Teignmouth Grand Pier, Devon

Teignmouth Pier, Devon, July 2011

Teignmouth Pier, Devon, July 2011

Spans:English Channel
Design:Joseph William Wilson
Construction:Cast iron screw piles
Year opened:1867
Original length:214m
Present length:191m
Storm damage:1908

A few years after opening, Teignmouth Pier was purchased by Mr Arthur Ryde Denby who planned to relocate it in Paignton. However, because of structural difficulties, a new pier was built at Paignton and Teignmouth was restored. In the early 1900s, ‘Peg Leg Pete’ used to set himself on fire before diving into the sea from the pier. In the 1970s a new groin scheme to protect the beach from erosion had an adverse effect on the pier undermining the shoreward end wooden piles and exposing their bases. Truckloads of sand and cement had to be brought in to save it from collapse.

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Teignmouth Pier
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