Weston-Super-Mare Grand Pier, Somerset

Weston-Super-Mare Grand Pier, Somerset, February 2011

Spans:Bristol Channel
Design:P Munroe
Construction:Cast iron columns, steel cross-bracing, wooden deck
Year opened:1904
Original length:(i) 329m; (ii) 787m, 1906
Present length:366m
Fire:1930, 2008
Restoration:1932/3, 1970, 1992/3, 2009

The Grand Pier has been damaged by fire on two occasions, in 1930 and 2008.  Following the 2008 fire, which completely destroyed the pavilion, the pier was rebuilt to a design by architects Angus Meek at a cost of £39 million. It was formally opened by Princess Anne on 25th July 2011 and in the same year owners Michelle and Kerry Michael, a local brother and sister partnership, collected the National Piers Society’s ‘Pier of the Year’ award.

Marine Parade
BS23 1AL

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Weston Super Mare Grand Pier
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