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Top 4 Bangkok Travel Attractions 

There are simply countless travel attractions offered by Bangkok right now. Ranging from the golden Buddha in Wat Pho to the Grand Palace ornate royal barges, the city gives you countless interesting opportunities you will surely want to experience yourself.  

If you love shopping, you will want to visit one of the countless weekend markets and museum lovers will adore options like the Jim Thompson House. And everything is so easily accessible through the Cathay Pacific routes available right now, including Vancouver to Bangkok.  

Safari World 

There’s even a river rafting adventure available at Safari World Bangkok which lets visitors experience navigating rapid waters while seeing breath-taking landscapes. 

At Safari World, another highlight is the Tree House Aviary and Kitchen, where visitors can interact closely with bird species like parrots, hornbills and toucans in an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Here, visitors can feed these remarkable birds from your hand – creating unforgettable memories to last a lifetime! 

Daily events offer something exciting for tourists and locals alike to do, be it musical performances or dance performances – these lively happenings provide something fun for all to do! 

Safari World’s ideal time of visit is during weekdays when its crowds are generally lower compared to weekends and public holidays, allowing you to take your own pace without being forced into lengthy lines. To avoid being stuck behind others in a queue, arrive early or purchase online tickets; similarly for lunch hour restaurants which may become overcrowded quickly. 

Bangkok Museum 

Bangkok’s massive museum was constructed by King Chulalongkorn to house his vast collection of ancient artifacts in 1874, and boasts Neolithic and traditional Thai artwork as well as paintings, sculptures and royal regalia – making this attraction an absolute must for history and culture buffs alike! For an immersive experience it is best to take part in a guided tour which can provide more information about each item displayed there. 

The museum is broken up into various sections, each dedicated to different topics like Village Life, Thailand in the World or Typically Thai culture. You will also be provided with interactive units where you can press buttons or flip things for results. A guidebook in both English and Thai will be given out; however it is highly recommended using the complimentary audio guide provided at the counter as this makes your visit even more enjoyable! 

This museum is one of the most captivating and unique experiences available in Thailand, housed within a former palace that offers breathtaking exhibits that provide a fascinating peek into Thailand’s rich past. You will be delighted by their collection of artifacts and treasures that will keep you enthralled for hours on end – make sure your visit includes both sites for maximum impact. 

Bangkok Art and Culture Museum (BACM) is an engaging addition to Bangkok’s art scene and should not be missed by art and culture enthusiasts. Boasting art workshops, crafts stalls and music events as well as two exhibition halls with national artist works displayed, including distinguished sculptor Professor Chalood Nimsamer (sculpture) and Paitun Muangsomboon (painting), this lively museum presents key aspects of contemporary Thai art. 

Bangkok architecture fans must visit this museum – an off-the-beaten-path gem! Comprised of several houses built in 1937, it provides an incredible insight into middle-class life in Bangkok as well as Thai interpretations of Western equipment from toilet seats to transistor TV sets. 

Lumpini Park 

Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s verdant oasis framed by chrome and glass of downtown Bangkok, serves as its green lung, boasting carefully maintained lawns, magnificent water bodies, and native flora from all corners of Southeast Asia. Spanning an area of 58 hectares (142 acres), Lumpini Park provides people from different backgrounds a place to come relax, socialize, exercise and take in its breathtaking landscapes. 

Central Bangkok Park offers permanent attractions as well as temporary activities, and is frequently frequented by those practicing yoga, playing soccer or Sepak Takraw, taking fitness classes, reading books from the library and learning social dancing. Furthermore, its abundant flora and fauna serve as backdrops for outdoor concerts or special events that take place there. 

Attractions at this park include a Chinese-style clocktower that stands out against the greenery, built to commemorate its opening in 1925 and used as a popular photo op. Additionally, Muay Thai boxing stadium and arena are both part of this venue. 

There are also multiple playgrounds and the lake area offers the ideal spot for family picnics. 

For an enjoyable visit, the ideal time would be early morning or night when it’s more quiet – enjoy activities such as walking, cycling, jogging and boating before joining one of several free aerobics, dance classes or yoga sessions that operate within its boundaries. 

Reaching the park is made easy via train, bus and taxi – the nearest MRT subway stations to it are Silom or Lumpini stations of the Bangkok MRT system and Sala Daeng BTS Skytrain station is only minutes away by foot or taxi ride from central Bangkok. Tuk-tuk rides should cost no more than 200THB from central locations of town; before making reservations it’s recommended checking Google Maps first to see if your hotel is close as traffic patterns in Bangkok can often change quickly! 

Jim Thompson House 

The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok is an invaluable sight, both as the home and Asian art collection of Jim Thompson – an American businessman who revitalized Thai silk production after World War II. Comprised of six traditional teak houses from various parts of Thailand brought by Thompson himself from around the country, its picturesque canalside location offers lush gardens for relaxation; plus it holds an extensive assortment of antiques and artwork. 

Visits to the Jim Thompson House museum are an ideal way to escape Bangkok’s hectic pace and culture, providing an oasis of art and culture, perfect for relaxing after shopping megamalls. Additionally, Jim Thompson himself made this house his own sanctuary when collecting Asian art and antiques – something visitors will experience themselves! 

Jim Thompson went on a shopping spree throughout Southeast Asia following World War II to amass traditional crafts and artifacts for his house, using his newfound wealth to purchase exquisite items that served as reminders of Thailand’s rich cultural history and its elegant past. This house stands as a monument to Thailand and serves as an important reminder of its past and future. 

Jim Thompson was an accomplished entrepreneur who brought Thai silk manufacturing to international prominence through his fortune. His legacy lives on today through his home and art collection. 

To visit Jim Thompson House, take the BTS Skytrain to National Stadium and exit at Soi Kasemsan 2. At the entrance you can book a guided tour in either English or another language of your choosing; your guide will lead you through the home while sharing details about Jim Thompson and its history, and will also take you to Baan Krua Nhua Silk Village located along Klong Saen Saeb River where some families still manufacture traditional Thai silk weaving in old ways.