Southampton Royal Pier, Hampshire

Southampton Royal Pier, Hampshire, May 2012

Southampton Royal Pier, Hampshire, May 2012

Spans:Southampton Water
Design:Edward L Stephens
Original length:275m
Present length:N/A
Restoration:1838, 1864, 1871, 1892, 1937, 1963, 1986

Once Southampton’s playground, the Royal Pier was an elegant city landmark. Opened by Princess Victoria just prior to becoming Queen in 1833, during the years that followed a wide range of additions and improvements were made, including a floating pontoon and a railway station. In 1979 the historic structure closed its doors forever. Its fate was sealed by two huge fires, one in 1987 and the other five years later, which ripped through the old pavilion and the timber decking leaving nothing more than twisted metal and charred remains. The estimated cost of demolition is £3m.

Dock Gate 7
Town Quay
SO14 2AQ

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Southampton Royal Pier
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