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Holiday Inspiration: A Road Trip Between Piers in the West of Scotland 

There is so much to see on the western side of the Central Belt. Scotland is made up of so many lovely little towns, rural national parks, and secret gems, you simply need a motorhome to check them all out. Take a look at our list of the best spots on the Western side. 


As you drive up the western side of Loch Lomond from Glasgow, you’re going to pass a lot of little lochside towns that each give a great reason to stop by. There is obviously the entrance to the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park near Alexandria, the Loch Lomond Golf Club, Cameron House which is attractive to wedding planners and spa fans alike, and Tarbet at the top with the best fish and chips on the route. 

But if we’re starting with piers, we have to address Luss. This underrated lochside tourist spot is like a tiny beach. Sit in the sand with a disposable barbecue, take a boat out into the loch, or even jet ski. Well, never forget to keep kohler 6ekod boat generator to keep your boat comfortable and safe. 


If you turn left in your motorhome at Tarbet, which the fork in the road forces you to make a decision on, you’ll be on your way to Inveraray. Turning right will send you on the road further north, past Loch Lomond and on your way to the tourist town and ski resort of Glencoe. 

Inverary on the other hand, is the epitome of the twee little country town. This is the place where you get a stick of tablet. This is the place that you know you’ve arrived in because a boat is parked at the entrance. The boat itself, The Vital Spark, is rumoured to be turned into a restaurant. Wandering Inveraray, you can enjoy whisky stores with drams from all around Loch Fyne and beyond, an apothecary, and lots of shops amongst the traditional buildings of the town. Park your motorhome hire Scotland vehicle on the Inveraray pier and wander the town to see what you can get. 

And then there is the castle. This mint green, Neo-Gothic, spectacle sits a short walk from town and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. You can take a tour of the building or simply wander the grounds, taking in the history. 

But don’t litter, or you might find yourself in Inveraray jail, which has become something of a family fun landmark lately, like a Scottish Alcatraz. 


If you keep following the road through Inverary, you’ll pass lots of small towns, each with its own charm, but you’ll need to stop at Tarbert. Tarbert is not to be confused with Tarbet, which we’ve already passed and is the place where everything happens. 

There is always an event in this multi-coloured town. If it isn’t boating this weekend, it’s Pictish festivals where a boat is carved and paraded through the town. Enjoy freshly caught seafood, traditional music, and dancing, and usually, fireworks if the theme is Picts and Celts this weekend. 


Tarbert also has a ferry port, which makes it a quick 20-minute hop from the next nearest land: Portavadie. This is usually a stop on the way to other bigger towns like Dunoon, but Portavadie deserves a stop due to its beautiful spa. This modern gem in rustic surroundings features an outdoor pool, which allows you to swim while taking in the mountains around you. Take a seaweed bath and feel as soft as the nearby seals. 


Having gotten to the bottom of the peninsula, surely there is nowhere for you to go? Of course, there is! The western half of Scotland is surrounded by isles that are a quick ferry ride away. Driving to Oban, the biggest ferry port in Argyll, will get you ferries to all over the country. 

One great option is Tiree. Described by VisitScotland as the “Hawaii of Scotland”, this isle is made up of gorgeous fine white sandy beaches that, yes, look like something from a travel brochure. This is a beach you can tan on, can swim in, can take your hiking boots off to walk on. 

And what would prove that more than an annual music festival featuring the biggest acts in the country, usually with a Celtic theme to their music? You’ve never danced like you dance to Celtic music. 


We’ve shown you a tiny sliver of the Scottish Isles. More driving north, a quick ferry, and sometimes even a private plane will get you to some spectacular western isles in the country. There is so much to see on the western side of the island, and even more if you’re willing to travel.