Herne Bay Pier, Kent

Herne Bay Pier, Kent, October 2011

Spans:River Thames/ North Sea
Design:(i) Thomas Telford and Thomas Rhodes; (ii) Wilkinson and Smith; (iii) E Matheson
Construction:(i) timber; (ii) wood and iron; (iii) iron piles, steel supports, timber deck
Year opened:(i) 1832; (ii) 1873; (iii) 1899
Original length:(i) 1108m: (ii) 98m; (iii) 1155m
Present length:98m
Fire:1928, 1970
Storm damage:1860s, 1953, 1978
Restoration:1873, 1896-99, 1946, 1976

Herne Bay Pier has had three incarnations. The first in 1832 was a wooden pier 1832 metres long, the second was a more modest wood and iron affair. After a virtual rebuild (completed in 1899), Herne Bay’s ‘third’ pier measured 1155 metres. An electric tramway (used during construction work) was retained . During World War II, the pier’s pavilion was turned into a factory for making camouflage netting. In 2011, the Herne Bay Pier Trust revealed plans to light up the old pier head using solar panels and lighting posts.

Central Parade
Herne Bay

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Herne Bay Pier
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