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Top Riverside Walks in the UK You Should Visit

Riverside walks- A wide network of waterways, from little alpine streams to broad, spiraling longest rivers, criss-crosses the UK terrain. No matter where you reside, you may enjoy hundreds and miles of riverside walks. Because many of these are reachable through public footpaths. There’s a good probability a river walk will be close by. We’ve compiled a selection of our favorite riverside walks UK to make it easier for you to find the ideal riverside walks.

19 Best Riverside Walks UK

Here are the details of UK best 19 riverside walks.

1- Riverside Walk UK Tarr Steps, Exmoor National ParkTarr

One of Exmoor’s true hidden gems, Steps is a popular destination for tourists. Once you’ve been there, you’ll want to go back again and again. The steps are an old clapper bridge over the River Barle that dates back to around 1000 BC. It is hidden away down a small lane five miles from Dulverton and is made of large flat stone slabs supported by stone pillars. A great river walks for those who are interested in local history and meandering along the scenic riverside.

According to local lore, the Devil placed the five-ton slabs here to win a wager with a nearby giant (apparently Old Nick still has sunbathing rights on its stones). This is one of the most beautiful riverside walks in the UK that makes up a seven-mile loop from the surreal Tarr Steps to the Somerset village of Withypool. The path follows a winding river through dense forests.

Riverside Walk UK Tarr Steps

2- Limehouse to Camden Town Brewery

You’ll witness nice people, parks, alternative living on London’s canals, and, most importantly, a tonne of pubs throughout this 15-mile London riverside walk! Start at The Grapes, which is close to Limehouse Basin Marina.

From there, take the Regent’s Canal for a mile and a half to the Palm Tree in Mile End. From there, take the Hertford Union for another mile or so to the Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick. Continue a little distance up the River Lea to the Four Quarters or stop there for a variety of fantastic bars and pizza.

The Princess of Wales then appears in Clapton, and six miles later, after passing Tottenham Marshes (the closest station is Ponders End), Camden Town Brewery appears in Enfield, situated on a reservoir.
Start a conversation with individuals on passing boats to possibly score a ride. A fantastic alternative for tourists and a very wonderful escape for any Londoner.

Limehouse to Camden Town Brewery

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3- Riverside Walk Bowlees to Low Force, River Tees

Go to the Tees for an eight-mile riverfront stroll that has everything. Beginning at the Bowvisitorisito center, take a small detour to the north along Bow Lee Beck to see Gibson’s Cave and Summerhill Force waterfall. Eat lunch at the Strathmore Arms in Holwick, a cozy, secret tavern you assumed had vanished. After crossing the Tees at Newbiggin.

To reach a viewpoint with a view of the Tees, cross two sets of stepping stones through a bog-filled moorland (ignore the quarry). The grand finale—the thundering High Force and Low Force, follow by a suspension bridge utilized by Victorian lead miners—is soon at hand as you stand right against the river. The ideal spot to take time out and riverside walks along River Tees.

Bowlees to Low Force

4- Templer Way, Stover Canal and River Teign, South Devon

This breathtaking 10-hour (18-mile) riverside walk route commences from Haytor on Dartmoor and travels via Newton Abbot to Teignmouth on the coast. The road bears the Templer family’s name since they constructed the Stover Canal. And a tramway to transport granite from the moors to the port. The last leg, which is six miles long, brings walkers from Newton Abbot Town Quay to Shaldon by way of Coombe Cellars and the River Teign Estuary.

Once in the hamlet, take the passenger boat to Teignmouth and stand on the back beach to watch the sunset over Dartmoor. The tide determines how far along the river this portion is. With a clam farm, a historic lime kiln, and numerous watercraft, the estuary beach is full of interesting features.

Templer Way Riverside Walk

5- Crinan Canal, Argyll, and Bute

Britain’s most scenic shortcut” is the Crinan Canal. By avoiding the Corryvreckan whirlpool and the lengthy and potentially hazardous trip around the Mull of Kintyre. It cuts short the Kintyre peninsula. The canal spans nine miles, running from Crinan in the west to Ardrishaig in the east.

