Helen Elliott, Brighton West Pier

15 Jul 14

Although I now live in Eastbourne, which has a very elegant pier, and where I saw the photographs by Simon Roberts at the Towner, I should like to tell you about my memories of Brighton West Pier.

I used to visit Brighton regularly as a child in the 1950s and 1960s as my aunt and uncle lived in Portslade.  I remember the West Pier well and regarded it as a more handsome structure than the Palace Pier, although it was less popular and, of course, fell into disrepair and later was consumed by fire.

When I visit Brighton now I am always drawn to it and I feel that it has an ethereal quality as a skeleton.  I hope that it survives (it was further damaged in the recent storms) as a reminder of a long past heyday of British holiday-making.

I took this photograph in November 2012.

Helen Elliott


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KEY: white circle = pier & black square = venue