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Skegness Pier

10 Pin Bowling - Skegness Pier

Skegness Pier is located on the Skegness Coast and has been entertaining families for more than a century. This year, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best attractions Lincolnshire has. The seaside location is ideal for families, with unique climbing centers and laser quest.

Skegness Pier

Newly Revamped Skegness Pier

The restoration of the Skegness pier promenade & pier head is proposed to bring the natural beauty of Lincolnshire. It will also create a new center for retail and hospitality trade, and allow the creation of a new state of the-art visitor attraction. This will allow it to both preserve Skegness Pier historic roots and modernize for the future.

Skegness Pier

Skegness Pier was the 4th longest pier in England

Skegness Pier was once the fourth-longest in England. It was this length at the time it opened in 1881. However, it isn't as long today as it was in 1978 when it suffered severe storm damage to its pierhead and shelters. These shelters were eventually destroyed by the cost of restoration in the mid-1880s.


Skegness Pier- If you are someone residing in the UK and looking for the ideal place to spend the holiday with your family then this detail will surely benefit you. The perfect place to spend an exceptional holiday is Skegness Pier.

Skegness Pier is a famous amusement site located in Lincolnshire in the UK. This pier won the trip advisor certificate in May 2015 for its excellence in hospitality, tourism, and management. Visitors shared great reviews regarding this location.

Skegness Pier is known as one of the largest piers that’s construction was laid down between 1815 and 1890 on the Britain coastline. Skegness pier was officially opened on 4 June 1881. When it was constructed, it was a t-shaped pier having a concert hall at the head.

What is Skegness pier?

Skegness Pier is an excellent place for whole family fun. It has many entertainment spots such as escape rooms, bowling, amusements, aquarium, etc. This pier opens at 10 am sharp. Skegness Pier is only 0.7 miles far from Skegness railway station. This place is situated on the B 1451 Grand parade road.

There are many amusement sites, cafés, diners, ice cream parlours; kids play areas, and many more at Skegness Pier. You can enjoy boating, campaigning, and casino parties, and also there is a newly launched playa at the Skegness Pier which has become the visitor’s new favourite place.

People come to this place for family outings, birthdays, picnics, boating, rides, and to attend concerts. This place is for people of all ages; children, teenagers, adults, and elders everyone can enjoy at this place.

Miniport boat rides are also available at the Skegness Pier. It’s a total of 25 minutes’ journey. Entry at this pier is free, you can anytime enjoy boardwalk but you have to pay at the amusement sites and at restaurants.

Skegness Pier History

Skegness Pier has great historic value as it was constructed between 1815 and 1890s. The idea of the construction of the Skegness Pier began in 1877 when local businessmen of the UK discussed its construction. To make this possible, Skegness pier company limited was made.

This company announced the national competition for the design of Skegness Pier. Two civil engineers named Clark and Pickwell won this competition by designing the perfect design for the pier.

Construction of the Skegness pier was started in November 1877. The plan was to make a t-shaped design pier having a concert hall at the head that could accommodate at least 700 people. When the final construction was done, this pier was inaugurated on Monday 4 June 1881.

Inauguration of Skegness Pier was laid down by the duke of Edinburgh Alfred, duke of Saxe-Coburg, and Gotha. Later Skegness Steamboat Company was established to provide boats for the holiday seasons.

How Skegness pier was damaged?

Skegness Pier was damaged when a huge storm attacked Lincolnshire, England. This storm harshly affected this place due to which the pier head and shelters were badly damaged. This pier was then closed to refurbish it. Skegness Pier was also damaged by fire at the time of destruction.

After this wreck, Skegness Pier was renovated and opened again. This place was also renovated later to check to be waterproof and to check the deck condition to avoid any unfortunate incident. Skegness Pier was advised to remain closed during World War II to avoid enemy invasion through this route.

It remained close until 1948 when the pier was repaired. The north side of the pier faced huge destruction during the North Sea flood in 1953. Later, this site was rebuilt and it required a huge construction amount of 3000 euros.

