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Best Beaches in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most developed European countries. This country is best known for its advancement in the field of science and technology. There are many tourist and beach holidays UK spots that are worth talking about. Here in this article, you will get to know the best beaches in the UK. 

The top best beaches in the UK include; 

  1. Walberswick beach. 
  1. Dunwich beach. 
  1. Durdle door. 
  1. Pentle Bay. 
  1. Hunstanton, Norfolk. 
  1. Whitstable beach, Kent. 
  1. Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 
  1. Brancaster Beach, Norfolk. 
  1. West Wittering Beach. 
  1. Woolacombe Beach. 
  1. Sheringham Beach. 
  1. Holkham Beach. 
  1. Bamburgh castle Beach. 
  1. Morecambe Beach. 
  1. Brighton Beach. 

Walberswick Beach

Walbersiwck beach is located on the Suffolk coast of England. This spot is a perfect spot for summer outings. This beach is near Walberswick village across the Blyth River.

Walberswick beach is a sand and shingle type of beach. The best thing about this beach is it is dog friendly, which means you can take your lovely pets to this beach. If your children are bored at home during vacations, you must take them to this beach.  


Q1. Is Walberswick beach clean? 

This beach is very clean and it is a fun place for kids, they can play with water, and sand and can enjoy camping at this beach 

Q2. What are the activities at Walberswick beach? 

The activities at Walberswick beach include camping, surfing, and swimming. 

Q3. Can we book a resort near Walberswick beach? 

There are many hotels and resorts near Walberswick beach that are open for bookings all year.  

Q4. From where can we find the tide timings of Walberswick beach? 

You can find the tide timings of Walberswick beach at www.tidetimes.org.uk/south-tide-times.  

Q5. Why Walberswick beach is among the top beaches in the UK? 

Walberswick beach is among the best beaches in the UK because this beach has various activities for whole family fun. Moreover, dogs are also welcome at this beach so you can take your pets along with you at this beach. 

Dunwich beach

Dunwich beach is a shingle type of UK beach. National Trust has ownership of this beach, they are responsible for the maintenance of the beach. You will find several small boats at this beach. You can take your dogs to this beach and also a huge parking place is near Dunwich beach.  


Q1. Can we swim at Dunwich beach? 

Yes, Dunwich beach is a perfect place for swimming as this beach is clean and the water is pure. 

Q2. Can I take my dog to Dunwich beach? 

Yes, of course, you can always take your dog to the beach. 

Q3. Is parking available near the beach? 

Yes, parking is available near Dunwich beach. 

Q4. Is this beach clean? 

This beach is very clean; it has clean sand with pebbles over it. 

Q5. Who is the owner of Dunwich beach? 

National trust is the current owner of this beach. 

Durdle door Beach

Durdle Door beach is the highest-ranked beach on the Jurassic coast in Dorset, England. The weld family owns the Durdle door. This beach is best known for its white sand and turquoise water. The best thing about UK beaches is that these beaches are always clean and has pure water. 


Q1. Can I find parking near Durdle door beach? 

It is difficult to find parking near the Durdle door beach, you need to park your car  

Q2. Are dogs allowed at Durdle door beach? 

Yes, this place is dog friendly. 

Q3. Are there toilets at the beach? 

The toilets are located at the Durdle door holiday park which is near the beach. 

Q4. Is it safe to swim at Durdle door beach? 

Warning was issued for swimmers to take extra precautions while swimming. It is not completely safe to swim at this beach as one man drowned while swimming near the arch.  

Q5. Why this beach is called Durdle door? 

This beach is called Durdle door because there is an arch-shaped cliff at this beach. 

Pentle bay

Pentle bay beach is among the underrated beautiful UK beaches and it is located on the island of Tresco on the eastern coast. The island of Tresco is the second largest island in England. The water of Pentle bay beach is normal neither too hot nor too cold, it’s perfect for swimming lovers. Another good thing about this beach is its white sand. Dogs are allowed at Pentle bay beach but they are not allowed to stay.  


Q1. Are there restaurants at Pentle bay beach? 

No there isn’t any restaurant at the Pentle bay beach. However, you can the new inn hotel for food which is near the beach. 

Q2. Is there any place to stay near Pentle bay beach? 

Yes, you can book your stay at the new inn hotel, this hotel is the nearest place.  

Q3. Are there lifeguards at the beach? 

No lifeguard facility is not available at Pentle bay beach. 

Q4. What activities are available at the beach? 

You can enjoy swimming, fishing, sailing, and kayaking at the beach. 

Q5. Are dogs allowed to stay? 

No dogs are not allowed for night stay. 

Hunstanton beach, Norfolk

Hunstanton beach in Norfolk is famous for its white and pink cliff. The activities include kite surfing, donkey rides, and windsurfing. This beach also has rock pools, which are a major attraction for visitors. The seaside award was receive by Hunstanton beach for its cleanliness and management. 


