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Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier day out with Kids

With a sand and shingle shoreline, with bright and elegantly named beach huts Southwold Pier has already been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award. Take a stroll along the shoreline the most beautiful Southwold Pier coast in Suffolk. The sands are rough, but you can still swim in the event of being cautious. Lifeguards are on duty from June through September.

Southwold Pier

Beautiful Southwold Pier within the British Isles

Southwold Pier is now thought to be among the most beautiful examples of an Pier that is located within the British Isles. Explore the length of it be sure to look to the water-clock as well as the fun mirror wall. You can also take part in the Southwold Pier fun of The House of Games, where you win the prizes that can be taken home. There's also the Under the Pier show!

Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier extensive renovation

The Southwold pier was built in 1900.The head of the Pier was destroyed by a powerful storm in 1934. The pier was also damaged during the Second World War. After extensive repairs, Southwold Pier is now one of the most beautiful examples of an Pier. It has attracted thousands guests making it among the most popular attractions in Southwold.

Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier – The Southwold Pier is a pier in the coastal town of Southwold in the county of Suffolk. The county of Suffolk is filled with natural beauty situated on the east coast of England and bordered by 50 miles of glorious coastline and topped with breathtakingly beautiful open skies. The county of Suffolk is the perfect holiday and short break destination in the UK.

Southwold Pier Beach

Southwold Pier Beach is one of Suffolk’s best Beach. Even you can say the Great British seaside in the UK.

The quality of the Southwold Pier beach has been recognised over the years by regular Blue Flag awards which demonstrate that the beach is not only clean but provides an excellent array of amenities.

Southwold Pier History From 1900 - December 1988

The pier was constructed in the year 1900 to serve as a landing place for steamships. Which transported tourists from London to the Clacton area and Great Yarmouth until the 1930s.The Southwold Pier was about 270 yards (250 meters) in length and ended with a T-shaped, rounded end.

The ownership and control of this Southwold Pier was transferred from Coast Development Company following its closure in 1906, to The Amusement Equipment Company. 

The Southwold Pier landing platform was damaged during an earthquake in 1934, and the T-shaped portion being washed away.  A new expansion of the Southwold Pier with an amusement hall and concert hall arcade was built in 1937 on the shore at the end of the pier. 

In in the Second World War the Southwold Pier was removed because of the fear of its use in an invasion. Additional damage was caused by an collision with an underground mine. Southwold Pier was rebuilt following the war, at a cost of £30000.

The Southwold Pier was later restored in 1987 when further work was completed to the theatre as well as the function room. Following the restoration, the pier was reopened in December 1988. 

Southwold Pier Reconstruction

The Southwold Pier was purchased by Chris Iredale in 1987. After that Chris Iredale began making the Southwold Pier pavilion an income-generating enterprise.  A major reconstruction program of Southwold Pier was initiated in 1999 to reconstruct the pier. The pier was rebuilt according to a plan drawn that was created by Brian Haward ARIBA AABC Architect of The Rope House Southwold.

Also built by Nick Haward Southwold Limited in 2001. Almost 100 years after the pier was initially inaugurated.  In 2002, a T-Shaped pier was added in Southwold Pier and increasing the length of the pier to a size at 208 meters (190 meters). This length increase now permits the Southwold pier to host visits from Britain’s sole remaining steamship so they can travel on seas.

Southwold Pier Attractions

Southwold Pier is now thought to be among the most impressive examples of an Pier that can be located throughout the British Isles. Take a stroll along its length and look out to see the water-clock, the fun mirror wall, and take part in a great time playing at The House of Games, featuring interactive games with prizes waiting to be taken home.

There’s also an Under the Pier show. It has a sand and shingle shoreline, with bright and stylishly named beach huts Southward Pier has already been awarded the coveted Blue Flag award.

1- The Arcade

2- The Water Clock.

3- Fishing.

4- Under The Pier Show.

5- Wacky Walk of Mirrors.

1- The Arcade at Southwold Pier​

This is classic British seaside fun for families in its most lively and vibrant form at Southwold Pier. The Arcade is full of games that test your skills and luck. Pick a prize from the crane game or test your luck with using the shove machines for two pennies.

2-  The Water Clock

The witty sculpture was created in 1998 by the eccentric duo of Tim Hunkin and Will Jackson within three weeks and on a very low budget. It was designed as a way to highlight water recycling, the water is pumped at the highest point of the clock using the below well, and then through the clock to power the half-hourly pee-show.

3- Fishing at Southwold Pier

It’s an ideal spot to watch the sunrise, and also a perfect spot to relax and enjoy peace and tranquil at Pier. If you require any information or advice There’s usually an Angling Club member . Southwold Pier Angling Club nearby who is willing to share their knowledge.

