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What is Glamping Pod | Detail Guide

If you’ve done some investigation into the different types of glamping Pod available it’s possible that you’re a little overwhelmed by all the choices available. What is the best option for you? A tipi or a yurt? A cabin or a pod? It’s also possible to be thinking whether you’ll get an individual bathroom, and if you’ll feel cold at night.

Are you new to camping? You’re thinking of going with your friends, family or loved ones to a glamping Pod trip? Do you need some helpful information to help prepare for your vacation? Whatever reason you’re considering it’s the ultimate checklist and guide to glamping pods.

What exactly is a Glamping pod?

Made from sustainable timber, these camping pods are typically constructed with forms that are reminiscent of traditional caravans, tents, and lodges. They provide plenty of space and comfort so that you can fully enjoy your stay without feeling restricted or cold, and offering a genuine camping experience.

The words glamping pod and cabin are used interchangeably, with both terms being used to describe small wooden structures that are ideal for camping.

Glamping Pods is a great way to take in the beautiful outdoors while enjoying the comforts that you’d find in a comfortable B&B. They’re heated and well-insulated, typically equipped with electricity and heating or sometimes having running water as well as an bathroom with an ensuite.

Glamping vs. camping

Glamping is simply camping with glamour, but that’s actually not the only thing it’s. There’s no doubt that you will appreciate things like a hot tub the soft double bed and even a TV during your camping trip But, above all, the glamping experience is about comfort and accessibility.

The History of Glamping Pods

1500s – The Scottish Duke of Atholl built a glamping site within the Highlands for King James V and his mother.

1920s The African Safaris were enjoyed by the rich, and meant luxurious camping and glamping on Safari!

2005 The term ‘glamping’ is introduced within the UK.

2007 Glamping has taken over the UK and Ireland by stormand is now growing in popularity and in the US.

Glamping Pod Types

Below we have mentioned 7 Glamping Pod types


Although it might appear to be traditional canvas , it is actually camping with style and luxury. Imagine a luxurious home with walls made of canvas.

Wooden Tree House

Most often, it is wooden. It is camping that is luxurious on the ground or between the trees. Locations, heights and styles vary from tiny huts, to massive, connected structures.

Camping Van

Camping on the move you can hire a luxurious campervan and park it wherever you want and take in a different perspective every morning.

Yurts and Domes

These kinds of traditional tents are reminiscent of the archaic styles that were used throughout the history of. They’re typically open with a one or more fire pits in the middle.


Similar to the camping facilities that were used in the past by Native Americans but much more extravagant. The tents are large at the bottom and have the highest point at the middle inside the.

Eco Camping Pods

Glamping is a newer type of camping the pods differ in size, but they rely on green living to provide fuel and warmth. Some have glass fronts and backs.


Glamping is an innovative opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities without the need to adhere to the strictures of traditional camping. Camping with the comforts of home or glam camping. This is where the word “glamping” comes from!

Glamping Pod gives you the opportunity to have the tranquillity and the unique camping experience that traditional camping provides, but while staying in the conveniences of your home!