The towpath is in excellent shape, making cycling and walking simple. A bowl of crab stew outside the bar at the Crinan Hotel, with views of Jura and Islay, makes for an amazing meal. 

Crinan Canal

6- Chichester to West Wittering Riverside Walk, West Sussex 

Leave Chichester station and proceed through the peaceful ancient ship canal out of the city. Mainly just moorhens and the sky’s reflection in the smooth, calm river for company. Cross a street, go around the marina, and continue past (or inside) the charming Ship pub in Itchenor.

The route then continues along Chichester Harbour’s scenic natural features to the expansive sandy beaches of the Witterings. Eight blissful miles. 

Chichester to West Wittering Riverside Walk

7- Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal 

Between Pontymoile and Abergavenny, a three- to four-mile riverside walk. One passes through the gorgeous landscape and arrives at the location of Alexander Cordell’s 19th-century family sagas. No highways, just beautiful scenery with the occasional barge or cruiser trundling along beside you. The Green Flute Café is located at Goytre Wharf, and there are several bars beside the canal.

The 20-minute walk into Abergavenny from the end of this riverbank stroll near Llanfoist. Stay at the Angel Hotel or simply unwind in the hotel bar with a pint and take the frequent bus service back to Pontymoile. The seven-mile section of the canal farther north between Talybont-on-Usk and Brecon is another fantastic riverside walks route.

Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

8- Riverside Walk Ilkley to Bolton Abbey, River Wharfe 

This is one of the best riverside walks from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey along the magnificent River Wharfe with views of the Yorkshire dales. A Roman fort’s ruins and Ilkley’s Riverside Walks are good places to start. Continue on the west-facing path through the historic stone bridge to charming Addingham with its Low Mill weir and Castleberg fort views.

Continue to the magnificent forests and parks surrounding the 12-century monastery known as Bolton Abbey. There are several places to have a picnic here, and the bold may want to attempt across the Wharfe using the 60 stepping stones that lay workers at the Priory previously used. 

Riverside Walk Ilkley to Bolton Abbey

9- Belfast to Lisburn, Lagan Navigation 

Along the 18th-century Lagan Navigation towpath, Belfast and Lisburn are 11 miles and a leisurely four-hour walk apart. Start at Waterfront Hall in the heart of Belfast. As you go, the industrial scene of narrow streets lined with terraced homes gives way to the wide countryside’s woods and muddy meadows. After passing the lovely Shaws Bridge. The runners and bikers who had been keeping you company start to disappear. And you are left alone on the towpath.

Before proceeding to Lisburn, take a small detour to investigate the enigmatic megalithic tomb at the Giant’s Ring and possibly the charming village of Edenderry. At Lagan Island, take a right to get to the train station, where you may take a train back to Belfast. 

Waterfront Hall in the heart of Belfast

10- Worcester and Birmingham Canal 

 As you walk down the Worcester and Birmingham Canal towpath, you can still sense the strength and momentum of the Industrial Revolution. The red-brick buildings and sturdy bridges that can be seen after leaving Birmingham’s city center are proof of the significance and part of the UK’s waterways.

If you’re walking the entire 27 miles to Worcester, the rolling hills and delectable pastures of rural England take over around halfway. For recommendations on good establishments, ask lockkeepers and boaters.

My favorite is the Weighbridge in the charming village of Alvechurch, south of Birmingham. It is located right on the canal and has a beer garden with views of passing boats, barges, and walkers. 

Birmingham Canal walk

11- Riverside Walk College Valley, Northumberland 

A winding river surrounded by moorland hills flows down the bottom of this peaceful valley in the northernmost part of Northumberland National Park. On the slopes next to Hethpool Mill, keep an eye out for Cheviot goats. A Lovely way to spend an afternoon on this riverside walk.

12- Cuckmere River, Sussex 

The Cuckmere, the smallest and narrowest of the Sussex Wealden rivers flowing into the English Channel, is still the sole undeveloped river mouth in Sussex. It has never had a port at its outflow. 

