Pierdom is the most comprehensive photographic record of the Pleasure Pier by a British photographer for decades. Roberts has documented the remaining 58 pleasure piers using his 4 x 5” plate camera and signature landscape style, echoing the aesthetic and tone of his previous monograph, We English. Presented as a landscape format monograph all surviving pleasure piers are represented along with a handful of lost piers and seascapes; photographs marking where a pier once stood.

Published by Dewi Lewis Publishing and designed by FUEL, the book contains a map identifying locations of all piers, an introductory essay by photography critic Francis Hodgson and an appendix containing a potted history of each pier.

You can view sample pages of the book here and a video of the whole book here.

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A limited edition Pierdom book with print is also available in an edition of 50 (+ 5 APs). This special edition includes a unique 11 x 14″ Archival Pigment Print and signed copy of the book. The print is titled ‘Clevedon Pier #C, Somerset, February 2011′.

“Pierdom is a kind of topography of England and Englishness. There is a similar sense of stillness in many of the large-format landscapes, as well as a sense of the abiding otherness of the English seaside town….And a very beautiful book from a master of stillness, light and landscape.” Sean O’Hagan, The Guardian, 2013

“These pictures may encompass some of the seaside things we know best through such photographers as Tom Wood or Martin Parr, but they put those scenes in a broad context where people live in a landscape and a country, not just a car park. They also derive something from that quite different tradition, of the wild skies and unquenchable nature that we find in Turner. These are cool careful pictures, alluding to a large number of variables and seeing what balances can be struck between them. At the same time, they’re the warm record of a large number of trips to that many-sided and unfathomable place, the British seaside.” Francis Hodgson, 2013

Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing, Sept 2013
Essay: Francis Hodgson
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-907893-40-7
Extent: 160 Pages
Trim Size: 246mm (H) x 305mm (W)
Photographs: 81 Colour
Design: FUEL


KEY: white circle = pier & black square = venue