Q1. Is a parking facility available at Hunstanton beach? 

Yes, parking is available, you have to pay for the parking. 

Q2. Are dogs allowed at Hunstanton beach? 

No dogs are not allowed during the summer months. 

Q3. What are the facilities at Hunstanton beach? 

Clean toilets and facilities for disabled persons are available at the beach. Furthermore, the beach office is situated adjacent to the oasis leisure centre.  

Q4. Is this beach clean? 

Yes, this beach is best known for its cleanness.  

Q5. Which award was won by Hunstanton beach? 

Hunstanton beach received Britain’s tidy seaside award for high maintenance and environment. 

Whitstable beach

Whitstable beach is another amazing beach in Whitstable, England. This beach is best known for its attractive activities such as windsurfing, sailing, and boating. A parking place is also available at this beach which is the best thing. If you are planning a beach party, then you must choose this beautiful beach. 


Q1. Who owns Whitstable beach? 

Whitstable oyster company owns Whitstable beach. 

Q2. Whitstable beach is what type of beach? 

It is a shingle type of beach having pebbles and cobbles. 

Q3. What are attractive activities at Whitstable beach? 

Whitstable beach has huts, cottages, and boats that attract visitors. 

Q4. Is fishing allowed at Whitstable beach? 

Yes, there are fishing boats at Whitstable beach to facilitate fishing activity. 

Q5. Why Whitstable beach is one of the best beaches in the UK? 

Whitstable beach is highly ranked and has got a huge rank as being among the best beaches in the UK. This is because this beach has two popular activities such as windsurfing and sailing. Moreover, this beach also has a well-known restaurant which is Whitstable oyster company restaurant. 

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Aldeburgh is a well-known pebble beach with no sand over here. Along with activities and water sports, you will also different restaurants at this beach serving delicious cuisines. This place is not dog friendly place as dogs are restricted during the peak summer days from May to the end of September.  

Q1. Are there any charges for parking near Aldeburgh beach? 

No parking is free at the beach, there is huge parking space on both sides of the beach. 

Q2. Can I find any stay place near the beach? 

Yes, there are resorts and hotels for stay purposes near the beach 

Q3. Is there any restaurant at the beach? 

Yes, there are many restaurants at Aldeburgh beach. This place is famous for seafood.  

Q4. What is Aldeburgh beach lookout? 

Aldeburgh beach lookout is a historic building that was initially built to assist shipping but now this place is used for exhibitions.  

Q5. Are dogs allowed at Aldeburgh beach? 

Yes, dogs are allowed at Aldeburgh beach. 

Brancaster beach Norfolk

Brancaster beach Norfolk is an outstanding beach to visit. Being a child-friendly and dog-friendly beach, this UK beach is liked by all. Brancaster beach has golden unspoilt sand which is always clean. You can visit this beach all year but the best time to visit the beach is during low tide periods.  


Q1. Where is Brancaster beach located? 

Brancaster beach is located in west Norfolk. 

Q2. What time is best to visit Brancaster beach? 

Brancaster beach is open all the year; you can visit anytime but it’s best to visit when the tide is out. 

Q3. Are lifeguards available at Brancaster beach? 

No, there are no lifeguards at this beach. 

Q4. What is the specialty of Brancaster beach? 

Brancaster beach is best known for its seafood. 

Q5. What are the parking charges at Brancaster beach? 

Parking charges at Brancaster beach are 5 euros. 

West Wittering Beach

West wittering beach is situated at Chichwester harbour. This beach has beautifully coloured huts. The sand of this beach is super clean and attractive. This beach is best for activities such as sunbathing, windsurfing, paddling, and kite surfing.  


Q1. What are the facilities at west wittering beach? 

The facilities at west wittering beach include clean toilets, parking spaces, shower rooms, and small cafes. 

Q2. Is the water at west wittering beach safe to swim in? 

Yes, you can swim at west wittering beach, water is clean but be careful about the tide. 

Q3. Is the lifeguard service available at this beach? 

Yes, lifeguard service is available at this beach for the safety of visitors. 

Q4. Are surf lessons given at the west wittering beach? 

Yes, surf lessons are given at the west wittering beach. 

Q5. What is the best time to visit west wittering beach? 

The best time to visit west wittering beach is from July to September. This is a time of low tide. 

Woolacombe beach

Woolacombe beach is another beautiful UK beach having pure sand. This beach is well known as it has won many awards. Regular cleaning is done at this beach and beach huts are available for rental purpose. It has been noted that this beach is the most visited and has many attractions.  


Q1. Where is it located? 

Woolacombe beach is located in north Devon England.  

Q2. Is Woolacombe beach among the best beaches in the UK? 

Yes, Woolacombe beach is among the best beaches in the UK having world-class facilities and a good environment. 

