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Beach Camping UK Sites | Essential Things to Carry on Campsites

Beach camping UK- Have you ever sat on your beach blanket looking out at the sunset, and the first stars rise out, and fantasized about a night spent there on the shore? Who doesn’t love camping? And what if we talk about Beach camping UK spots? Isn’t it mesmerizing? Beach camping in UK is the most alluring thing one can ever dream of.  There are a variety of best beaches all over the UK, where you can make your beach camp.

For those who love to swim and for leisure having their beach holidays just a few steps away to the shore is a dream. Here are 10 of the most beautiful beach camping UK locations within Great Britain.


Places where you can go for camping in UK with your friends and family and enjoy the time. 

1- Beach Camping UK in Ewelease Farm

The campground is peaceful, isolated, and kid-safe because it is situated in a region of excellent natural beauty. It is the most peaceful place for beach camping in UK. Most areas of the property enjoy expansive view of the beach, and visitors are welcome to use the farm’s unique beach.  

This family-friendly farm campground, which is only open in August each year, features a pottery studio, bakery, café, toilets, hot showers located in six locations, laundry, drinking water, recycling facilities and wood-fired sauna. You may catch your own dinner and prepare it directly on the beach because campfires and fishing are permitted there. 

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Beach Camping UK in Ewelease Farm

2- Beach View Park, Suffolk UK

Beach View Park is an idyllic Beach camping UK resort in the Suffolk Heritage Coast, with beach frontage and ocean views. It is the ideal blend of tranquillity and peace. This is a family-owned holiday park that is located near the coast of Suffolk. With the perfect blend of holiday lodges, glamping and campsites There’s something for every type of camper.

Beach View offers the perfect spot to escape for an unwinding holiday. It is the ideal place to start your journey to some of the most popular towns along the coast and beaches. Enjoy walks up to Minsmere and Dunwich going north, as well as Thorpeness and Aldeburgh going south.

Beach View Park, Suffolk UK

3- Beach Camping UK in Glenbrittle

Glenbrittle Campsite is the ideal getaway from the stresses of contemporary life and is situated on the untamed west coast of the Isle of Skye, at the base of the recognizable Cuillin mountains and Loch Brittle beach. There are 120 pitches at the location, which are distributed widely throughout the field and down into the lovely Loch Brittle beach in natural pockets.  

The position close to the sea with the mountains in the background is ideal, with absolutely breathtaking views everywhere you turn. Pet dogs are allowed. This beach camping in UK offers a personal café with all the delectable goodies your mouth could ever want. 

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Beach Camping UK in Glenbrittle

4- UK Beach Camping in Sango Sands Oasis

This campsite is located in Sutherland. Sango Sands Oasis Camping & Caravan Site offers spectacular sea views while camping on the cliff tops above award-winning beaches. While you take in the breathtaking sights that some people return to year after year, whales, seals, and occasionally a Bottlenose Dolphin may pass by.  

The amenities, which include a campers’ kitchen and breakfast counter, garbage disposal, dishwashing and laundry facilities, and toilet and shower blocks, are of the highest calibre. This beach camping in UK is really gorgeous and well worth the journey! Of all the areas where guests stay, the camp site is said to be the most popular. The staff is excellent. 

UK Beach Camping in Sango Sands Oasis

5- Scotts Farm West Wittering Beach Camping UK

Beach Camping UK Scotts Farm is a large family-owned campsite set on 40 acres of lawns in West Sussex. Scotts Farm West Wittering location is near both the gorgeous beach and the traditional seaside town. Camping at this site is the ideal location for a visit to the sea. 

The Beach camping UK location is ideal for capturing moments of barbecues in summer and barbecues with friends or family. Take a stroll and enjoy a spot on the beach while watching the sunset as it reaches the horizon, while you enjoy local bars and restaurants.

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Scotts Farm West Wittering Beach Camping UK

6- Newgale Beach Campsite UK 

Every beach camping UK at Newgale offers a view of the coast, allowing you to enjoy the sunset while roasting marshmallows over a campfire and staying up late to admire the stars. A café and a store are located on the property, and kayaking, coasteering, climbing, and surfing are all just outside your door. Open late March to early September.  

This welcoming beach camping in UK, which caters to families, couples, and groups of friends, is just beside a two-mile stretch of Newgale Beach and offers beautiful ocean views. Among the many compliments from visitors, “the nicest campground in Wales” and “a true treasure” are only a couple.

Newgale Beach Campsite UK 

7- Beach Camping in Dunnet Bay, UK 

Want to go camping in the UK next to a beach in the northernmost point of the country? Go to the Caravan & Motorhome Club campground in Dunnet Bay on the Scottish coast. Which is close to the breath-taking North Coast 500 route.  

This beach camping in UK is both dog and family friendly. Grills are permitted. Additionally, they include facilities with additional amenities like showers, toilets and Motorhome service points for the disabled as well. 

