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Colwyn Bay Pier Promenade

Promenade at Colwyn Bay Pier

You will be impresses how Colwyn Bay Pier looks now from Years ago. The entire area has been renovated, beautiful and clean. Enjoy walk on the promenade with a stunning view of the sea. It is safe, clean, and family-friendly. The Promenade is what Colwyn Bay Pier is all about. The views are stunning and peaceful.

Colwyn Bay Pier

Tourism has its early beginnings

When you look back at the 19th century of Roman Period and the advent of railways, industries growing. Locations like Colwyn Bay Pier were popular tourist places. Colwyn Bay pier was the ideal tourist spots for families.

Colwyn Bay Pier

Colwyn Bay New Pier

Colwyn Bay Pier opened last July. It replaced the previous Victoria Pier, which was destroyed when it collapsed partially into the ocean. The project was a long-term, comprehensive one new food and drink options will be available at Colwyn Bay pier this summer. It's great for families to be in a position to enjoy the space and the stunning coastline.

Colwyn Bay Pier

Colwyn Bay Pier also known as Victoria Pier was the name of a Pier located in the resort of the sea located in Colwyn Bay, Wales. Colwyn Bay is a town, It lies within the historic county of Denbighshire. It was to be the last of Wales’ seaside piers and named after the great monarch, Queen Victoria, who had passed away midway through construction.

Colwyn Bay Pier was build at the turn of the century it one of the grand beauties of the Victorian seaside resort. Colwyn Bay Pier Work had begun in June 1899 opening exactly one year later. It was to be the last of Wales’ seaside piers and named after the great monarch, Queen Victoria. Who had passed away midway through construction.

Colwyn Bay Pier Construction

Colwyn Bay Pier Construction started at 1st June 1899.  The Colwyn Bay Pier and Pavilion opened a year later on Friday 1st June, 1900 to a length of 220 feet and could accommodate 2,500 people.

Colwyn Bay Pier was expanded in 1903 to a length of 227 meters. The pier in its original form was built in two phases. The first 350ft, entrance buildings and the second Colwyn Bay Pier pavilion making the initial phase with the seaward stretch forming.

The earliest years of the Victoria Pier had little to no profits and then pier was placed for sale in 1911. But failed to sell over a number of years, with the outbreak of the first World War halting any further attempts.

Colwyn Bay Pier Architectures

The design of the Colwyn Bay pier and pavilion was Architect by Mangnall & Littlewood. The Colwyn Bay Pier was less than 100 metres long when it opened in 1900. The pavilion had a 2,500-seat theatre, shops and a restaurant. 

Colwyn Bay Pier Pavilions History

The First and second Pavilions

In 1922 the Colwyn Bay Pier Pavilion was destroyed by fire. But the fire brigade was able save the pier, excluding the area surrounding the Pavilion. In 1922, the Urban District Council then purchased the pier, and a new pavilion with seating capacity of 1,350 was inaugurated in 1923. The second Colwyn Bay Pier pavilion met with similar fate to the first one, and was destroyed in May 1933. But it was a second time that the structure of the pier was preserved.

The final and third pavilion

The final and third Victoria Pier pavilion was inaugurated in 1934 and was able to accommodate 700-750 persons. Based on the outcomes of the previous two pavilions the third one was constructed of material that was resistant to fire. Colwyn Bay Pier and the pavilion were popular tourist attractions in the 1980s until its condition began to decline regardless of the efforts of different owners.

A Brief History of Colwyn Bay Pier - Victoria Pier

Colwyn Bay Pier June 1899 – May 1938

Victoria Pier construction began when the first steam-driven pile was driven into the seabed in Colwyn Bay. The architects Mangnall & Littlewoods of Manchester and the ironwork was built for the Pier. In June Victoria Pier officially opens to the public . The Colwyn Bay pier was around 40ft wide, and it measured 316 feet long and is managed by a private firm “Victoria Pier Company”

In June 1900 Colwyn Bay Pier officially opens to the public . The Colwyn Bay pier was around 40ft wide, and it measured 316 feet long and is managed by a private firm “Victoria Pier Company”

In 1903 Victoria Pier extended to 775 feet to accommodate outdoor events. In the early days of the First World War, The Colwyn Bay Pier pavilion was used to entertain wounded soldiers who were based at Colwyn Bay. After the WW1 in 1917 The Bijou Theatre was constructed on the pier’s top providing more fun-filled performances for the members of the public.

In 1922 Colwyn Bay Pier pavilion burnt down at night. After the session of parliamentary, Colwyn Bay Pier Urban District Council acquired the Colwyn Bay Pier. It was then purchased and the Colwyn Bay Pier was restored and a new pavilion was constructed for a total of $45,000.

In 1923 The New (2nd) Pavilion opened to the public use. 1933 In separate fires, both the second Colwyn Bay Pier pavilion and the Bijou Theatre were completely destroyed. Once again the Council set to and rebuilt the new, 3rd Colwyn Bay Pier pavilion.

8th May 1934 The Colwyn Bay Pier 3rd (current) pavilion opened. This time in a very moderne Art Deco style, and totally fireproof, being made of iron and concrete at a cost of £18,500.

