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Brighton Pier history

Some Facts about Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is nearly two km long. Brighton Marina is one of the biggest marinas in Europe with room for approximately 2000 boats. Its Royal Pavilion was used as an army hospital for Indian army personnel in World War 1. If every plank that is used on the decking of the Brighton Pier was laid from end to end, it would cover 85 miles.

Brighton Palace Pier Fire

Brighton Pier was Run by Piermasters

One of the most notable were The Captain Frederick Weeks from 1928 to 1955. He served as the Piermaster with the longest tenure. He his uniform was gold-braided, with three rings at the top of his sleeves as well as his war ribbons that were pinned to his chest. The staff he employed was called his crew and they maintained the pier each day.

Brighton Pier

Plenty to see around Brighton Pier

A lot to do & see Around Brighton Pier, like walking along the beach, taking rides or stopping by the bars, shops, and restaurants. The arcade games are located at The Palace of Fun and the Pleasuredome. The funfair is home to a variety of rides, including rollercoasters, dodgem cars & trampolines .

Brighton Pier

Want to go for an amazing outing on weekend? Do visit Brighton Pier as this place is famous for its attractive sites. Come along with your family or loved ones to discover bundles of amusements at this famous pier.

Brighton Palace Pier, the most attractive place in the UK has many fun activities and food. At this pier, you will find everything under one roof. Whether you want to take rides, have lunch, or dinner or just want to chill you can always come to Brighton Pier.                                                            

What is Brighton Palace Pier?

Brighton Pier is a pleasant place located in Brighton UK. This pier is also called Brighton Palace Pier or just palace pier. This pier is a grade II pier having a total length of 1722 feet. R St George Moore designed this pier and constructed it. The pier was inaugurated by the mayor of Brighton. About 2700 euros were spent on its construction. Brighton pier was awarded the pier of the year award in 1998 by the national pier society. This pier was the most visited tourist site in 2017 with a record-breaking number of visitors.

Brighton Pier History

Brighton Pier is the oldest pier constructed on 20 May 1899. Eclectic bar group operates this palace pier. Brighton Pier is the third pier constructed in the UK after the destruction of chain pier and west pier.

This palace was recognized as one of the most frequently visited places back in 1911 because the theatre was constructed and it attracted visitors. Sea surrounding the pier was mined to protect the city from attack during the First World War.

Later in 1920, the clock tower was constructed at the pier and other additions were done at the pier. The pier was again closed during World War II for security purposes. A portion of the deck was removed to avoid enemy invasion.

After the war, the pier started operating like before and attracted visitors by showing summer shows and other activities. A storm hit Brighton in 1973, which damaged the Brighton Palace Pier badly. The pier head was damaged and the landing stage was broken.

Later in 1984, the Brighton Pier was bought by a noble organization. The theatre at the pier was closed and an amusement park was constructed in its place. Rides and fun activities were installed at the seaward end of the pier.

On 4 February 2003, Brighton Pier caught fire but the situation was controlled timely which prevented severe damage. The noble organization later announced selling the pier at the cost of 3 million euros in 2011 but no one showed interest to buy this pier.

At last, in 2016, the eclectic bar group purchased this pier, the pier was then renamed Brighton Palace Pier.

Attractions at Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is a whole family entertainment place having amusements for children, little ones, and adults as well. For the toddlers, there is a soft play area where your kids can climb, jump and enjoy. For older children, you will find trampolines, carousals, cup n saucers, dodgems, etc. Adults can have the time of their life by enjoying a turbo coaster, booster, VR rides, air race, Wild River, and horror hotel.

The Brighton Pier is best known for its rides and amusements at the pier. The fairground rides at the pier include the following;

  1. Haunted house ride.
  2. Roller coasters.
  3. Carousel horse.
  4. Helter shelter.
  5. Cup and saucer ride.
  6. Pendulum ride.
  7. Fantasia.

Eateries at the Brighton Palace Pier

You will find many choices of eateries at the pier. These are mentioned below:

  1. Palm Court restaurant and bar

Palm court is a colourful constructed restaurant and a bar. Families can celebrate their events at the palm court restaurant. Their menu is mouth-watering ranging from fish & chips to high continental foods. You can order a salad, seafood, steak, kinds of pasta, and other continental items. The view at the Brighton Pier palm restaurant is breath taking.

