Hythe Pier, Hampshire

Hythe Pier, Hampshire, May 2012

Spans:River Test
Design:J Wright
Construction:Pairs of cast iron piles with cross bracing, steelwork supporting timber deck
Year opened:1881
Original length:640m
Present length:640m
Restoration:1896, 1947, 1960s, 1970/1, 1982, 1987/8

Construction of the pier began in October 1879 and it opened with considerable pomp and ceremony on 1st January 1881. A 2 foot gauge, third-rail electric tramway opened in 1922 using ‘Brush’ locomotives.  This followed the introduction of a baggage line in 1909, which was then adapted to take passenger traffic after World War II.  Trains still carry passengers to the pier-head and the railway is the World’s Oldest Pier Train (an official Guinness World Record) having been in continuous operation since 1922.

Prospect Pl
SO45 6AU

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Hythe Pier
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