4- Under the Pier Show

It is said that the Under the Pier Show is one of the most original and intriguing collection of interactive machines at Southwold Pier . It is a bizarre collection of amazing inventions that have come from the brains of genius Tim Hunkin.

5- Wacky Walk of Mirrors

The Wacky Walking of Mirrors made visitors on a storm of laughter as their reflections alter and transform into crazy designs as they walk alongside the wall. This is really funky place for Kids at Southwold Pier.  It’s make people easy to see who has the most bizarre gait, the most amusing face, the most silly smile, the most wobbly legs, and the longest head, and the most raucous laughter!

Eat and Drink at Southwold Pier

There is famous takeaway and restaurant for visitors at Southwold Pier who can enjoy beach with delicious foods.

1- Boardwalk Restaurant

2- The Pier Fish & Chip Shop

3- The Clockhouse

The Southwold Pier get Pier of the Year Award

The National Piers Society awarded the Southwold Pier The pier of the year in 2002. And also the Southwold pier which has been owned by the couple since 2005, was also named as the county’s Best Large Attraction. Stephen and Antonia Bournes, the owners of Southwold Pier, have been honoured a special award for their outstanding contribution to tourism in 2009.

Attraction near by The Southwold Pier Beach - Suffolk

The Southwold Pier Beach – Suffolk county filled with natural beauty situated on the east coast of England, bordered by 50 miles of glorious coastline and topped with breathtakingly beautiful blue open skies.

1- Easton Farm Park 

2- Africa Alive Zoological Reserve 

3- Suffolk Escape Room 

4- High Lodge Activities

5- It’s Rocket Science

Facilities at Southwold Pier

At Southwold Pier you will find delicious food, excellent shopping and Public toilets are also located at Southwold Harbour and towards the Pier on Ferry Road. Car Parking is allowed in the high street for free, there is limited spaces available with some disabled spaces. 

Southwold Pier Timing and Contact Details

The Southwold Pier is Open all the year. There is a bit variation in the timing in summer and winter.


T: 01502 722105

Southwold Pier Conclusion

The Southwold Pier is a popular destination for the many visitors to the East Coast and its most prominent attraction. The pier, hosts a wide range of things to see and do. The pier’s history and the pier is closely linked to the history of Southwold.

It served as a landing platform for steamships that arrived via London Bridge. In 1934, when the landing stage in the shape of a T had lost its shape in storms, the remaining portion of the pier was transformed into an amusement park and concert hall. As a result, the pier became a place for people who wanted to relax rather than working.

The pier today is managed and owned through Gough Hotels who are dedicated to providing an engaging and stimulating experience for those who come here. Hence the Southwold Pier is a great family place during summer holidays and weekend.


  • Southwold Pier Beach
  • Southwold Pier
  • Southwold Pier

Spans: North Sea
Design: (i) W Jeffrey; (ii) Brian Howard
Construction: Timber
Year opened: (i) 1900; (ii) 2001
Original length: 247m
Present length: 190m
Storm damage: 1934, 1955, 1979
Restoration: 1948, 1987/8, 1998, 2000/1

Southwold pier was constructed in 1900, following the passing of the Southwold Pier Order in 1899. ‘Belle’ steamers called from London, Clacton and Great Yarmouth until the 1930s. The pier was sectioned as a war precaution in 1940 and later damaged by a drifting sea mine. It was restored in 1948. A further major refurbishment programme began in 1999 and was completed in 2001 almost 100 years after the pier had first opened. Britain’s third post war pier, it features a collection of modern coin-operated novelty machines designed and constructed by the inventor Tim Hunkin, and is enjoying renewed popularity.

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How did Southwold get its name?

Is Southwold Pier open all year?

Yes Southwold Pier is open all year.

How long is Southwold Pier?

The Southwold Pier is 623 Feet long.

Is Southwold Pier beach Sandy?

Everyone of us loves sandy beach and Yes, Southwold Pier beach is Sandy.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Southwold Pier?

Yes the Southwold Pier beach is dogs friendly.

Can you BBQ on Southwold Pier beach?

There are no specifically designated areas for barbecues on the beach.

Is Southwold Pier beach clean?

Yes the Southwold Pier beach is clean.

Why Southwold Pier beach is so popular?

The Southwold Pier beach is so popular because of its beautiful view, Pier, beach huts, lighthouse and restaurants.

where is Southwold Pier?

Southwold Pier is located in the town Southwold within Suffolk, an English county Suffolk. It is located on the northern part of the town, and extends for 190 meters to the North Sea.

when was Southwold Pier built?

The first Southwold Pier, which was 810 feet long, was constructed during 1900 to serve as a landing platform in the Belle steamships. In the 1930s, most tourists travelled by sea, and Southwold Pier was a favourite location.

Southwold Pier