Blackpool North Pier, Lancashire

Blackpool North Pier, Lancashire, August 2011

Blackpool North Pier, Lancashire, August 2011

Spans:Irish Sea
Design:Eugenius Birch
Construction:Cast iron and wrought iron piles spanned by plate girders under a wooden deck
Year opened:1863
Original length:(i) 430m; (ii) 1869: 503m
Present length:402m
Fire:1921, 1938, 1985
Storm damage:1987, 1997
Restoration:1870, 1980, 1991

The North Pier is the oldest and longest of the three piers in Blackpool. Unlike Blackpool’s other piers, which attracted the working classes, North Pier catered to the ‘better-class’ market, with orchestral concerts and respectable comedians. It was damaged in 1867 by wreckage from Nelson’s former flagship, the ‘Foudroyant’, which had been moored off the pier for an exhibition.  It is designated as a Grade II listed building, due to its status as the oldest surviving pier  designed by Eugenius Birch.


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Blackpool North Pier
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