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Cleethorpes Pier Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes Pier Something for all Family

There are plenty of traditional amusement arcades run by families that will keep children entertained. Donkeys have been a part on Cleethorpes beach and Pier for many years. Enjoy a fun ride along the railway track along the seafront with stunning views of the sea and Cleethorpes Pier.

Cleethorpes pier history

Cleethorpes Pier Ups and Down

The Cleethorpes Pier opened on August Bank Holiday, 1873. A concert hall on the pier was built in 1888 , but was destroyed by a fire in 1903. The new structure was constructed close to the shoreline in 1905. Pier was breached in 1940 for defence purpose. The pier is now 335 feet as compared to the original 1200ft.

Cleethorpes Pier eating Area

Papas at Cleethorpes Pier

Stunning views and unbeatable accessibility for visitors to Cleethorpes Pier Central Promenade. Papas at Cleethorpes Pier is Lincolnshire's most famous place to eat. The surroundings are wonderful and unusual for a fish and chip restaurant. You will not find any better place to purchase UK's Best Fish & Chips.

Cleethorpes Pier

Cleethorpes Pier- Cleethorpes is famous for having countless amusements and places for fun. This town is best known for its history and heritage. There is a beautiful pier in Cleethorpes which is Cleethorpes Pier. This is an amazing spot for family gatherings.

Cleethorpes is a seaside city in the United Kingdom. This city is also called ‘down beach’ as it has many lakeside parks and outing places. The weather of Cleethorpes is always pleasant and tourists love visiting this town.

Cleethorpes Pier, Lincolnshire’s most visited tourist site opened its door in 1873. This pier is known for its special papa’s fish and chips which serve delicious food and drinks. This place is considered one of the most peaceful places for an outing in Lincolnshire.

Cleethorpes Pier went through the worst destructive phase due to fire, storm, and war. But the pier got renovated timely and was re-opened again. Even in 1903, this pier was damaged by the fire, it was later renovated and refurbished.

What is Cleethorpes Pier?

Cleethorpes Pier is Lincolnshire’s tourist pleasure place. This pier was opened on 4 august 1873 on a holiday. This pier is located in Cleethorpes town, north Lincolnshire in England. The total construction of the pier cost around 8000 euros and this cost was funded by the Sheffield, Lincolnshire railway, and Manchester. Papa’s fish and chips is the owner of this pier. Cleethorpes Pier covers an area of about 102 meters (about 335 ft). Now, this pier is converted into a fish and chips restaurant. 

Cleethorpes Pier History

Cleethorpes Pier was ordered to be constructed in 1867 and was constructed by Head Wrightson. A total cost of about £8000 was spent on this construction and building. This pier was built at an area of 1200 ft but a portion of this pier was cut down during the second world war.

The pavilion was constructed at Cleethorpes Pier in 1888 and the pier has a timber deck. Iron piles support the deck. In 1903, Cleethorpes Pier was trapped by a great fire that destroyed the pavilion badly.

The Pier was reconstructed after the fire, the pavilion was made again, shops were built and a cafeteria was also added. After reconstruction, the pier re-opened in 1905. The pier pavilion was famous for its dances and concerts.

In 1936, Cleethorpes borough council took ownership

An elevated link was established to connect the pier to the ‘pier gardens. This link was added to facilitate the visitors. But the elevated link was removed later in the 1930s for security purposes. In 1936, Cleethorpes borough council took ownership of this pier from LNER.

During the era of 1940, the pier was used for defence purposes. Seaward was isolated and demolished. The material of the demolished seaward was used in the establishment of Leicester city football club.

After the demolishment of the seaward, the length of the pier became reduced to 335 feet from 1200 feet. A 600-seat concert was established at the Cleethorpes Pier in 1968. In this era, the pier was famous for hosting summer shows, wrestling competitions, coin fairs, and dance festivals.

Fun world of Skegness bought the Pier in 1981

The fun world of Skegness bought the Cleethorpes Pier for 55,000 euros in 1981. Unfortunately, the pier was closed in 1983 due to loss because of unsuccessful summer shows. Later the fun world of Skegness again sold the pier for 10,000 euros to mark Mayer on 24 July 1985.

Mark Mayer wanted to transform this pier pavilion into a nightclub. Therefore, the new owner invested 300,000 euros in the renovation of the pier and reopened the pier on 4 September 1985.

Cleethorpes Pier Transformation

The pavilion was transformed into a modern night club and it was named “pier 39”. This nightclub was operated on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The pier was kept for auction in 2013 but was not sold because failed to meet its worth price.

Later, Mark Mayer again sold the pier to a pier community, chaired by Mr. Bryan Huxford. In 2013, a vision for the future of the Cleethorpes Pier was revealed which included a ballroom, tea room, cocktail bar, cinema, and a restaurant. The Year 2016, the national pier society called it pier of the year.