 You can have a wonderful hi-tea with the beautiful sunset and a nice atmosphere. Small gatherings and events are also arranged at the palm court as this court has a seating space of 300 persons. Also, the palm court has outdoor space where visitors can come and enjoy their meals. Palm Court bar is for parties and cocktails, come with your friends to experience the elegant bar at the Brighton Pier.

Sunset garden bar

Sunset garden bar is the attraction of Brighton Pier visitors. You can experience cocktail parties with the sunset and DJ at the Brighton Pier. Sunset garden bar can be booked for small events and parties. Go and chill with your friends at the sunset garden bar.

Horatio’s Bar

Horatio bar is the newly constructed bar at the Brighton pier serving delicious hot foods and cocktails. They have an amazing outside seating area where you can go and enjoy the view. Not only this, but at Horatio’s bar, you can enjoy music, DJ, screening, and other entertainment. Usually, on sports occasions, Horatio’s bar hosts a big screening. Horatio’s bar serves a variety of burgers, hot dogs, salads, and drinks.

Events at the Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is famous for several reasons such as this pier is often featured in films, series, and in novels. This Palace Pier was featured in the following films and novels:

  1. Carry on at your convenience in 1971.
  2. Brighton rock.
  3. The bone clocks.
  4. Cuffs.
  5. Here we are.

Brighton Pier customer care

If you want to contact the Brighton Palace Pier customer care team for your queries, then here are the contact details;

[email protected]

(0)1273 609 361

Facilities at the Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Pier is a place where visitor’s satisfaction is given the most priority. Many facilities are provided at this pier which includes;

  1. Wheel chair:
  2. Toilets
  3. Dogs allowed.
  4. Kids play area.
  5. Parking available.

Brighton Pier Conclusion

Brighton Pier is a fun place in Brighton, UK. This pier is of old Victorian times before World War I. This pier which was constructed in 1973 was listed as a grade II building. The pier faced many problems since its creation like closure during World War I, fire and storm. Yet this pier is one of the most frequently visited piers in recent times.

Brighton Palace Pier is continuously updated and renovated. The Pier deck is checked annually and changes are made if required. The activities at the pier are countless. Since it’s for family fun then you can come with your young ones and elders as well. Entry is free but you have to buy wristbands for rides. You will find a variety of eateries at the pier. Snacks, dinner, lunch, and breakfast, everything you can have at the Brighton Pier. This is an award-winning pier with several attractions.


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  • Skegness Pier

Spans: English Channel
Design: Richard St George Moore
Construction: Cast iron columns on screw piles, wrought iron bracing, hardwood deck
Year opened: 1899 (completed 1901)
Original length: 537m
Present length: 537m
Fire: 1974
Restoration: 1938, 1994

Brighton Pier replaced the The Royal Suspension Chain Pier, which was washed away in a storm in 1896. It took nearly ten years to complete and cost an unprecedented £27,000 to build. In 1928 the first dodgems were introduced to Britain by Messrs Lusse Brothers and within four years Brighton Pier had its very own dodgems and Big Wheel. It is the most visited pier in the UK. Put up for sale in 2011 it was later taken off the market after a successful summer season.

Madeira Dr


When Brighton Pier was constructed?

Who designed and constructed the Brighton Pier?

Brighton palace Pier was designed and constructed by R St George Moore.

Who is the current owner of Brighton Palace Pier?

Eclectic bar group is the current owner of the Brighton palace pier.

What are the opening timings of Brighton Pier?

Opening timings of Brighton Pier are from 10 am to 10 pm.

What are the entry charges of Brighton Palace Pier?

There are no entry charges for Brighton Pier, you have to pay for the amusements and food.

Are dogs allowed at the Brighton Pier?

Yes, dogs are allowed at the Brighton Pier.

What are the food options at the Brighton Palace Pier?

Food options at the pier include burgers, steak, ice creams, pizza, doughnuts, and cocktails.

How can we reserve our booking at palm court restaurant?

You can reserve your booking at the palm court restaurant through their website or else you can call them.

Can we book Brighton Palace Pier palm restaurant for our events?

Yes, Brighton Palace Pier palm restaurant can be booked for small events hosting 300 people.

When Brighton Pier was hit by a storm?

Brighton Pier was hit by a severe storm in 1973.

Brighton Palace Pier