Cromer Pier, Norfolk

Cromer Pier, Norfolk, December 2010

Cromer Pier, Norfolk, December 2010

Spans:North Sea
Design:Douglass and Arnott
Year opened:1901
Original length:153m
Present length:153m
Storm damage:1949, 1953, 1976, 1978, 1990
Restoration:1905, 1908, 1930, 1955, 1968, 1993, 2012

One of the first piers to be built in the twentieth century, Cromer Pier has experienced substantial storm damage over the years and has needed much restoration. On 14th November 1993, a 100 ton rig crashed into the pier, isolating the theatre and the lifeboat station, which has been stationed at the end of the pier since 1923. Unusual for modern piers, there is a complete absence of any amusement machines. A £1.2 million repair scheme began in 2012 to refurbish the metal skeleton and wooden decking.

NR27 9HE

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Cromer Pier
KEY: white circle = pier & black square = venue