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5 Popular Sports in England 

Sports and related events are extremely popular in the UK. Have you already taken the English Quiz for Sports? When you think of sports and England, football might be the first thing that comes to mind, but we have other great sports to offer too. Before we check the 5 most widespread sports in the country, we will briefly discuss online sports betting.  

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Now, let’s check the 5 most popular sports in England. 

5 popular sports in the UK 


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in England. It is a team game consisting of eleven players on each team. So, it is played with a bat and a ball and is easily confused with baseball at first glance. It originated in England and was first spread around the world via the Commonwealth of Nations. The tactical racquet game not only has a historical tradition (16th century) but is also the forerunner of baseball, the popular US national sport. Despite its early origins, this sport is still “hip” and popular today. 

The length of the match may vary, the most popular format being T20 (20 overs – each over consists of 6 balls thrown). A “tag game” – also known as a one-day match – lasts 50 overs. The longest form is called “Test Cricket” and lasts up to 5 days! However, the game’s most popular format in the world is T20 because it is faster (the game ends in about 3 hours), and a lot of action gives us excitement, trying to score as many points as possible in a short time. 

Cricket can already be started at the age of only 5 years. 


It’s no secret that this sport is the most widespread in England, its national football league is one of the most famous leagues. What’s more? It has some of the biggest football stars. Certainly, names like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United sound familiar to you. In fact, they are among the greatest teams in the world. 


At the weekend, the kids are often just as much on the football field as on the rugby field because rugby has a long tradition in England and is clearly one of the most popular sports in England

Fun fact: there is a town called Rugby, in eastern Warwickshire.  


Of course, when you think of tennis, you think of Wimbledon. So, it’s no wonder that tennis is also popular in England. Modern tennis is a sport that dates back to the 1930s. It is not only popular in the UK but also across the world. Furthermore, it is one of the few sports that allows both men and women to play at the same time and is also good for all ages. It is a sport that unites everyone. 

Horse racing 

Equestrian sports, in general, are incredibly respected in England and have been cherished for generations. Horse racing is a real social event in England. Even people who don’t want to do as much sport go to the horse races. 

It is sometimes referred to as ‘The sport of Kings.’ The Queen was a big fan and owned racehorses herself. She always took part in Royal Ascot events. England is also the site of the Grand National, known as the most difficult horse race in the world. 

So, these are five of the most popular sports in England. If you ever get the chance to see them live, don’t miss this experience.  

What is your favorite sport? If it’s not on the list, feel free to add it in the comments section.