Q3. Is this beach dog friendly? 

Dogs are allowed at the beach but from May till September dogs are not allowed.  

Q4. Are lifeguard services available? 

Yes, lifeguard services are available at Woolacombe beach. 

Q5. Parking facility available? 

Yes, Woolacombe beach has the great parking facility with a capacity of about 2000 cars.  

Sheringham beach

Sheringham beach is one of the popular North Norfolk coasts. It is an award-winning beach for maintaining cleanliness and offering numerous attractions for the public. There are bright-colored huts lined up at this beach. Moreover, cafes and kiosks are also available at this beach. 


Q1. Are there lifeguard stations at Sheringham beach?  

Yes, there are two lifeguard patrol stations at this beach. 

Q2. What are the food options at Sheringham beach? 

You will find cafes, kiosks, and ice cream Parlors at this beach. 

Q3. Are dogs permitted at this beach? 

No, dogs are not allowed inside the beach. Furthermore, dogs can be bought for promenade walks. 

Q4. Are public toilets available at Sheringham beach? 

Yes, public toilets are available at Sheringham beach. 

Q5. Is boating activity available at the beach? 

Yes, a boating facility is available at the beach. 

Holkham Beach

Holkham beach is a peaceful beach in the UK offering more activities than other beaches. This beach is dog friendly as well as horse friendly. Holkham Beach beach is well known for horse riding activity which is a plus point for customers. This beach has unspoiled golden sand and a beautiful view. 


Q1. Is Holkham beach dog friendly? 

Yes, this beach is completely dog friendly. 

Q2. Can we play games at Holkham beach? 

Yes, since this beach is unspoil having clean sand therefore this beach is the perfect spot for games. You can play cricket, volleyball, badminton, and football. 

Q3. For what are Holkham beaches best known? 

Holkham beach is best known for horse riding activities. This beach is perfect for horse riding. People come here, especially for horse riding. 

Q4. Are lifeguards available at Holkham beach? 

No there are no lifeguards at Holkham beach. 

Q5. Can we go to this beach for bird watching? 

Yes, of course, you can visit this beach for bird watching as this beach has two bird-watching hides. 

Bamburgh castle beach

Bamburgh castle beach is located in Northumberland, England. This beach is perfect for long walks and picnics. There is a beautiful castle near this beach which is very famous. The sand is pure and clean perfect for making sandcastles. Children enjoy coming to this stunning beach. 


Q1. What are the facilities at Bamburgh beach? 

The facilities at the Bamburgh beach include car parking, toilets, and disabled facilities are also available. 

Q2. Are dogs allowed at Bamburgh beach? 

Yes, dogs are allowed at this beach. 

Q3. What are the activities at Bamburgh beach? 

Activities at the Bamburgh beach include fishing, swimming, surfing, and windsurfing.  

Q4. Is the water at Bamburgh beach safe to swim in? 

Yes, it is safe to swim at Bamburgh beach but visitors are advised to see the tide timings before visiting. 

Q5. Which is the near town to Bamburgh beach? 

From Bamburgh beach nearest town is Alnwick.  

Morecambe beach

Morecambe beach is a sand and shingle type of beach. This beach offers many amusements and facilities. Dogs are restricted at this beach during the summer months from 1st May to 30th September. This beach is perfect for family picnics and is among the top beaches in the UK. 


Q1. Why Morecambe beach is best for families? 

This beach has many activities and offers facilities like restaurants, public toilets, bars, cafes, and car parking which is why it is considered the best beach for families. 

Q2. Is parking available near Morecambe beach? 

Yes, a parking facility is available near the beach. 

Q3. What activities are offered at Morecambe beach? 

There is an amusement arcade, and windsurfing and swimming are popular activities done at this beach. 

Q4. What is the specialty of this beach that is categorized as the top beaches in the UK? 

Morecambe beach is categorized among the top beaches in the UK because it is such a beautiful clean beach and has its charm. Not only this but this beach offers numerous activities and facilities. 

Q5. Are dogs allowed at this beach? 

Due to high summer tides, dogs are restricted from May till September.  

Brighton Beach

Brighton beach is a beautiful pebbled beach. This beach is included in the category of best beaches in the UK. This beach is perfect for family outings and picnics. There is a pier next to this beach which is Brighton pier. 


Q1. Is it free to visit Brighton beach? 

Yes, it is free to visit Brighton beach. 

Q2. What is Brighton beach famous for? 

Brighton beach is famous for its beautiful pier. 

Q3. Are dogs allowed at Brighton beach? 

Yes, dogs are allowed at Brighton beach. 

Q4. Is there any restaurant or café near Brighton beach? 

Yes, there are many restaurants and cafes near Brighton beach. 

Q5. Is there safe to swim at Brighton beach? 

Yes, it is safe to swim at Brighton beach, the water is pure and clean.