Judith Brown, Inside Eastbourne Pier

02 Sep 14

Taken in the Soft play area upstairs in the arcade.  The liquorice allsorts were enjoyed by many budding builders and the picture of the inside of the dome was taken from inside one of the tubes which jutted out over the mezzanine area with a clear Perspex window at the end.  My 4 year old took it with my phone camera.

Just the day before the fire we had been spending our 10p’s in the machines willing something to drop.  We won a key ring and a little bug in a pod with a £1 coin taped in the lid.  We also won a few sweeties from the sweetie scoop machine, so had kept the change pot we were using to carry our winnings home.  My little one called the arcade ‘the big toys’ and we have spent so many happy hours with friends and family losing a little money but never grudgingly because we always had a great time.  We miss having a tea on the pier and buying a little something from one of the shops.

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