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Herney bay pier

Herne Bay Pier a Must Visit Spot

Herne bay Pier is a must-see for any visitor in the area. There are some rides that are fun to take in and drinking and food huts that offer many options, it's difficult to pick one because they're all delicious! The atmosphere is really fun. There are huts filled with unique products for sale as well as seaside souvenirs. In the summer time, there are occasions when there is live music that is available to attend.

Herney Bay Pier

Catch a Crab at Herne Bay Pier

A charming Herne bay pier with everything for every person. A great place to go Crab Catching with your children! Plenty of reasonable restaurants that have something for everyone , and even amusement stand-ups. A charming traditional seaside town , with vibrant beach huts that line the shoreline, and some have distinctive designs.

Herne Bay Pier seaside Museum

Seaside Museum at Herne Bay Pier

Seaside Museum is a friendly and engaging museum that is well worth a visit. Learn about the rich history and culture of Herne Bay Pier at the Museum. The museum is located at William Street. The museum is able to bring to life the town's glory days as it was a Victorian resort. It also provides information about the devastating flood of 1953.

Herne Bay Pier

Herne Bay Pier- Herne bay is a coastal town in the north side of the Kent, England. In this beautiful town, there are many tourist sites for which this city is famous. One of these tourist spots is the Herne Bay Pier. If you are the one heading to Herne Bay then make sure to visit this amazing pier.

The Herne Bay Pier is a multi-coloured pier which is located on the coast of Herne Bay. This pier is recognized for its fun activities and interests for all members of the family. Whether you are children, teenager, adult, or elder you can always come to this pier and have the best time of your life.

The Herne Bay Pier is well known since it was the third pier constructed on the Herne Bay Kent. This pier is one of the largest piers as its length is 3787 ft about 1154 meters. This pier was inaugurated in 1899.

What is Herne Bay Pier?

Herne Bay Pier is a beautiful resort in Herne Bay, England. The Canterbury city council owns this pier. This pier is all bright due to the wonderful lightning at this place. This pier was once very famous due to its long length.

The Herne Bay Pier has multiple attractive activities and engagements for everyone. There are many stalls, eateries, rides, and carnivals. This pier also has a beach hut for weddings and parties. The pier is beautifully designed attracting many tourists.

This pier is one of the most vibrant piers. This pier is handled by a charitable trust. The council has leased Herne Bay Pier to Herne Bay trust. The management and operations of this pier are in the hands of the dedicated volunteers of Herne Bay Pier trust.

This pier has an open-air stage at the centre on which many concerts take place. Also, shows and events are done at this place.  Attend a concert at Herne Bay and enjoy the night with your friends and families.

The above-deck attractions at the pier include restaurants, rides, arcades, a retail village, catering, space for parties, and a wedding venue.

Every year this pier hosts the Herne Bay festival, the jazz, and the swing festival. Come with your families and enjoy these events. Also, Halloween parties and Christmas festivities are celebrated at this place.

Herne Bay Pier trust:

The Canterbury city council developed a trust organization for the gathering of funds and the management of Herne Bay Pier. This trust is Herne Bay Pier trust which is also known as HBPT. This trust has managed the pier excellently.

Herne bay pier trust collects funds for the expansion of this pier. This trust organization has developed several facilities at the pier. Moreover, they have opened many attractive activities at the pier to make it the best pier.

Herne bay pier trust has also created the use of wind and wave turbines in the generation of electricity for the pier. The trust organization received a fund of about 50,000 euros for the installation of solar panels. Therefore, solar panels are installed at the pier.

The trust got the 20-year lease of Herne Bay Pier in 2014. The trust then revealed its plans for refurbishing and expanding the pier activities. Herne bay pier trust is also working on connecting the pier with its head which was once broken due to the storm and is still isolated at the sea.

Challenges for the Herne Bay Pier

As everyone knows, piers are the type of resorts that are most at risk of such unfortunate incidents. These risks include fire, storms, earthquakes, and torrential rains that destroy the pier. The management authorities constantly struggle to overcome the challenges.