Amusements at Skegness Pier

There are many amusing sites at Skegness Pier that are purpose-built to entertain local visitors and tourists. These sites include:

  1. Bowling center.
  2. Indoor children’s play center.
  3. Laser quest.
  4. Captain kids.
  5. Clip n Climb.
  6. Escape rooms.
  7. Skegness Aquarium.
  8. Jurassic Fall.
  9. Playa at the pier.
  10. Vintage funfair.

1- Skegness Pier Bowling Center

Skegness bowling offers a supreme bowling experience. Skegness bowling club is where you can enjoy it to the fullest. It’s always a fun place to enjoy gaming and do fun with your friends. Schools can also arrange trips for students at Skegness Pier.

Entry charges at Skegness bowling is different for children and adults. Charges for children Under 12 are £4.50 and for adult’s charges is £6. Family charges of 2 Adults and 2 Childs are £18.

2- Indoor children’s play center at Skegness Pier

As Skegness Pier is designed for family outings then there is every facility so that a whole family can enjoy it. Indoor children’s play centers are designed in such a way that your child enjoys in every way and the safety of children is also assured.

3- Laser quests

Laser quests are purpose-built rooms with laser tags. These rooms are designed with a gaming theme. You can enjoy gaming at Skegness Pier with the latest laser tag guns. It’s an exciting game for teenagers as well as adults also. Gelly all at Skegness is for children of age 11 years and above.

4- Captain kids

It is a soft play area for kids. This area is Infront of the café area which is a huge benefit as parents can enjoy it in the café while dropping their kids at the soft play area. There is also a café to satisfy your taste buds. Admission charges at Skegness Pier Captian kids are £2.95 for kids of age between 3 months till 3 years. For children above 3, charges are £4.95 per child. Whereas adults are free to enter this place.

5- Skegness Pier Clip n climb

As you know clip n climb is also a fun activity for children in which children have to climb up onto the soft artificial built area. This area is safe for your kids as this activity is supervised by the experts and they continuously monitor the children playing out there.

6- Escape rooms in Skegness Pier

There is no other better place to enjoy gaming with your friends than escape rooms. At Skegness Pier, there is a Hogwarts-inspired escape room.

7- Skegness Pier aquarium

Skegness pier also has an aquarium where you can see the aquatic life. Zebra sharks, black reef tip sharks, red emperor snappers, beautiful rays, guitarfish, batfish, and many other aquatic creatures can be found at Skegness pier. You need to book your tickets to enter the Skegness aquarium.

The aquarium is a whole new world at Skegness pier. Another fun activity at Skegness for children is a quiz trail. Children have to answer the questions and if these questions are answered correctly then they will be rewarded with a treasured gift.

Instructors are also appointed at the pier; they provide quick and easy training to the visitors before allowing them to dive at the Skegness aquarium. Mischievous pirates also show up at the aquarium to do some magic and fun to entertain the visitors.

8- Skegness Pier Jurassic Fall

There is also a Jurassic fall dinosaur land at the Skegness Pier. You will discover 20 types of epic dinosaurs at Jurassic falls dinosaur land. Many other dinosaurs from the Jurassic, Triassic, and cretaceous periods are also found there.

Jurassic falls ticket is included in the aquarium ticket price means you can enjoy double fun at the price of one. The ticket price for adults at Skegness aquarium is £65.99, for children are £49.99, and for family, offers are £165.99 for 2 adults + 2 children.

9- Playa at the Skegness Pier

Playa is one of the most beautiful places on Skegness Pier having an amazing view. This place has round tables with seats. If you are looking for the perfect place for cocktails at sunset then must visit playa at the pier to get an amazing experience.

Many treats can be found at the playa such as donuts, ice creams, there is also an indoor dining section at playa with a glorious bar theme.

10- Skegness Pier Vintage funfair

Vintage funfair is the most exciting place of the pier. This funfair includes rides, toys, a circus, a fun house, prizes, a token box, and a lot more. Rides at the funfair include the Perris wheel, flying chairs, dodgems, jumping castles, swing boats, and carousal houses. Also, you will find clean restrooms at the funfair.

Take your kids to the vintage funfair; your kids will love exploring different rides over there. You will find photo booths in various places at this pier.

Skegness Pier is perfect for family outing

Skegness Pier is a place that is perfect for your family outings, to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and to sit by the shore to feel the calmness. This place is too perfect that no one can resist going there.

