Shanklin Pier, Isle of Wight (Lost Pier)

Shanklin Pier, Isle of Wight, May 2012

Spans:English Channel
Design:F.C. Dixon & M.N. Ridley
Construction:Wood and cast iron screw piles
Year opened:1890
Original length:366m
Present length:N/A
Storm damage:1987

Shanklin Pier was built was built in the late 1880s but was unsuccessful financially and put up for sale in 1892. It was completely destroyed in 1987 by a huge storm with winds of up to 108mph. Wreckage was strewn along the beach as far as Sandown, and police spent days clearing away the onlookers who had come to scavenge the beach for whisky bottles and bits of amusement machines. Various proposals to rebuild it came to nothing and the remains were eventually demolished.

Isle of Wight
PO37 6BH

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Shanklin Pier (lost pier)
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