In the same year, papa fish & chips bought this pier and decided to open the world’s biggest ‘Fish & chip’ restaurant at Cleethorpes Pier. The new owner declared that this restaurant will host almost 500 people together and will open opportunities for 100 people.

How Cleethorpes Pier caught fire?

Cleethorpes Pier caught fire when a group of students of bursar street school was watching the spectacle unfold, and fire suddenly broke out. The pier continued burning for 3 hours and this incident scared everyone.

For the rescue, Cleethorpes brigade and gimbsy corporation fire brigade immediately rescued the spot. The fire exactly was broken out underneath the pavilion and suddenly it started spreading destroying the pier completely.

Along with the pavilion concert hall, cafes, and refreshment bar everything was burned. This was a huge loss as the whole pier was wrecked and remained closed. Reconstruction of the pier started after some time.

Later on, a tea room and a new pavilion were constructed at the Cleethorpes Pier. The pier was then reopened again. In 1905 the pier again got fire and these new constructions were also damaged.

Cleethorpes Pier Restaurant

Since 2016 when papas fish and chips bought this pier, the pier was transformed into a restaurant. This restaurant can host a large population of about 500 people at a time. The restaurant serves many different types of cuisines and dishes.

Starters, appetizers, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks everything is available at this seaside restaurant. Enjoy a wonderful dinner with your family at Cleethorpes restaurant. Arrange a party or wedding at this pier and make lifetime memories.

The interior of the restaurant is eye-catching; the lights, décor, and color theme is pleasing. If we talk about the ambiance and service, then they have the best staff serving with hospitality and maintaining excellent ambiance.

People who have visited this place have rated this place, highly reviewing the restaurant serving delicious mouth-watering food items. Visitors had an amazing experience at this place. This restaurant can be booked for many of your parties and gatherings.

Cleethorpes Pier Conclusion

Cleethorpes Pier which was established in 1873 is now a restaurant which is serving delicious meals to customers. This pier was once a whole family picnic spot comprising a pavilion, a concert house, a long deck for a walk, and cafes. The Grand Pavilion of the pier was constructed in 1888. The pavilion was a great achievement for the pier and became the center of attraction. But sadly, it didn’t last long and was burned down when the pier got fire in 1903.

Later many cafes, restaurants, and concert halls were built. During the time of the second world war, the enemy invasion was a big threat to the country therefore a part of this pier was removed. Due to this length of the Cleethorpes Pier was shortened. When papa fish and chips bought the pier, a huge restaurant was established at the pier. It was decided the cafes, tea room and other activities will be operated at the pier along with the restaurant. You can come, sit, relax and enjoy the sightseeing of peaceful view. If you are a tea person then you should visit the pier and have tea in the tea room.


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Spans: River Humber/ North Sea
Design: Cleethorpes J E & A Dowson
Construction: Raked tubular iron piles, arched iron cross-beams, timber deck
Year opened: 1873 (completed 1901)
Original length: 366m
Present length: 102m
Fire: 1903
Restoration: 1888, 1905, 1968, 1983-5, 1989-93

Cleethorpes Pier is one of the shortest in the UK and was financed by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railways. When it first opened the walkway was 366m long but in World War II a section of the pier was removed amid fears of German invasion. After the war the isolated part of the pier was demolished, reducing it to its present length. In December 2012 the London Evening Standard carried a half-page advertisement offering Cleethorpes Pier for sale. An auction held on the pier in February 2013 failed to reach its guide price of £400,000.

Cleethorpes Rd
North East Lincolnshire
DN35 8SF


When was the Pier demolished?

Why portion of Cleethorpes Pier was removed?

To protect against the enemy invasion during World War II, the portion of Cleethorpes Pier was cut down.

Who built Cleethorpes Pier?

Head Wrightson is the one who built this pier.

Who is the current owner of Cleethorpes Pier?

The current owner of Cleethorpes Pier is papa fish and chips.

When did Cleethorpes Pier open?

Cleethorpes Pier was opened in August the fourth 1873.

What was the initial length of Cleethorpes Pier?

The initial length of Cleethorpes Pier was 1200 ft.

What is the current length of Cleethorpes Pier?

The present length of Cleethorpes Pier is 335 ft.

When Cleethorpes Pier caught fire?

Cleethorpes Pier caught fire in 1903.

When did Cleethorpes Pier receive the pier of the year award?

Cleethorpes Pier received the pier of the year award in 2016.

When the restaurant was built at Cleethorpes Pier?

When papas fish and chips bought the pier in 2016, this pier was transformed into a restaurant.

Cleethorpes Pier