the ‘Islander’ entertainment complex at the pier-head but it was severely damaged by fire in 1974 and subsequently demolished. The pier was a favoured spot for crime-writer Agatha Christie to go roller-skating.

Princess Pier Torquay


Can you fish at Torquay Pier?

What type of fishes are in Torquay Harbour?

Types of fish caught Catches (depending on season) are mainly Mackerel, Garfish, Dogfish, Bass, Whiting, Pollock, Scads and Wrasse. Rarer catches include Conger, cod, black bream, red mullet and smooth hound.

Does Torquay have a Pier?

Yes, Torquay has a Pier. The Torquay Pier, built in 1890, is the perfect place to stop and gaze out to sea, or to enjoy watching the constant comings and goings in the adjacent marina.

How long is Torquay promenade?

Torquay promenade is 1.3 miles (2.0 km).

Is Torquay nice place for a holiday?

Torquay is a traditional yet thriving seaside town set on Devon's English Riviera coast and the top trending UK holiday destination in 2021. Based on the English Riviera, the town is most famous for its beaches and Torquay Pier, which provide some of the best sea swimming, paddling, and kayaking in England.

What time does the tide go out in Torquay?

Tides for 2022-08-02 Type of tide Time (BST) Height (meters) Low 03:18 1.3 High 10:02 4.4 Low 15:31 1.4 High 22:06 4.6

How old is the Torquay Pier?

The Torquay Pier was built in 1867. It is an outer pier or breakwater, about 300m long. It gave the old harbor extra protection and created a large outer harbor.

When was Torquay marina built?

Torquay in 1842 In 1870, Lawrence Palk, 1st Baron Haldon built another new harbour for the town which made it popular with yachties. It was also extensively used for importing coal and wool from Australia.

What happened to the yacht in Torquay?

Shortly after taking on a reported nine tons of fuel, the Rendezvous caught fire while moored alongside a Torquay Marina pontoon. Eyewitnesses reported hearing gas cylinders exploding as the flames took hold. Firefighters from all over South Devon were sent to the scene as the flames and smoke billowed into the air.

Torquay Pier