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10 High buildings in London

High buildings in London- London is the largest city and capital of the United Kingdom having a high population. This city has adopted the latest technology and modern design. Be it infrastructure, education, or environment, London stands at the top.

There are many tallest buildings in the United Kingdom. Many of these buildings are located in London. These high buildings in London are made of the modern and latest design. Some of the high buildings in London are mentioned here;

1- The shard
2- 22 Bishopsgate
3- Heron Tower
4- 122 Leadenhall Street
5- Newfoundland
6- One Park Drive
7- The Scalpel
8- BT Tower
9- ST George Wharf Tower
10- 30 St Mary axe

10 High Buildings in London:

1- High Building in London The shard

The shard is a high building in London that is a 72-story skyscraper. An Italian architect Renzo Piano designed this beautiful tall building in 2012. The shard is also known as the shard of glass, the shard of London bridge, and the London bridge tower.
Shard is one of the tallest buildings in the UK with a length of 309.6 meters about 1,016 feet. The shard is considered the 7th tallest building in Europe. Moreover, it is the 2nd tallest free-standing structure in the UK.

2- 22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate is a commercial skyscraper, this tower was constructed at the place of the tower named ‘the pinnacle. This building is also known as twenty-two. This tall building is located at a prime location in Bishopsgate, London.
22 Bishopsgate, a 62-story high building in Uk is 278 meters high which is about 912 feet. Construction of 22 Bishopsgate finished in 2020. This building was constructed with the plan to include space for offices, restaurants, retail outlets, and viewing galleries.

3- Heron Tower High Building in London

Heron tower is also a commercial high building in the UK. This tower is 230 meters (755ft) tall and also this tower has a 28-meter mask. Heron tower is called the second tallest building in the city of London, financial district.
Heron International is the owner of the heron tower. Construction of this tower started in 2007 and finished in 2011. Heron tower is also known as the salesforce tower and 110 Bishopsgate. This tower is surrounded by Camomile Street, Outwich street, and hounds Dith.

4- 122 Leadenhall street

122 Leadenhall street also called 122 Leadenhall building is a 225 m (736 ft) high building in London. This building was opened in 2014 and is located in Central London. Rogers stirk Harbour designed the Leadenhall building.
This is an office building having 48 floors in total. This building is also known as ‘the Cheesegrater Leadenhall tower’. 122 Leadenhall building was developed by British Land and oxford properties.

5- Newfoundland High Residential Building in London

Newfoundland is also one of the high residential buildings in London having a height of 220 meters (about 720 ft). This tallest skyscraper is situated on the isle of dogs between bank street and west ferry road. The Newfoundland building is also known as the diamond tower.
Newfoundland is a 58-story high building in London, it has separate floors for parking as well. Horden Cherry Lee designed a Newfoundland place. The construction of this building was completed in 2020.

6- One Park Drive

One Park Drive is another residential skyscraper in London. This building is located in the southwest corner of Wood wharf. Two professional architects Herzog and de Meuron designed this cylindrical high building in London.
This building is a 57-story building having 471 residential apartments and penthouses. Canary wharf group is the owner of this building. One Park Drive is the 9th tallest building in the UK. The total height of this building is 205 meters.

7- The scalpel

The scalpel, a commercial building is situated on Lime Street. This building is high in London with a height of 190 meters. This building was developed for W.K Berkley insurance company.
This beautiful 38-storey glass building was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. The construction of the scalpel building was started in 2015 and was completed in 2018. The common council of the city of London permitted the development of this building in 2013.

8- BT Tower

The BT Tower, owned by the BT Group is located at UK’s one of the most prime locations called Fitzrovia, London. Originally BT Tower is known as Museum Radio Tower. This tower is 189 meters high which is about 620 feet.
It was the UK’s tallest building from all until 1980. BT Tower is of a narrow cylindrical shape designed by two architects named Eric Bedford and G.R. Yeats. This tower was first opened on 19 May 1966. There is a total of 37 floors in this building. A rotating restaurant is located on the 34th floor, this restaurant completes one rotation every 23 minutes.

9- ST George Wharf Tower

St George Wharf Tower is a beautiful residential building in Vauxhall, London. This tower is also known as Vauxhall Tower. The total length of this tower is 181 meters (594 ft) having 52 floors. The construction of this tower was started in 2010 and completed in 2014.
Broadway Maiyen designed this building and the structural engineer of this building is Robert Bird Group. Vauxhall tower is divided into three sections. The lobby, lounge, gym, and other communal facilities are located at the base of the tower. Apartments are located in the middle section. Whereas the upper section has beautiful terraces.

10- 30 St Mary Axe

30 ST Mary axe which was previously called the Swiss Re Building is the UK’s tallest building. This skyscraper is located in the city of London. This 180-meter-high building was designed by the Norman Foster and Arup Group.
Safra Group is the owner of this tower. St Mary’s axe building is also known as the ‘The Gherkin’ (unofficial name). This building was opened on the 28th of April in 2004. The construction of this tower started in 2001 and finished in 2003.

Benefits of High Buildings

Utilizing elevators and vertical transportation as an alternative to roads, surfaces and walkways, while also allowing an easy access to all businesses within High buildings. The primary benefit that comes with living at a High building is that it affords unobstructed panoramic views. In addition to the view, it offers the best natural ventilation as well as fresh air. It is also free of the pollution of the streets.

High Buildings are suitable for densely populous or overpopulated areas where there is a scarcity of land.

The total price of the land preliminary and foundations, as well as roofing is considerably lower for high-rise Building structures when compared with one-story horizontal structures with the same size.

High buildings provide greater security for tenants than a ground-level construction that has several points of entry to criminals. A greater level of security is typically required for a single-storey complex.

High Buildings in London Conclusion

In this article, 10 high buildings in London are mentioned. Some of these buildings are residential, offices, restaurants, etc. Among all “the shard” is the tallest building in London and the 2nd tallest building in the UK. Moreover, the shard is considered the 7th tallest building in Europe. BT tower was the tallest building of UK until 1980. this tower has a beautiful rotating restaurant as well. In this article, you will know the information related to high buildings in London.

High Buildings in London FAQS:

Q1. Among all these, which is the tallest of all the high buildings in London?

The shard is the tallest among all the high buildings in London.

Q2. What is another name for 122 Leadenhall street?

The other name of 122 Leadenhall street is “the cheesegrater Leadenhall tower”.

Q3. Where is the scalpel building located in London?

The scalpel is located at lime street, London.

Q4. Which building has a rotating restaurant from these high buildings in London?

BT Tower has a rotating restaurant that completes one whole round every 23 minutes.

Q5. What is the old name of the St Mary axe building?

St Mary Axe was first known as the Swiss Re Building.