Douglas Pier, Isle of Man (Lost Pier)

Douglas Pier, Isle of Man, May 2013

Spans:Irish Sea
Design:John Dixon
Construction:Wrought and cast iron
Year opened:1869
Original length:305m

The Douglas pier was closed in 1891 and acquired by the council who offered it for scrap as they wanted to widen the promenade at the foot of Broadway. It had originally been thought that Douglas Pier was sold to a group of North Wales businessmen in 1895, dismantled and re-erected at Rhos-on-Sea. However, this has since been disproved. A number of resorts (including Penarth and Abergele) considered purchasing it to re-erect at their resorts but this did not happen and it was dismantled.

Central Promenade
Isle of Man

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Douglas Pier
KEY: white circle = pier & black square = venue