Beach Camping in Dunnet Bay, UK 

8- UK Beach Camping in Aberafon

You may set up your tent on the low cliffs that surround the secluded pebble beach at Aberafon campground. The best beach camping in UK, which is tucked away between the sea and mountains. Surfers, swimmers, and lovers of the sunset will feel right at home here. You can even launch a boat and sail off into the distance to go sea fishing. 

The surrounds are very lovely, with sweeping sea vistas and a tranquil ambiance that is perfect for families with young children. In the area, there are fantastic mountain and coastal treks as well as outstanding sea and river fishing. The location lies at the base of the 1,500-foot Gyrn Goch mountain and close to the spectacular Yr Eifl mountains that descend to the sea. 

UK Beach Camping in Aberafon

9- Troytown Beach Campsite UK 

At Troytown Campsite, you may camp right near to the gorgeous white sands of St. Agnes, the island that is the furthest to the south. Your luggage is moved by tractor, the on-site store offers the farm’s own vegetables, and the operation is run by farmers who also operate the sole dairy farm in Scilly.

Then, after spending the day at the beach or on a boat tour of the islands, stop into the island’s single bar for a sundowner. This beach camping in UK will mesmerize your inner soul in a way that you want to visit here again and again. 

Troytown Beach Campsite UK 

10- Overstrand Beach Campsite UK

Overstrand Campsite the best site for beach camping located in Norfolk, UK is opened in July and August each year. The sandy beach is accessible by a rocky trail, so you may sneak out at night or in the morning for a swim. The campground itself offers a café, store, and recreation area.  

This beach camping in UK also contains a brewery, store, and post office. This campsite has swimming, drinking water, restrooms, and showers. It welcomes pets. Tent camping is also permitted. 

Overstrand Beach Campsite UK

When to Camp on the Beach?

Summer is the best time for beach Camping UK. Beach camping holidays are the perfect summer getaway whether you’re with your family or friends. Make sure to check the tides so that you don’t drown during the evening! 

Camping at the beach is among the most memorable family trips – with plenty of things to engage in and a stunning view. There’s an abundance of campgrounds available with seaside camping and views of the ocean.

Essential things to carry while Beach Campsites UK

1- Tables for camping

You may also think about taking a set of camp chairs. Based on your own personal style of beach camping. A set of chairs will make your camping experience more comfortable on your camping journey.

2- Toilets for camping

If there’s no toilet facilities, you’ll require bringing your own beach camping toilet. Make use of these toilets and putting the waste you produce is usually the best choice in the event that toilet facilities aren’t readily available. 

Don’t forget to bring along your own camp toilet (and some toilet paper!) for your next camping beach excursion.

3- Sleeping Bags or Blankets

The use of sleeping bags or blankets can help you stay warm in the winter. If you’re camping during the summer then you may just require a light sleeping bag or blanket.

4- Beach Camping Tent

If you plan to go camping on the beach is your goal, ensure that you’ve got an excellent quality tent. Find one that has plenty open mesh ventilation and vents that let air flow in and also an internal pocket that can store your valuables safely.

5- Lanterns

Bringing lanterns along with the flashlights and headlamps will provide ample illumination at night for your beachside camping spot.

6- Camping Pillows

Make sure to bring pillows for a restful evening’s sleep! It is possible that you may be thinking about carrying an air pillow to ensure you don’t use up space in your vehicle.

7- Towels

If you’re looking for one item that you should not go to the beach without and that’s towels. In addition, you’ll require towels to dry off after you’ve used the shower at camp to wash off any sand or salt that accumulates after an entire day of relaxing by the ocean.

Beach Camping UK Conclusion 

All these campsites are worth the visit and are waiting for your trip. All of these has facilities that can fulfill every need of their dearest visitors. Beach camping in UK consists of all the breath-taking and beautiful sceneries that makes the camping so worth coming for the visitors. 

UK Beach Camping (FAQs) 

Is camping on UK beaches legal? 

According to Timeout, it is forbidden to camp without the landowner’s consent in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. So, you would need to first obtain authorization to camp on the beach outside of a designated campground. 

In the UK, is free camping permitted? 

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, it is often forbidden to camp wild without the landowner’s consent. However, wild camping is legal in Scotland, so you may theoretically set up camp anywhere, including in the amazing National Parks of the nation. 

Is it forbidden to collect seashells from UK beaches? 

The Coastal Protection Act of 1949 makes it against the law to steal any form of natural resource from a public beach, and if you are found, you might get a fine of up to £1,000. 

Is there quicksand in the UK? 

In the UK, quicksand may indeed be found on all beaches. 

Are there any artificial beaches in the UK? 

In north Wales, a new beach made out of a million tons of imported sand has been developed. Locals have even compared it to the French Riviera.