Ramsey Queens Pier, Isle of Man

Ramsey Queens Pier, Isle of Man, May 2013

Spans:Irish Sea
Design:Sir John Goode
Construction:Cast iron screw piles, iron columns braced by diagonal iron tie rods; wrought iron lattice girders supporting timber deck
Year opened:1886
Original length:(i) 684m; (ii) 838m, 1897
Present length:684m

Opened in 1886, Queen Victoria gave permission for Ramsey’s pier to be named Queens Pier and several monarchs have landed here, including King George V and Queen Mary.  There is a tramway on which trams were hauled manually until 1899 when a small locomotive was introduced and a passenger car added.  A small crane lifted cars between the pier and the steamship.  The pier is currently considered unsafe and closed to the public.  Its future is uncertain, as lottery and similar funding is not available in the Isle of Man.

Queen's Promenade
Isle of Man

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Ramsey Queens Pier
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