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Tintagel Castle History & Things to do in Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle has an aura of mystery. The remains of this tiny fortress , which lies in the turbulent Cornish shoreline – draw millions of visitors every year. Are you thinking of visiting Tintagel Castle, but unsure whether it’s worth it? Are you curious about the story of how Tintagel Castle connection to the mythology about the King Arthur as well as Camelot was created?

Tintagel with its magical castle, is only a short distance to Boskenna as well as Seagull Barn. Tintagel Castle (English Heritage) is a location that is full of myth, history and legend. The ruins of Tintagel Castle dominate the cliffs of the North Cornish coast. The experience of exploring the grounds is an actual adventure. You can’t not feel a hint of mystery and wonder within the air. It’s your time to be amazed.

Tintagel Castle History & Background

Tintagel Castle is popular due to the Arthurian connections, but they are not based on fact in origin. Originating in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s works during the year 1212. Following a time as an Roman settlement and military outpost Tintagel changed into a place of trade of Celtic Kings of Cornwall between the period between 5th-6th century. 

Imported high-status Mediterranean pottery from between the 5th and 6th century were discovered. Along with small pieces of glass thought to date from the 6th or 7th century Malaga located in Spain. In the year 1230, rich Richard Earl of Cornwall built the Tintagel Castle where we can see in the present due to the Arthurian mythology rather than any advantage in the military. 

In the years following, it fell into decay. But today the Tintagel castle is an important historical site and a memorial to all the Arthurian legends. The Tintagel Castle site is now under the hands by English Heritage from (2011). The Tintagel Castle attraction is suitable for everyone. No matter if you’re a historian or you’re a skilled photographer who has an eye for a stunning sea perspective or simply loves a bit of fantasy and magic.

Reconstruction of Tintagel Castle

As a wealthy Medieval nobleman Richard was a prominent nobleman from Cornwall had plenty of money available to spend. He was the landowner of large portions of Cornwall and wanted to improve his standing within society. A castle for personal use that invoked the mythical tales about King Arthur was certainly a way to gain attention and prestige!

The Tintagel Castle was built between 1225 and 1233 and spread it out along the coast of Tintagel. It’s worthwhile to explain a detail about the location of the area, to help you imagine what the castle could look. Tintagel Castle is located in the northern part of Cornwall and the majority of the remains of the castle are located on the island. Which is a tiny rock formation that juts out into the rough sea.

Things to do things to do in Tintagel Castle

The principal elements or structures in Tintagel Castle are distributed across the mainland as well as the island really a peninsula that is linked to the mainland via the narrow neck. Mentioned below are the places you can visit while at Tintagel Castle.

1- Secret Beach in Tintagel Castle

Under the cliffs of Tintagel Castle lay a secret beach and, perhaps more important the entrance for Merlins Cave. Merlin was a major persona in Arthurian Tales. Legends say that Merlin was the wizard who caused King Arthur’s conception.

The greatest part is that it’s free! A lot of people believe that you require tickets to go to Merlins Cave, but that’s not the case.

2. The Island Courtyard

There are traces of what was the primary part of the Earl Richard’s castle are the hall of great size, the kitchens, as well as the lodgings. It is up to your imagination to work to discover what might be found in these stony remains.

3- Tintagel Castle Rocky Valley

The walk we took to the coast ended in Rocky Valley, where a river flows through the valley towards the sea. Follow the river as it flows through the valley and you’ll be in an amazing wooded glen. 

This is an absolutely beautiful location to explore, including rocks, mini waterfalls along with a myriad of trails, and even some ancient ruin and carvings.

4- Bossiney Cove

Along the coast path along the routes toward Rocky Valley, we came across Bossiney Cove. A peaceful beach tucked away in a beautiful cove in Cornwall is regarded as the top beaches in England. Bossiney Cove, in Cornwall is the best beach in the UK

It is the ideal beach for those who want to swim in the ocean since it has an underwater reef that runs along the western part of the sands. This provides the perfect marine environment for snorkeling.”

5- The Visitor’s Centre

The central area at the bottom of the Tintagel Castle site is an exhibit on the history on the location, its various times it was used and the significant mythological and historical figures that are associated with the site. The exhibit is extended to a series of outdoor panels that are scattered on the entire site, which describe what you will see when you visit.

6- Gallos aka King Arthur’s Statue

Visit to see the Knight of Tintagel castle. The 2.4m (8 feet) tall bronze statue is an incredibly new part of Tintagel Castle. It was designed by Rubin Eynon who was commissioned by English Heritage to bring the tales and history from Tintagel. 

The statue was finished in the year 2016. While most people use it to refer it to as the King Arthur’s Statue however, it’s actually named “Gallos” which means “power in Cornish. It’s an amazing sculpture and worth taking a picture of.

Gallos aka King Arthur's Statue

Tintagel Castle Best Time to Visit

To fully appreciate all that Tintagel Castle offers You’ll need to go there in the summer months when it’s dry and warm. The period from the end of May and mid-September has a decent chance of favorable weather. July and August tend to be some of the most hot dry times in Cornwall. However, since it is the time when children are not in school, many places become packed and expensive.

Entire Circle Walk at Tintagel Castle

I’d recommend at most 4 hours for the entire circle walk. You’ll require at least fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the Tintagel Castle entrance. The views are stunning and there are plenty of things to explore within Tintagel Island. Don’t forget to taking time to walk around the beach too. There is more information on the various things to look at further down.

Why Tintagel Castle is Famous?

The Tintagel Castle is among the most stunning place in the UK because of its stunning views and it being situated on a tiny Island. There are numerous ruin sites to discover, such as the walls, doors and battlements as well as a stunning statue of the Historic Knight.

Food & Drink at Tintagel Castle

Beach Cafe serves delicious meals with stunning views. The recently renovated Beach Cafe at Tintagel Castle is an excellent spot to eat when in Cornwall. Beach Cafe can be the ideal spot for a delicious snack and light lunch, a cup of cream tea, or delicious homemade cake.

Who Owned Tintagel Castle?

Presently, Tintagel Castle is owned by Prince William as part of the land holdings of the Duchy of Cornwall, and the Castle is controlled through English Heritage. The access for visitors to the Castle is via the bridge that connects the island. You must have a ticket that is timed to access the castle, then cross the bridge, and then explore this island. After arriving, visitors are able to visit the castle’s remains, including the remains of the Great Hall at the heart of the castle.

How to get to Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle is situated on the north coast of Cornwall, between Padstow as well as Bude. The access can be via Tintagel Head, 600 metres across an uneven track from Tintagel castle. However the closest car park is located in Tintagel Village, again only 600m away.

The closest town is Padstow located approximately 45 minutes away via both the A389 or A39. The public transport system is a bit sparse in Cornwall. Therefore it is recommended to book a taxi traveling from the nearby village or town should you require.

Tintagel Castle Cost

Tintagel Castle Admission for adults cost £14.80 and for members its free. The tickets price for Childrens from Age 5-17 cost £8.90. Students with Official student card and Over 65s Ticket cost is £13.30. If you are visiting with a family then, Family (2 adults, up to 3 children) cost is £38.50. Tintagel Castle strongly recommend booking your tickets in advance as they have limited availability during peak times.