Storms cause huge damage to the pier. It can destroy the pier and break it. The storms and rising sea levels are a continuous threat to the piers. The Herne Bay Pier was hit by the storm in 1948. Then in 1953, the seafront was flooded which badly affected the pier.

The sea at which Herne Bay Pier is built becomes frozen in 1963. Many parts of the pier were affected by this. In 1973, a terrible storm again hit this pier due to which the pier neck completely collapsed.

Fire is also a major threat to the piers. Many parts of the pier are flammable due to piers catch fire easily. The fire at the pier is always a horrible thing as it is hard to stop the spread and remove the fire.

The Herne Bay Pier was also affected by fire in 1970 in which the grand pavilion was destroyed.

Herne Bay Pier History

This pier opened its door in 1899. It was a very prominent pier because of its length. Later in 1909, the Herne Bay Pier was purchased by the Herne Bay urban district council and a large pavilion was built in 1910.

In 1923, the theatre at this pier was damaged due to a fire. Then this pier was repaired but again in 1953 flood caused extreme damage to the pier. An insurance survey discovered faults in the supporting columns of the pier in 1968. They then advised closing the whole pier except the shoreward.

The Grand Pavilion was then closed in 1970. This pier was then purchased by the Canterbury city council in 1970. In 1973, a new storm hit the pier which destroyed the pier neck and other parts; only a small portion of the pier was left undamaged.

Canterbury city council announced the formation of the trust for the Herne Bay Pier in 2009. The main motive of this funding was to renovate, reconstruct, and rebuilt this pier to bring the beautiful tourist spot back.

The Herne Bay Pier pavilion which was a sports centre was asked to shut down in September of 2010 as fault was discovered. The Herne Bay trust then renovated the pier in February 2011 in which solar panels and lighting were installed.

Moreover, in April 2011, the pier trust inaugurated the gallery at the seafront. In 2012, the trust and council discussed the management of the pier. In this meeting, they talked about the demolition of the existing pavilion and reconstructing the new pavilion.

The council then collected funds to organize events and the trust highlighted hiring a musician at the pier to host events. It was decided to demolish the old pavilion in April 2012. After some time, the pavilion was renovated and about 750,000 euros were spent on this renovation.

Finally, the pier was renovated and re-opened in June 2012. An opening ceremony took place which was attended by 2000 people. The Herne Bay trust committee decided to buy the pier from the Canterbury council and took over the management.

Herne Bay Pier Attractions

The Herne Bay Pier has many rides and fun places for children. Rides include carousel horses, slides, trampolines, bumper cars, and much more. There are also small stalls for children’s toys and stuff.

1- Herne Bay Pier Retail village:

One of the best things about Herne Bay Pier is its retail village. This village has an area for 30 small businesses that are operating their business at this beautiful pier. In this retail village, there are many stalls where you will find clothes, craftworks, paintings, household stuff, and jewellery. Also, the prices for the stuff at these stalls are pocket-friendly.

2- Herne Bay Pier Outdoor restaurants:

Outdoor restaurants at this pier are the attractive ones. You can enjoy a perfect lunch with your family at this pier. The food at these restaurants is way too good. Come and explore this pier at the weekends for unforgettable fun. 

3- Beach hut at Herne Bay Pier

Another attraction of Herne Bay Pier is its beach hut which is often booked for parties and small events. Book your event at the beautiful lightened hut of the Herne Bay. Herne bay pier beach huts are also for weddings.

This pier hut is perfect for your wedding occasions and also for parties. A wedding at the pier is like a dream wedding. You can book the hut at this pier at a pocket-friendly cost for your big day.

To book events at this hut, you must call at 07872 92088. You can also email at [email protected]

4- Pier-stage:

This pier hosts many events in a year. Pier stage is famous for big concerts. Halloween nights, Christmas parties, summer festivals, winter festivals, and many other events are hosted at this pier. The Herne Bay Pier is an important venue for the famous events of Herne Bay such as the Herne Bay festival and the jazz and swing festival.

