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10 Famous Castles in the UK to visit with Family

Famous Castles in the UK Introduction

Famous castles in the UK- England has many of the best and most stunning castles. When you consider that England has an extensive royal history which continues to this day, it’s no surprise to discover stunning manors and castles all over the country. In UK numerous castles are accessible for exploring for visitors and Tourists.

Each of the famous castles in the UK has its own stories that are unique. So it’s not surprising that a lot of them have become one in the UK’s longest-running tourist destinations. A lot of Castles are accessible to the public for guided tours and some offer exciting experiences for visitors to enjoy. If you truly want to take pleasure in the entire beauty of castles, you can perhaps remain in one of the castles.

List of 10 Famous Castles in the UK

Castles with a variety of styles and designs are found across the UK. We’ve compiled a list of 10 famous castles in the UK.

1- Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the largest constructed and famous castle in the UK. This castle is the most prestigious royal residence around the globe. It was built in the reign of William the Conqueror the castle is 900 years old.  This castle was the main residence of Queen Elizabeth II from 2011 to 2022, where she was likely to spend most of her time. Just 20 miles from London The grounds contain many homes, a huge church, and the royal palace . Some of the oldest royal customs, like those of the Knights of the Garter, remain in place in Windsor.

The Windsor Castle is Queen Elizabeth II’s final resting place. The Queen Elizabeth II was buried with her husband, Prince Philip, alongside her sister (Princess Margaret) and parents in Windsor Castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel.

2- Tower Of London

You wouldn’t normally expect to find a castle within an urban area that is bustling. If there’s one location where this can occur it’s England and its capital city London. London’s Tower of London attracts nearly 3 million visitors every year. And, even though it’s known for being used as prison, it’s among the top famous castles as well as fortresses within England.

The central point in the center of the site lies The White Tower, built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. It it is now the primary attraction for visitors to The Tower of London.

3- Caernarfon Castle

Wales can be described as having an intriguing connection to its castles. Some people are proud to display them as stunning examples of medieval architecture. Which provide a huge draw for visitors, while some think of the Iron Ring as a painful symbol of the reign of King Edward I’s retaking of Wales during the 12th century. 

Caernarfon castle is the most impressive, being and is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was believed to have been built in one of the walls famously erected in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul). Caernarfon has a charm city that has many attractions, but none can match the power of its famous castle.

4- Edinburgh Famous Castle in the UK

Through invasions, sieges of power, executions and even imprisonment. Edinburgh Castle has withstood the test of time located on the top of an ancient volcano, above the city. 

The Edinburgh castle was built in 1130. This castle was once a royal residence as well as a headquarters for the army. Today, it is it is a World Heritage Site, visitors are able to see the dungeons that were used to hold hundreds of prisoners over time and also The Scottish Crown Jewels.

5- Tintagel Castle

The castle is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. Tintagel Castle has been linked to legends and myths. It seems to have been constructed to serve its famed location only because its location in northern Cornwall coast has little military interest. 

The castle part is located on the mainland, it is located situated on an island that has bridges connecting the two. The castle is worth a visit for Arthurian myths and mysterious locations such as Merlin’s Cave if that’s your preference. For those who don’t, the beautiful rocky beach is a beautiful location in its own.

6- Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is one of the most impressive example of Medieval castles in England and still retains its charming appeal with moats and circular towers. It also has an entrance gatehouse with twin towers.

Although it has a near-perfect exterior but the interior hasn’t stood the tests of time. But there is enough to depict the structure that is the layout of this castle.

The castle in East Sussex was constructed during the year 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge who planned to build it to serve as a defence goal.

7- Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is the second largest inhabited castle in the UK. It was constructed over 1,000 years ago, it was the residence of the Duke of Northumberland and was built to guard England’s northern frontier. 

The dramatic location has attracted both filmmakers and tourists. It was used recently as the location to film Hogwarts School in two of the Harry Potter films.

8- Leeds Famous Castle in the UK

Leeds Castle is a stunning castle dating back to the medieval period and was a popular spot for Henry VIII. Who once carried his entire court travelling to a game in France together with Catherine of Aragon in 1520. The castle is now managed by Leeds Castle Foundation. Leeds Castle Foundation, who have been taking care of the castle since 1974.

When it was given to them by the castle’s previous private owner Lady Baillie. When she purchased the castle in 1926 Lady Baillie immediately put her stamp on the castle and employed several of the top designers and architects of the day. Who were responsible for creating many of the beautiful interiors that are still visible in the present.

9- Highclere Castle

Anyone who has seen Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle will be immediately familiar. The Victorian castle located in Hampshire constructed in the second part during the period of 17th century is one of the most gorgeous castles of England.

With a vast expanse of parkland Highclere Castle was the residence of the Carnarvon family members. Who lived in the area after the castle was constructed. The site was part of the Bishops from Winchester and a former home was situated in the exact spot of Highclere Castle today.

The castle is home to gorgeous staterooms that include an saloon that has leather wallcoverings and a state dining room and library, as well as drawing, music smoking rooms, each with exquisite interior design and artwork.

10- Corfe Castle

The castle is a relic of the time of the English Civil War and is an inspiring reminder of the historical events. It remains in disrepair after having been partially destroyed in 1646 during the time of Parliamentarians. It was used as a royal residence, a fortress as a treasury, military garrison , and family home and its jagged contours form the town of Corfe that it towers over.

Famous Castles in the UK Conclusion

No matter if you are within South East England or are traveling from the UK or overseas, you can find the castles that are close to you by clicking on the “map on your mobile. You find an English cottage for rent as your base, which will allow you to explore nearby castles. A lot of the famous castles in the UK from the above list are also wedding venues. Which gives you the opportunity to spend an evening out and various seasonal occasions that are suitable for everyone in the family members, dispelling the notion that castles aren’t a fun place to visit for children too!

A lot of famous castles in the UK were built on an elevated hill or surrounded by water so that they were more secure in the threat of attack. However nowadays, these features just add to the appeal of these classic architecture masterpieces. Made to endure, castles are fascinating place to visit. The South East of the UK has many of them. From winding stairs, hidden tunnels, ramparts and tunnels to ornate rooms, hidden areas and knights, tales about Kings as well as Queens and much more.

Famous Castles in the UK FAQs

Q1. Which is the most visited and famous castle in the UK?

The most famous and most visited castle for family are Windsor Castle.

Q2. What is the 2nd biggest Beautiful castle in the UK?

The 2nd biggest and oldest castle in UK is Caerphilly Castle.

Q3. What was the most powerful castle in UK?

The most powerful castle in UK is Dover castle. This Castle has acted as the “guardian of England”. 

Q4. What was Henry VIII favourite castle?

 The Hampton Court Palace was the favourite residence of Henry the VIII.

Q5. Which one was Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite castle?

The Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite castle was Balmoral Castle.