13- Marshfield Riverside Walk, South Gloucestershire 

Discover the southern Cotswolds, a hidden wonder on the outskirts of Bath and Bristol. Just south of the M4, with a seven-mile walk beside rivers and through farms. 

14- Upper Wharfedale, North Yorkshire 

The roads in Upper Wharfedale, a delightful small valley off the usual path, are too tiny for buses and trucks to pass. The dale is a little difficult to find, but once you do, you’ll never forget it. 

Yockenthwaite and Hubberholme are located in the center of the limestone and peat uplands. Which are crisscross with valleys and ghylls with steep sides and waterfalls. 

15- Riverside Walk West Tanfield, North Yorkshire West

Tanfield is located next to the River Ure at the eastern end of the dale. Where a lovely stone bridge with an arched roof spans the river. The ancient church of St. Nicholas is right close to the Marmion Tower, which dates to the fifteenth century.

Marmion Tower, now under the care of English Heritage, is a three-story structure with a stunning oriel window that served as the imposing gatehouse to a long-gone manor house on the Riverside walks in the UK.

16- River Liza, Cumbria

This is one the best riverside walks along River Liza. Follow the River Ure’s gentle meanders, where woods of bright aconites and waving hazel catkins lead to sleepy country lanes and tiny Yorkshire hamlets. 

17- Suffolk’s River Stour 

Follow the River Ure’s gentle meanders to discover sleepy country lanes and tiny Yorkshire hamlets. Which are connected by trees with yellow aconites and swaying hazel catkins. 

18- Riverside Walk East Lyn River, Devon 

Rising high above Exmoor through the lovely Devon community of Lynmouth. The East Lyn River travels through the East Lyn Valley. 

It is difficult to imagine the tragedy that occurred here on August 15, 1952. When flash floods swept through the valley toward Lynmouth, destroying more than 100 homes and killing 34 people. The area is now known for its bubbling brooks, peaceful waterfalls, riverside walks and leafy trails. After the calamity, the riverbanks were rebuilt, and today this waterside stroll is quietly tragic in its serene beauty. 

Beginning from Lynmouth in the Exmoor National Park, this lovely six-mile walk follows the East Lyn River upstream to Rockford before returning to the coast. 

19- Forge Valley Woods Riverside Walk, Nort Yorkshire 

A riverside walks that follows the flow of the water makes it simple to explore the deep Forge Valley. Which was created by meltwater from retreating Ice Age glaciers. 

Wildflowers are abundant in the spring and summer and accentuate the structure of the trees in the winter. Utilize our route-mapped stroll through the North Yorkshire woodlands of Forge Valley. Iron smelting once took place in the lovely natural area near the River Derwent in the North York Moor National Park. It’s a peaceful area right now; if you move gently, you might observe an otter. 

Riverside Walks Conclusion

Beautiful rivers, abundant with wildlife and history, may be found all over the UK countryside. Our selection of the greatest riverside walks in the UK has helped you find a riverwalk in the UK nearby. 

Riverside Walks UK FAQs 

Q1: Where are the Tarr Steps located?

It is a bridge over the River Barle and It is hidden away down a small lane five miles from Dulverton. 

Q2: Which are the best riverside walks in the UK for families?

Limehouse to Camden Town Brewery, London is best because it has so many options. Such as a tonne of pubs throughout this 15-mile riverside walk and a variety of fantastic bars and pizza. 

Q3: Where is Chichester station located?

Chichester is located in the county of West Sussex, South East England, six miles northwest of the town of Bognor Regis. 

Q4: Which is the best picnic spot?

Ilkley to Bolton Abbey, River Wharfe because of magnificent forests and parks surrounding the 12-century monastery known as Bolton Abbey. 

Q5: Why are Worcester and Birmingham Canal famous?

Because red-brick buildings and sturdy bridges that can be seen after leaving Birmingham’s city center are proof of the significance and part of the UK’s waterways.