This pier is getting renovated frequently to avoid any wreck or incident. Many sites for tourism have been established at Skegness Pier. Entertainment activities are introduced to let tourists enjoy themselves fully. Due to this, Skegness pier is loved by many people.

Apart from this, there are many other fun activities at Skegness Pier. These fun activities include lifeboats, donkey rides, circus and bike rides. Skegness pier also has space for a concert that can house at least 700 people at a time.

Restaurants at Skegness Pier

You will find following restaurants at Skegness Pier:

  1. Pier beach bar.
  2. Hollywood bar and diner.
  3. Captain kids’ coffee lounge.
  4. Playa
  5. Ice-cream Parlours.
  6. Waffles shops.
  7. Slush.
  8. Coffee.
  9. Fish and chips.

There are many other food options at Skegness Pier. You fill find delicious food at restaurants at Skegness Pier for your lunch and dinner.

Skegness Pier contact Information:

If you need any information related to tourism at Skegness Pier, you must contact through the following information:

Email: [email protected]

Call:  01754 767 376

Address: B 1451 Grand parade road.

There is also an option to book tickets online to avoid the further inconvenience of standing in long queues.

Skegness Pier Conclusion

Skegness Pier is a perfect picnic area to enjoy vacations with your family. Enjoy Skegness Pier boardwalk, concert, playa, aquarium, and all the amusements with your family and friends. The official opening time of Skegness Pier is 10 am. This place is open all days of a week. This beautiful pier place gets renovated frequently to ensure the deck is safe to carry a huge population. Moreover, you will find clean restaurants, toilets, and restrooms at this place. If you visit Skegness Pier, make sure to visit its playa also. Playa is a newly opened restaurant with many fun activities. You can also enjoy a seaside walk with your loved ones. There are many activities for children as well, especially the soft play area is the most visited place at Skegness.

If you are visiting Lincolnshire, then I recommend you must visit the Skegness Pier to enjoy the amazing experience there.


  • Skegness Pier
  • Skegness Pier
  • Skegness Pier

Spans: North Sea
Design: Charles Clarke and Robert Pickwell
Construction: Screw piles, cast iron columns, iron lattice girders and bracings
Year opened: 1881
Original length: 554m
Present length: 118m
Fire: 1985
Storm damage: 1882, 1953, 1978
Restoration: 1898, 1929/30, 1936/9, 2005/6

In 1877, the Earl of Scarborough, who had brought the railway to Skegness, formed the Skegness Pier Company. There was a competition to design the pier and Clarke & Pickwell’s design was chosen from 44 entries. Construction cost £20,840, and it was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on the 4th June 1881. The sight of a defrocked rector, a certain Harold Davidson, preaching from inside a lion’s cage, was apparently not uncommon during the late 1930s. Unfortunately he was mauled by a lion in 1938 and died a few days later.

Grand Parade
PE25 2UE


Who is the owner of Skegness Pier?

How was Skegness Pier damaged?

Skegness Pier was severely hit by a deadly storm in 1978 which caused huge destruction. After that storm, Skegness remained closed for some time and then was rebuilt.

How did Skegness Pier catch fire?

During the demolition process, the Skegness Pier caught fire and one of its portions was badly burned.

When Skegness Pier was inaugurated?

Skegness Pier was inaugurated on 4 June 1881.

Are dogs allowed inside the Skegness Pier?

Yes, dogs are allowed inside the pier but not in the dining areas. Although those dogs are allowed that assist blind people.

Is it free to enter the Skegness Pier?

Yes, it is free to enter the Skegness Pier and walk along the deck. However, if you visit any amusement place over there you have to pay for the ticket.

How long is the Skegness Pier?

The total length of Skegness Pier is 387 ft (118m).

Why Skegness Pier has become so popular?

Skegness Pier is one of the most popular tourist places in Lincolnshire due to its amusement options for everyone. This pier is huge and has many fun activities and lots of food options.

Do I need to book Skegness aquarium tickets online?

Yes, you can book your tickets for the aquarium and other activities online through their website.

When Skegness Pier opens in the morning?

This place opens at 10 am and closes at 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday. Whereas hours for Friday and Saturday are from 10 am to 9 pm.

Skegness Pier