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Unusual facts about games

Games have long been an integral part of our lives. They help us to have fun, relax in deposit 2 pound casino, and even learn something new. However, behind every game lies a vast global culture, history, and interesting details that are rarely known. Let’s discover some unusual facts about games. 


Chess is a game that goes deep into history and culture. Founded in India around 1500 years ago, chess emerged as an embodiment of mental strategy, logical thinking, and even social hierarchies. Let’s delve into the unusual facts about this game. 

Importance in world history: Chess has played a significant role in diplomacy and wars. It was chess that became one of the means of discussing the agreement between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, who led the Muslim forces during the Crusade.

Symbolism of the pieces: The pieces on the chessboard also have a deep meaning. For example, the king and queen reflect the monarchical structure of the society, while the bishops indicate the importance of animals in everyday life in India.

Prohibition in history: In the Middle Ages, some rulers and the church tried to ban the game of chess because it promoted logical thinking, which can lead to independent thinking and resistance to authority.

Increased intellectual level: Playing chess helps to develop memory, concentration, analytical and strategic skills. Scientists have found that chess players have a higher intellectual level and the ability to solve complex problems.


Minecraft is not just a video game, it’s a world of creativity, possibilities, and exploration. It features a unique approach to gameplay, where players can build, explore, and survive in unusual virtual worlds. Here are some unusual facts about this exciting game. 

Unstoppable popularity: Minecraft was launched in 2011, and since then, the game has become incredibly popular. It has gained millions of active players around the world, even though it does not have flashy graphics or competitions.

An endless world: One of the most favourite aspects of the game is the boundless virtual world. In fact, this world is almost unlimited, comprising 60 million square blocks, allowing players to realise their most creative ideas.

Block economy: The central element of the game is blocks. These blocks are used to build everything from simple structures to majestic buildings and machines. The number of types of blocks in the game is impressive: from stone and wood to complex mechanisms and resources.

Community and creativity: Minecraft maintains a large community of players who actively share creative ideas. Players create incredible structures, art, stories, realising their creative ideas in this virtual space.

Educational potential: Many educational institutions use Minecraft for teaching. The game helps to develop logical thinking, creativity and teamwork.

Global virtual projects: Minecraft has created large global projects that bring together players from all over the world. One of these projects, Block by Block, is aimed at developing cities in countries where urban space planning is of great importance.


Pac-Man is a legendary arcade video game that has won the hearts of players around the world. However, behind the unusual gameplay and funny characters lies an interesting fact related to the female influence on the game’s creation. 

Creation and title: The game was created by Namco in 1980. The name of the game in the original version was “Puck-Man”. The idea of the name comes from the Japanese word “paku-paku”, which means the constant opening and closing of the mouth. However, due to the fear that the letter “P” could easily be changed to “F” in American arcades, the name was changed to “Pac-Man”.

The main character: The Pac-Man character is a yellow round object that resembles a pizza. But in fact, there is a secret feminine influence in the design of this character. The creators of the game used women with big mouths as an inspiration for the protagonist. They hoped that this would add humour and diversity to the game.

The role of the characters: Apart from Pac-Man, there are other characters in the game that are also feminine in influence. For example, the female figure in the game is called “Ms. Pac-Man”. This character was created by fans of the game and became popular by getting its own arcade version.

Popularity and influence: Pac-Man has become an emblem of arcade games, and his influence has gone beyond gaming. After the game’s release, he appeared on various products, TV series, cartoons, and even music tracks. This popularity demonstrates the importance of the game in modern culture.

A symbol of 80s culture: Pac-Man became a symbol of the 1980s era. This game embodied the spirit and mood of this decade, when arcade games became a popular form of entertainment.


Doom is an icon of the first-person shooter genre that has laid the foundation for many traditions and customs in the world of video games. Beyond the well-known intense gameplay and large-scale battles, Doom hides numerous secrets and easter eggs that enrich the game experience. Here are some of those secrets: 

Secret Levels: Doom is famous for its secret levels, which can be found by using hidden passages. For example, in the original Doom game from 1993, in the level “E1M3” you can find a secret passage that leads to the level “E1M9: Military Base”, and in “E2M9” you can get to the level “E2M10: Sewers”.

Secret songs: In Doom since 1993, some levels have contained hidden songs. If players found a secret exit or portal, they could hear rock music, which is a rendition of classic tunes such as “The Twilight Zone” and “Mission: Impossible”.

The screen of death: The phenomenon of the “death screen” appeared in Doom. This is the moment when a player is killed, and the screen shows the view of the opponent who killed him. This interactive detail added humour and liveliness to the game.

Demonstration deaths: If a player has been killed a certain number of times, their character can display comical demonstration deaths. For example, in the video game Doom 2, the player can fall on his back and try to kick.

“Easter egg” on the eternal flame: In the game Doom 2, there is a level called “Map 15: Industrial Zone” where you can see a stick under the door. This is an “Easter egg” that indicates that there is a hidden passage behind it.

A virtual camera: In Doom 2, you can also open the secret level “Map 32: Grosse”. In this level, the player can access a room with a large picture of the game’s creator, John Romero, and other developers.