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10 Longest Piers in Europe

Longest Pier in Europe- Piers are relatively lengthy structures that have a horizontal deck supported by a network of piles. Which extend into the water perpendicular to the coastline. When it comes to the longest Pier in Europe, what do you think? How long would it be? Piers and trestles are built to be used as a boat landing area, a pleasure area, a facility for measuring coastal processes, or a part of a sand bypass facility.

In this Pierdom article we have mentioned 10 longest Piers in Europre along with 5 longest Piers in England. Read below to find more in detail.

10 Longest Piers in Europe 

Following are the 10 longest Piers in Europe.

Longest Pier in Europe ListLength in MetersCountry
1Sopot Pier511.5 mPoland
2Heringsdorf Pier508 mGermany
3Międzyzdroje Pier395 mPoland
4Sellin Pier394 mGerman (Island)
5Scheveningen Pier382 mNetherland
6Płock Pier358 mPoland
7Blankerberge Pier350 mBelgium
8Göhren Pier350 mGermany
9Jurata Pier320mPoland
10Gdynia Orłowo Pier180 mPoland

1- Sopot Pier Longest Pier in Europe

Sopot Pier is the longest pier in Europe, which is 511.5 metres (1,678 ft) long. Sopot Pier offers breath-taking sea views both during the day and night.

It is the longest wooden Pier in Europe and the longest in the Baltic. The entry to the pier is marked by a spa garden with rounded pergolas and a fountain, and on either side of it, a sandy beach extends.

With the completion of a brand-new marina at its tip, as well as the building of a restaurant and a raised viewing platform. The pier was reopened in its entirety in July 2011.

Cost to enter the pier was only 9/4,50z After September 30 to late April 2023, it is free. It should be noted that during the busy season, there are moments when you must pay to get access to the pier. Also take note that alcohol cannot be brought onto the pier. 

Sopot Pier Longest Pier in Europe

2- Heringsdorf Pier 2nd Longest Pier in Europe

One of the famous places to visit in Heringsdorf are Heringsdorf Pier. It is the 2nd Longest Pier in Europe The unique glass pyramid has a restaurant inside and the Pier is a favourite spot to stroll and run. The buildings that are the entrance offer a variety of amenities, such as restaurants and shops and an entertainment center, a waxworks and an exhibit of seashells. 

It is a must to visit while in the city. Heringsdorf Pier offers something to entertain everyone in the family. A landing pier for vessels can be situated at the bridgehead.

It was in the year 1958 that the entire 2nd Longest Pier of Europe was destroyed in the flames. The construction of the current pier started on the 27th of May the 27th of May, 1994. The pier was completed on June 3rd 1995. The pier is now home to the Museum of the Concert Shell Cinema and cafe restaurant, fitness centre tourist gift shops as well as an enchanting vacation village.

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Heringsdorf Pier

3- Międzyzdroje Pier 3rd Longest Pier in Europe

Miedzyzdroje Pier is 395 metres long reaching out into the Baltic Sea at the beach Miedzyzdroje , West Pomeranian Voivodeship , Poland . The pier is also used to serve as harbor. Miedzyzdroje is the 3rd longest Pier in Europe.

There is nothing that is more romantic and intimate than taking a romantic stroll by the water? Go with your lover along to Miedzyzdroje Pier and watch different shades of colors dance in the sky.

Miedzyzdroje Pier is the perfect spot for a fun and cheap day trip! If you’re looking for more adventure, Wolin National Park, Museum Bunker V3 and Marina Wicko are all just a short distance from the city.

The story of Miedzyzdroje Pier started in 1885 when the first wooden pier was constructed there. In 1906, the pier made of wood that measured 300m in length was built. In World War II, sappers destroyed the structure to stop the embarcation from Russian troops. The structure has since been rebuilt, and the length reached 200 meters.

The third longest Pier in Europe construction began in 1994, and was completed in stages. The initial 120m of the new pier was completed up to 1996, and then it was extended to 395m in 2004. The official opening ceremony was held in 2005.

Międzyzdroje Pier

4- Fourh longest Pier in Europe is Sellin Pier

Sellin Pier is located in the Baltic coastal resort on the German island of Rugen. It is the longest pier on Rugen island, at 394 metres. The Sellin Pier stands out among other piers due to its beutiful views. Sellin is the 4th longest Pier in Europe.

