Paignton Pier, Devon

Paignton Pier, Devon, July 2011

Spans:English Channel
Design:George Soudon Bridgman
Construction:Cast iron screw piles in pairs with cross-bracing
Year opened:1879
Original length:238m
Present length:226m
Restoration:1881, 1948, 1968, 1980/1, 1994/5

In the 1870s, local barrister Arthur Hyde Dendy bought Teignmouth Pier with the intention of transporting it, in its entirety, to Paignton.  This proved too expensive and instead a brand new pier was built; the Paignton Pier Act received Royal Assent on 1874. The pier’s entrance is a short way along the pier deck, an unusual feature, but generally the ballustrades and classic lamp standards are much in keeping with the pier’s Victorian design.

Paignton Sands

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Paignton Pier
KEY: white circle = pier & black square = venue