Stalls at the Herne Bay Pier retail village:

There are the following stalls at the retail village of Herne Bay Pier:

  1. Clothing.
  2. Homeware.
  3. Micro-brewery.
  4. Pet shops.
  5. Souvenirs shop.
  6. Catering outlets.

Herne Bay Pier Visiting information:

Herne Bay Pier is open daily, until and unless any notice is generated for its closure due to bad weather or storm conditions. Opening Timings of this pier are from 10 am to 6 pm. But the activities, rides, and other attractions are only open on weekends and holidays or during vacations. Restaurants and some cafes are open daily.

Herne Bay Pier Conclusion:

Herne bay Pier owned by the Canterbury city council is the most colourful pier in England started operating in 1899. This pier encountered many challenges up till now. The storm caused huge destruction to the pier due to which the Herne Bay Pier head collapsed and is still isolated in the sea. One of the pavilions of the pier was destroyed by fire back in 1970.

The 20-year lease of the Herne Bay Pier has been given to the Herne Bay trust, a charitable organization. This trust organization was founded by the city council. The Herne Bay Pier trust collects the funds for the construction and renovation of the pier. This trust organization makes sure that there is no fault in the deck.

The Herne Bay Pier trust is also trying to unite the pier with the head to give a complete look to the pier. Besides the troubles and the challenges, the pier still looks elegant with the exquisite vibrant lighting all around. People enjoy coming to this pier due to the number of attractions over here. This pier operates all the year from 10 am to 6 pm yet the amusements and some of the cafes only operate on the weekends, holidays, or during vacations. Bring your child here for lots of adventures and fun at the rides, trampoline, gaming, and arcade.


  • Herne bay pier
  • Herne bay pier
  • Herne bay pier

Spans: River Thames/ North Sea
Design: (i) Thomas Telford and Thomas Rhodes; (ii) Wilkinson and Smith; (iii) E Matheson
Construction: (i) timber; (ii) wood and iron; (iii) iron piles, steel supports, timber deck
Year opened: (i) 1832; (ii) 1873; (iii) 1899
Original length: (i) 1108m: (ii) 98m; (iii) 1155m
Present length: 98m
Fire: 1928, 1970
Storm damage: 1860s, 1953, 1978
Restoration: 1873, 1896-99, 1946, 1976

Herne Bay Pier has had three incarnations. The first in 1832 was a wooden pier 1832 metres long, the second was a more modest wood and iron affair. After a virtual rebuild (completed in 1899), Herne Bay’s ‘third’ pier measured 1155 metres. An electric tramway (used during construction work) was retained . During World War II, the pier’s pavilion was turned into a factory for making camouflage netting. In 2011, the Herne Bay Pier Trust revealed plans to light up the old pier head using solar panels and lighting posts.

Central Parade
Herne Bay


When did Herne Bay Pier open?

How long was the Herne Bay Pier?

The pier was approximately 3787 feet long. It was a notable pier due to its length.

Who designed and build the Herne Bay Pier?

Thomas Rhodes designed Herne Bay Pier and started the work to build this pier.

Who is the owner of the Herne Bay Pier?

The owner of the Herne Bay Pier is the Canterbury city council. But the lease has been given to the trust organization which is why the trust looks after the management and operations of the pier.

Why did the pier head was collapsed?

The pier head collapsed when the severe storm hit the pier. The storm was very intense which destroyed the pier a result of which the pier head is still separate.

What are the timings of the pier?

Herne Bay Pier operates daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

What are the activities at Herne Bay Pier?

Activities at this pier include a kid's play area, rides, restaurants, festivals, concerts, and shopping.

Which festivals are celebrated at the pier?

The festivals celebrated at the pier are the Herne Bay festival, the jazz, and the swing festival. Also, Halloween and Christmas events are celebrated at this pier.

How many piers does Herne Bay town have?

There are three piers at Herne Bay town.

Are there restaurants at this pier?

Yes, there are many restaurants at this pier with different types of cuisine.