The pier houses an eatery close to the beach, which overlooks the water and is home to an underwater boat (Tauchgondel).
In 1991 , the president of Germany, Richard von Weizsacker was in Sellin. The President’s visit resulted in an active commitment to the structure’s reconstruction. On August 27, 1992, the reconstruction began with several sections that were that were modeled on the structures built between the years 1906 to 1925. 

On December 20, 1997 Sellin Honorary Citizen Hans Knospe cut the ribbon to mark the transfer of the structure. The official opening ceremony of the new Pier, which included its restaurant, took place on April 2nd, 1998. It is 394 meters long, and is the longest beach in the entire island.

Fourh longest Pier in Europe is Sellin Pier

5- Scheveningen Pier

The Scheveningen Pier is an interesting structure located in the Dutch seaside resort of the same name (close to The Hague). And it finishes in four distinct levels that give the entire building the look of a flower.

A 60-meter-high bungee jumping tower is located on one of these platforms. The actual pier measures 382 meters in length and has two levels: the bottom deck and the upper portion. This Pier comes at 5th longest Pier in Europe.

Both locals and visitors enjoy playing at the nearby sandy beach for water sports. The Maduro dam miniature park, the sculptures in the Belder aan Zee museum, and the yearly sand sculpture competition are further attractions.

Scheveningen Pier

6- Plock 6th longest Pier in Europe

The Plock pedestrian Pier is 358 meters long, 5.3 meters wide, and 15.3 meters wide at the end. This pier is the ideal addition to the city’s beauty.

The impressive Plock pier construction is situated across the Vistula River in this lovely Polish city. Which is also a terrific place to live.

A peaceful place. There is a marina and a river pier all at once. There is parking in the street just before the Pier. The pier is very nice for walking, enjoying the view and also you can get some snacks/drinks/icecream at the very end. If you’re looking to have an leisurely time, and the weather conditions are good, then this is the place to be.

Plock 6th longest Pier in Europe

7- Blankerberge Pier

The only one of its sorts in Belgium is this 350 m long pier. It ends with “The Cake,” a circular structure that has a 360-degree panoramic deck, a café, a restaurant, two bars, and a storm power exhibition.

The most striking of the many summertime activities held here is the light and fireworks display. During the summer months, the broad, sandy beach is typically busy but not overcrowded.

This famous Blankerberge Pier has been in use for many years, and is now a landmark within Blankenberge. It’s an enjoyable stroll and is a wonderful spot to watch people go by, with lots of benches are also available and well protected from the constant wind.

Blankerberge Pier

8- Göhren Pier Comes at 8th longest Pier in Europe

The Gohern Pier is 350 meters long, and of that it extends to 270 metres in the Baltic Sea. The structure was constructed in 1993. It is accessible via a classic white-painted, green-roofed house for the pier ( Bruckenhaus) to the pier, which has wooden decking

Gohren Pier is located in the Baltic coast town located in Gohren on the German island of Rugen. The Pier entrance is in Gohren, the Baltic Sea resort of Gohren early in the morning on Rugen, the Island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea .

The Pier really is about ambience the moment you enter it, whether at the dawn or sunset hours or at night when the area is empty. The sound of waves and stars. Lovely Promenade and Pier stroll through gorgeous sand, lots of cafes and bars.

Göhren Pier Comes at 8th longest Pier in Europe

9- Jurata Pier also called puck pier

Jurata wooden pier that has an length of 320 meters situated in the southern portion of Jurata (on the shores of Puck Bay). The pier was constructed in the late 1970s.

The Jurata Pier as we see it currently is among the most long wooden piers found in Poland. Presently, the structure of the pier is built using reinforced concrete joists that support an edging made of wood. The wood used in the structure was sourced from Belarus.

Jurata is such a an interesting, long pier. It is a must visit while in Jurata. If you’re lucky, you can see a variety of birds. It is a wonderful spot to take a relaxing and tranquil stroll and relaxation. The Pier is in excellent condition, it is clean, and there are many benches.

