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British bulldog game Rules, History & Controversy

British bulldog game is a sporting game often played in schools in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. This game evolved from the tradition of chasing games that were played during the 18th and 19th centuries.

British bulldog game is one of the commonwealth games, it is good for the physical health of children. This game become famous during the 1950s and 1960s. Later, this game expanded to many other parts of the world.

British bulldog game history

British bulldog game came into existence in the 20th century. This game was first played in UK. Tackling and lifting techniques were used in these games. Before the British bulldog game, other games such as Black Man, Black Tom, Pom-Pom-Pull-Away, Chinese Wall, and Crows and Cranes were being played in schools.

The British Bulldog game, a classic schoolyard activity, has a rich history and a fair share of controversies. Originating in the UK, this high-energy game involves players running from one safe zone to another while avoiding being tagged by a designated “Bulldog.” The game’s simplicity contributes to its enduring popularity, but over time, concerns about safety have led to bans in some educational settings. Despite controversies, many appreciate the game for fostering camaraderie and physical activity. For those delving into the complexities of British Bulldog history or navigating controversies surrounding its play, get essay help on speedypaper can provide valuable insights and assistance in crafting comprehensive and well-researched content.

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How British bulldog game is played?

British bulldog game is played in this way that one or two players are considered bulldogs. These bulldogs stand in the center of the ground while other players stand at one side and that side is called “home” for the players. The main purpose of the play for the bulldogs is to catch the players while for players it is to run carefully from one end to another end so that bulldogs may not catch them.

Location of the British Bulldog game

British bulldog game can be played in any open space, either its street, ground, or playing hall. It is necessary to mark a line for the home area where the players will stand. The area must be large enough so that there must be two home areas and a central space. There is no specific set size and area for this game. Also, there is no limitation for number of players.

Several rounds

British bulldog game is played in several rounds. It is necessary to appoint different bulldogs in each round. The player caught first will be the bulldog in the next round.

How to catch the player

A bulldog catches the player either by tackling or lifting. The bulldog must say “British bulldog” while catching the players. If the bulldog fails to complete this phrase and the player runs in the meantime then that player is not considered as caught. Bulldogs catch the players by lifting or tackling.

Winner of the British Bulldog game

The players have to save themselves from being caught by the bulldogs. The one who is left uncaught at the end is considered the winner. Many people say that the one who is caught at the end is also a winner.

Rules of the Game

The following rules should be followed to play the British bulldog game;
1- Assign a large space for play with boundaries.
2- Choose 1 or 2 players from the game that will be bulldogs and will stand in the middle of the ground.
3- The rest of the players must be lined up at one end of the ground.
4- As soon as the bulldog calls out ‘bulldog’, the game starts.
5- The players have to run from one side to another side keeping themselves safe from bulldogs.
6- The first one to be caught will be the ‘bulldog’ in the next round.
7- One thing must be kept in mind when a bulldog catches the player, the bulldog must say the phrase ‘British bulldog’.


⦁ This game is best for the physical fitness of the players. Kids take interest in this game and play outdoors.
⦁ Bulldog game refreshes the player’s mind and keeps the person fresh and active.


⦁ The drawback of this play is that this game requires special supervision in schools.
⦁ According to the news, most people get injured while playing this game and even fractures happen. That is why this game is banned in some schools.

British bulldog game variants

Black Man.
Black Tom.
Pom-Pom pulls away.
Chinese wall.
Fishy Fishy.
Fox and dowdy.

British Bulldog Game Controversy

The British bulldog game has been banned in many schools as this game resulted in several bone fractures. In June 1985, a spinal injury was also reported of a British bulldog player. Not only this but an eight-year-old player died in 2013 in Twickenham. Although he was not playing bulldog game but he accidently collided with the bulldog player and fell. A legal or national ban was not imposed till date.


In this article, details of the famous British game “British bulldog” are shared. This popular game which was introduced first in the 20th century has gradually become a famous sporting game in schools and other institutes. There are many rules and techniques to play this game which are mentioned in this article.

Although the British bulldog game is good for the physical and mental growth of the students yet it is banned in some schools. The reason behind the ban of this game is that severe injuries and fractures resulted from this play. Therefore, careful supervision is required in schools.

If you need any information regarding the history of the British bulldog game, how to play, and the rules, you must read this article from start. Every detail is mentioned in this article, and all your queries will be answered.

British bulldog game FAQS

When British bulldog game came into existence?

British bulldog game was discovered in the 20th century in the UK.

Where British bulldog game is played?

British bulldog game is often played in schools in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Whereas now this game is expanded in other regions as well.

How many players can play this game?

There are no specific limitations on the number of players playing this game. It depends on the size of the ground where this game is to be played. If the ground is flexible and large enough then more than 15 persons can easily play.

How many bulldogs should be there in the field?

There must be one or two bulldogs in the middle of the field.

Which place is suitable to play the British bulldog game?

Outdoor places are suitable for British bulldog game such as large grounds, parks, gaming halls, and even wide streets.

Who is called the winner in the British bulldog game?

The one left uncaught at the end is called the winner.

What are the tricks to catch the player?

Lifting and tackling are the two ways to catch the player.

What is the aim of this bulldog game for the player?

The aim of the British bulldog game for the player is to run from one end of the ground to another end without getting caught.

What is the aim of this game for the bulldog?

The aim of the bulldog is simply to catch the player. The one who is caught at first becomes a bulldog in the next round.

Why British bulldog game was banned in some schools?

British bulldog game was banned in some schools because players got injured while playing this game.