Colwyn Bay Pier 1958 - 18th August 2011

In 1958 following the decline in the popularity Colwyn Bay Pier, the theatre/ballroom part of the Pavilion was shut.

The Council in 1968 has sold Colwyn Bay Pier to Trust House Forte. In 1968 the art deco structure was transformed into “Dixieland” or the “Dixieland Showbar”. This time Victoria Pier building was completely covered inside and out with a tarpaulin, covering all of the original features , and blockading all windows as well as the majority of doors. In 1970 top cabaret performers and pop acts were on stage at the Colwyn Bay Pier.

The stunning ornamental Moorish toll booths as well as the iron gates that were at the entry point of Colwyn Bay Pier. They were also torn down, with the horrifying brand new “Golden Goose” amusement arcade was constructed.

In1979 Colwyn Bay Pier sold to Parker Leisure. Who converted the Dixieland Showbar into an entertainment venue. 1987 Colwyn Bay Pier totally closed to visitors. 11th Dec 2003 Colwyn Bay Pier was sold in the name of Steve Hunt from Cambridge. The Colwyn Bay Pier has been closed and in the care of trustees since Steve Hunt was made bankrupt in 2008. Steve Hunt, who sold his home to take on the huge, single-handed task of restoring Colwyn Bay Pier five years ago but he failed. So Colwyn Bay council kept pier from Steve Hunt.

New Colwyn Bay Pier is now open to the public

The Construction of the new Colwyn Bay pier started on site in October 2019, but was interrupted during lockdown in 2020. On July 14 2021  cllr Abdul Khan, Conwy County Borough Council’s chairman, opened the new Colwyn Bay pier to the public.

Cllr Khan said: “It is with great pleasure that I open the Colwyn Bay pier today. Due to Covid restrictions we can’t have the big community celebration we’d have liked, but it’s still important that we mark this day and this connection to Colwyn Bay’s seaside history.”

Victoria Pier Colwyn Bay Conclusion

Colwyn Bay Pier offers the classic beachside experience. It has a huge expanse of soft golden sand that wraps around the bay, supported by the elegant edges of the promenade. The highest honor that is a Blue Flag. The Victoria Pier beach is clean and has great water quality and in accordance with the standards of the award environmental education, activities are promoted widely.

The Colwyn Bay Pier has survived many fires, and although it’s much shorter than its initial length. It still has the splendour of the Victorian Pier, featuring intricate metalwork and a true color scheme.

The Colwyn Bay Pier is popular with families. The Pier is also a magnet for surfers, kayakers and sailors. And once the sand castles are constructed the promenade is lined with shops, cafes, and amusement arcades with vibrant colors. Ideal for escaping the bustle and noise, Colwyn Bay Pier makes for an enjoyable day trip with your Family members.


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Spans: Irish Sea
Design: Maynall & Littlewood
Construction: Braced cast iron columns, steel girders, timber deck members
Year opened: 1990
Original length: (i) 67m; (ii) 229m, 1903
Present length: 229m
Fire: 1922, 1933, 1935
Restoration: 1922, 1933, 1935

Victoria Pier’s third Pavilion was opened in 1934 and is a unique construction for a seaside pier building. In its day it was at the cutting edge of both building techniques and modernist/art deco design with the pavilion incorporating murals by the famous war artist Eric Ravilious. The Colwyn Bay Pier has been in gradual decline since the early 1990s and its condition continues to deteriorate, despite several attempts to resurrect it. The local council has applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for £4.9 million towards the restoration.

The Promenade
Colwyn Bay
LL29 8HH


Who built and design Colwyn Bay pier?

When Colwyn Bay also called Victoria Pier Construct?

Victoria Pier Construction started at 1st June 1899.  The pier and Pavilion opened a year later on Friday 1st June, 1900 to a length of 220 feet and could accommodate 2,500 people.

Is Colwyn Bay Pier finished?

The new Colwyn Bay pier at Colwyn Bay has been completed. In July 14 Cllr Abdul Khan, Conwy County Borough Council's chairman opened the new Colwyn Bay pier for the public.

How long was Victoria Pier ?

The Victoria Pier was less than 100 metres long when it opened in 1900.

When did Colwyn Bay Pier close?

In 2008 Colwyn Bay Pier shut down at the bankruptcy decree issued on the proprietor, Steve Hunt, by Conwy County Borough Council in regards to business rates that were not paid.

who owns Colwyn bay Pier?

Colwyn bay Pier owned by Conwy County Borough Council.

Why is Colwyn Bay famous?

The Beautiful town is dominated by the tourist trade, because of its famous beaches and specially Colwyn Bay Pier. Colwyn Bay is a Fairtrade Town that has been recognized through the Fairtrade Foundation as part of the Fairtrade Towns scheme.

Is Colwyn Bay worth visiting?

The most popular tourist attraction of Colwyn Bay is the Welsh Mountain Zoo, Bayview shopping centre Eirias Park and Colwyn Bay Pier. So, definitely its worth visiting this town with your family.

Victoria Pier Colwyn