Jurata Pier

10- Gdynia Orłowo 10th longest Pier in Europe

A wooden pier that was located in Orlowo – a district in the south in Gdynia (Poland). The length of the pier was different over time. The construction was completed in 1920. The 115-meter mark and permitted the docking of small passenger vessels.

As the city grew and in order to be competitive with Sopot it was extended to 430 meters into the ocean, however shortly after, a significant portion was destroyed by an intense storm in 1949. Following recent improvements, it was rebuilt and strengthened with steel beams. The pier today is about 180 meters long. The building materials used in the time of the explosion was an old wooden pier in Gdynia.

Like other parts of Orlowo It has also seen massive renovations over the past few years, and is now restored to its original glory of the interbellum and period-style lighting, and so on.

 Gdynia Orłowo 10th Longest Pier in Europe

5 Longest Piers of ENGLAND

Following are the 5 longest English Piers.

1- Southend Pier ( 2158 Metres)
2- Ryde Pier (681 Metres)
3- Hythe Pier (640 Metres)
4- Brighton Palace Pier (525 Metres)
5- North Pier, Blackpool (500 Metres)

1- Southend Pier Longest Pier in the World

Southend Pier is the city’s most cherished, historic icon, major landmark and also one of the largest pleasure Piers in the world. It extends 1.33 miles and 2158 metres long.

This Pier extends towards the Thames Estuary, putting Southend on the map and in the history books. The pier has seen numerous fires, most notably in 1989 as well as in 1976, 1995, and 2005.

2- Ryde Pier

Ryde Pier is second longest seaside Pier in England. The structure was originally wholly timber, and measured 576 yards (527 metres) long. By 1833, extensions took the overall length to 745 yards (681 metres). 

Ryde Pier is really three piers within one. Another pier, which is parallel to the first, was constructed in 1864 in order to support a tramway that was drawn by horses. Beautiful perspectives of the lake, and the perfect option if you want to quit this Isle of White.

3- Hythe Pier

Hythe Pier extends 700 yards (640 meters) from the centre of Hythe to the water channel deep in Southampton Water which makes it the 3rd Longest Pier in England.

The Pier has been in operation for more than 100 years. It is a wonderful option to travel across to Southampton. Beautifully preserved and with a friendly staff members on this historical crossing, it is a enjoyable cruise along Southampton waters, a magnificently preserved world’s oldest Pier train.

As you plan your trip, explore the practicality of cheap van hire in Southampton to enhance your travel convenience and make the most of your visit.

4- Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier, commonly called Brighton Pier or the Palace Pier, is an Grade II listed pleasure Pier located in Brighton, England. The pier was constructed in 1899. It was third in a pier built in Brighton. It’s 1,722 feet (525 meters) long and includes 85 miles (137 kilometres) of planking.

Brighton Palace Pier has been through many wars. However it is the best pier that has ever been constructed.

5- North Pier, Blackpool

North Pier is one of the most northern one of three coast located in Blackpool, England. The seafront is straight and level on this stretch of coast and the Pier is 550 yard , 500 meters long. It was built in the 1850s, and the oldest and longest of the three. This Pier was constructed by the renowned promenade pier engineer and architect Eugenius Birch.

Longest Pier in Europe Conclusion

Discussed above are the long and beautiful piers of Europe along with the longest pier in Europe. These all piers in Europe are destined for your family and friends. Go and visit these beautiful and incredible piers with your family and friends and spend a nice time under the blooming sky and peaceful breeze. 

Longest Pier in Europe (FAQs) 

1- Which European pier is the longest? 

Sopot Pier is the longest Pier in Europe. It is located in the Polish city of Sopot on the Gdask Bay. It was constructed as a recreational area and as a mooring area for cruise ships. 

2- Do Piers exist outside of the UK? 

Other than the UK, a number of other nations have built piers, jetties, and other pier-like structures. 

3- What pleasure pier is the largest in the world? 

Southend Pier is one of the largest pleasure Piers in the world. It extends 1.33 miles and 2158 metres long.

4- What is the shortest pier in the world? 

Burnham on Sea Pier is the shortest. It was built in 1914 and is the shortest pier in the UK, measuring 37 metres (121 feet) in length.